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Todd Durkin Keynote


Todd Durkin's 2016 IDEA Success Academy Keynote 

Get Todd's 60-minute "Creating Your Purpose and Legacy... Living a Life Worth Telling a Story About" Keynote for FREE by signing up. 


Course on Generating Leads, Converting Sales & Delivering World-Class Service.  

  • How to drive new leads
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • How to convert leads into sales
  • How to make your new clients feel special
  • How to retain those clients with world-class service

Todd Durkin Mastermind Coaching Institute

The TD Mastermind Institute Membership includes: 

  • On-going emails/articles/posts Todd sends out on leadership, business, and marketing. 
  • TD's monthly video, this is typically a 60-minute video per month on a topic I choose. 
  • Coaching Calls (A minimum of 1 per quarter). 
  • FB private group. It is here that you can connect with ALL levels of the Mastermind (we have 3 Platinum level Groups; 1 “Power of 10” Group) on an on-going basis. 
  • Access to our Private, Password Protected Website. It is here that all of our members have access to every monthly video we have ever done (Over 50 videos.)
  • 500+ pieces of world-class content is archived on the Todd Durkin Mastermind site.

Includes the following:

All of the following are part of the Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute

Coaching Calls

Join Todd on LIVE coaching calls each month. Additional coaching is available from other Mastermind Members and Mastermind Coaches.

On-going Content

Stay up to date with the latest content as it is always updated on a resource library filled with over 500 pieces of content.

Monthly Video

Each month, there will be a featured video that is produced by Todd and highlights either a theme or a point of emphasis to help the Mastermind. 

Onsite Retreat

Members of the TDMM Institute have access to one of the two Platinum level retreats each year to network with other fitness professionals. 

Systems & Services

Need help implementing systems and services at your business? Learn from the best from a library of resources and tools. 

Facebook Coaching Group

Constantly keep up to date with Masterminder information with the private Facebook group available only to Mastermind Members.

Industry Reports

As leaders in the industry, learn about cutting edge technology advances, marketing training, and everything that is driving the industry forward. 

Budget Planning

TDMM Institute members have access to all sorts of budgeting help and coaching resources to help bring in more revenue and build an effective business. 

What Our Members Are Saying:


If you want to grow, you have to invest in yourself and your leadership. If you are willing to take action, the TDMM will give you the fuel you need. Yours thoughts, your conversations and your relationships greatly influence your life and your daily success. The TDMM is your best solution.

-Trina Gray | Bay Athletic Club | Team RockstarFIT

Invest in yourself now, to live the life you deserve. Todd is truly the most inspirational leader in our industry.

- Greg Justice | AYC FIT | Fitness Hall of Fame

"Make the leap! The investment will come back to you tenfold. There is nothing like the power of connection and people who truly care and believe in you and are looking out for your best interest. You always know someone has got your back."

- Jill Rooks | The Energy Lab

"There are investments and there are expenses. Expenses are costs that you never recoup. The TDMM is an investment. If you want to 10x your business, relationships, finances, and LIFE, invest in this passionate group of fitness professionals."

-Andrew Simpson | Player's Fitness &Performance