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7 Reasons Why I am super excited for this weekend!!

I am so pumped up right now. I have 116 fire-breathing dragons coming in today from 28 states and 3 countries (Venezuela, Bahamas, and Canada) for my 12th annual Mastermind Retreat in San Diego over the next 3-days. It officially kicks off tomorrow with a morning “Rise & Shine” workout led by yours truly. And it will end with “church” on Sunday AM!

7 Reasons WHY I am super-excited for this Retreat?

  1. The theme of the Retreat is #ManifestGreatness. My intention is to plant seeds, ignite deep thought, vision and energy inside of all attendees and to inspire them where they want to run through a wall by Sunday. That fires me up!
  2. Steve Weatherford is one of my guest speakers tomorrow.
  3. We have “Team Time” for several hours tomorrow and Saturday; that fosters the spirit of “masterminding.” Thank you Napoleon Hill!
  4. I’ll be announcing the 2019 TD Mastermind Fit Pro of the Year. The winner gets $500, a feature in my newsletter and social media, and pride in knowing they won a huge award.
  5. I am pumped to have a “Youth Entrepreneur Program” this year! They all have an entrepreneurial desire and spirit. #StartEmYoung
  6. We will start each morning with a workout and meditation (see below to join me LIVE tomorrow morning). And then we will work “ON” our business and self each day.
  7. I’m conducting “Church” on Sunday AM. I always had the intention to do that at one of my retreats. I’m doing it on Sunday and this one going to be special!!

I always like to fill my events with great “and then some” value. This one will be no different.

Join me on FB & IG LIVE tomorrow at about 7:15 am PST/10:15 EST
As mentioned, I will be kicking off the Retreat tomorrow morning with a Rise & Shine workout. The workout will run from 6:30 am-7:30 am. I’d like to share the last 15-minutes with you so you can catch the energy of the “Grand Finale,” my closing huddle, and even my meditation.

Pop in for 15-minutes and say hello on my LIVE (you can join via ) and soak in some of the energy of what will be some crazy energy of all those fire-breathing dragons who are present in the workout.

What: “Rise & Shine” Workout with TD
Where: Facebook or Instagram
When: Tomorrow (Friday, February 22nd at 7:15 am PST/10:15 am EST)
Why: So you can experience some of the energy from wherever you are around the country or world; even if it’s just for 15-minutes! 🙂
Instagram: @ToddDurkin

Time for me to look over final “run-of-show” for the Retreat. My team and I have worked arduously to make sure we create the BEST experience possible for any/all who show up.

I love to visualize all aspects of an event before it actually happens. And that’s what I’m about to do.

Create an incredible rest of the day and I hope to “see you” tomorrow morning on the LIVE. It’s going to be a blast!

Much love,


P.S. Will I be giving away prizes and gifts tomorrow for those on the LIVE?
What a silly question! Of course!!! Pop on for 15-minutes, drop your comments on the LIVE and you will be eligible to win some amazing prizes…

  • MindRight Maniac Grey Hoodies
  • IMPACT shirts
  • MyZone belt! Yep…believe it!!
  • And then some!

See you at 7:15 am PST/10:15 am EST on LIVE.

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