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8 Ways to Explode Your Fitness Business in 2018

Ready to attack 2018 like never before? Well, buckle up, baby! I’m here to skyrocket you into another stratosphere of the industry. All you need to do is digest my following points and have the courage and audacity to let loose, amplify your voice, and make this YOUR year!

After kicking 2017 to the curb in epic fashion (perhaps you caught my New Year Polar Bear Plunge LIVE), I popped on my business cap and hit my beloved whiteboard to go DEEP on strategies, tactics, and tools that are guaranteed to help you achieve your dreams this year. There’s no time to waste as January is in full swing, so in true “ready…FIRE…aim” fashion, let’s dive right in.

P.S. Many of these points transcend fitness and can be modified to deliver value to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

1. Focus On Feeder Programs: What’s a feeder program? These are short-term programs for prospects to experience your culture, team, and services before making a full-time commitment to you. Think of them as “try it before you buy it” opportunities that truly “feed” new clients into your business.

Don’t know where to start? We host at least 5 feeders per year at Fitness Quest 10, and I recently packaged up one of our most successful programs, the 10 Day Fit Camp, just for fit pros like you. If you’re new to feeders, this is a done-for-you, turn-key program that’s got everything covered from A to Z! If you’re already experienced with feeders, I suggest you go beyond the calorie-crushing workouts this year and add in additional mindset training in 2018. You gotta be in their “heads” to get the best out of ‘em!

When done well, feeders transform newbies into lifelong clients.

2. Take Advantage Of Text Messaging: You gotta go mobile in 2018. Whether it’s texting recipes, motivational videos, blog links, or inspirational quotes, leveraging the prevalence of cellphones is a true gamechanger. Heck, here’s your proof: 98% of text messages get read within 3 minutes (yes, 3 minutes).

If you’re already signed up for my Dose of Durkin, you’ve seen my mobile strategy in action on Monday mornings. If you don’t get my Monday texts, text “TD” to 56955 and watch what happens. I use a text messaging service called Off Day Trainer to make mobile magic and it’s made a BIG impact on my biz. You can learn more about ODT here, but the best part is the service is designed by fit pros, for fit pros.

Just as I suggested getting in their “heads” with point 1, text messaging will get you in their hip pockets.

3. Invest In Your Team: The bigger you dream, the more important your team. So, what are you doing to invest in your tribe? An “investment” can be time, money, energy, or resources.

I personally invested my time into my team in 2017 by delivering an “IMPACT 10 Coaching Program”; one time per month — for 10 months — I coached my team on personal development and education in a staff-only atmosphere. Here’s the thing: It didn’t have to be me, and it doesn’t have to be you. You can hire someone else. You can provide reimbursement for staff members seeking continuing education opportunities on their own. You can even have your team coach each other (trainers training trainers is always a good for company culture).

Whether you have a team of 1, 10, 40, or 400, identify ways to invest in them in 2018.

4. Attend My 3.5 Day LIVE Mentorship: Speaking of investing in your team, I guarantee an explosion in your business by attending my 3.5 Day LIVE Mentorship this February — and you’ll even save money by bringing your team. You see, you can only take others as far as you’ve taken yourself. So, how far are you (and your crew) willing to go?

While I love delivering coaching sessions via blogs like this and TD TV / Facebook LIVE sessions, my Mentorship is hands down the best opportunity to get life-changing coaching from me. Our time together in sunny San Diego goes far deeper than I can go via written word and quick videos. So, if you want to take a massive leap and make significant strides in 2018, my LIVE Mentorship is for YOU..

One live meeting beats 1,000 emails, and this live meeting is designed to take your business and your life to another level. I even guarantee results with a 100% money-back guarantee. Pull the trigger by clicking here.

5. Plan Your Year: What’s the rest of 2018 look like for you? What are your goals? What are your action steps to achieve them? What is your theme? Do you have your annual plan in place?

Every year, I spend several hours completing my Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. Filled with 105 deep questions, it serves as my blueprint for success in 2018, and it always takes me on an incredible journey by dreaming big and defining my action steps for the next year.

My friends, your big thoughts aren’t good enough to propel you to another level. When you sit down and spell out those thoughts out on paper, good turns to great and extraordinary things happen. Take some time NOW to plan your year.

Note: I do not “sell” my Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. Just my Mastermind members and 3.5 Day Mentorship enrollees receive it as it’s an exclusive piece just for them.

6. Join A Mastermind: Not to be confused with my Mentorship, a Mastermind is a collective group of souls who have a common theme, and together they pool their knowledge and passion to grow further than any individual can on his or her own. While I’m a member of a couple different coaching groups (yes, I practice what I preach), I also host my own Mastermind to provide ongoing coaching to several hundred fire-breathing dragons just like you.

If you want to join a community of fitness entrepreneurs, trainers, and industry leaders playing BIG, I’m proud to say you can join my Mastermind right now. From business and leadership to marketing and personal development, my Mastermind will help you master your craft.

If you’re a fitness pro, you won’t find a better Mastermind in the industry. Click here to learn more and start getting ongoing coaching TODAY. And yes, you will get immediate access to my Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan also.

7. Social Media: How are you gonna strategically use social media to scale your message in 2018? I’m all-in on Instagram and Facebook, and I highly suggest you do the same. It starts with getting over your fears and posting valuable content regularly.

Think of all the advantages: Things like Instagram LIVE and Facebook LIVE can connect you with people around the world. Instagram stories and Facebook stories recently joined forces so you can duplicate “stories” on both platforms. And both FB and IG offer organic options and paid options to scale your message and target your avatar.

In 2018, you must create and share content to motivate, inspire, and educate the world via social media. This is a golden opportunity for your voice, brand, and business to be amplified.

8. Invest In Tech: In 2017, I invested big in technology. Man, did it pay off. We made three technology-related decisions here at Fitness Quest 10 that were driving forces to another incredible year of business.

First, we ditched the calipers for an InBody Body Composition Analyzer. While it’s a big investment upfront, it pays off tenfold by delivering consistent, objective data to your clients effectively and effortlessly. It’s s a cutting edge tool that will save you (and your team) a ton of time and money.

Then we invested in MYZONE Group Heart Rate Tracking throughout out facility. Again, this provides our clients objective data (percent heart rate, calories burned, “effort points”, and a host of other metrics) while also allowing us to add an element of competition and fun to our classes (plus, it’s a great tool for digital signage, immediately boosting its ROI). There are few workouts I do personally without my MYZONE belt on.

Lastly, we went deeper on text messaging as mentioned in point 2. As the year ended, we even integrated texting into our feeder programs to increase engagement and touchpoints, and we received fantastic feedback on its IMPACT.

These are just a few ways you can take your technology to another level in 2018 and reap the rewards.

And Then Some — Who Do You Love?: I closed out this TD TV / Facebook LIVE session with an excellent quote Tony Robbins shared at a networking event I attended in 2017: “Don’t fall in love with your product or your service. Fall in love with your people.”

Fall in love with your clients, members, and team in 2018, and good things will happen. As days, weeks, months, and years go by, your business will change. But it will always be about the people.

Cheers to a BIG year,


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