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Are You Ready To Live IMPROMPTU?

(I sit down to write this week’s WOW after a memorable Father’s Day 2013. I
hope it will help set the tone for a special week for YOU in business and
life this week):

Are You Ready To Live IMPROMPTU?
By: Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

My Father’s Day started off early yesterday morning in fantastic fashion. Before
everyone woke up, I broke into a “special” file of mine where I keep many of
the letters that my father wrote me over 20 years ago.









Several of these letters are addressed in January and February 1992, just
days & weeks before he passed away. I LOVE reading them as it makes me feel
so CONNECTED with the person who had the biggest IMPACT on me in life.

I also love 3 other things about these letters:

1. All of them are handwritten. Email didn’t exist in 1992. Can you remember those days?

2. Most of his letters are on the back of McDonald’s menus. He used that as his 2nd office. Again, Starbucks did not exist back then.

3. He always stuffed newspaper clippings in the envelope.

Man, I sure loved going to campus post-office at William & Mary EVERY DAY
and getting a letter from him for 3 straight years. Out of everything he did
for me, that may have left the biggest IMPACT on me.

It was a great way to start the day.

3 other things happened “impromptu” today that made Father’s Day special.

1. My kids joined me for an impromptu workout in the garage/driveway.
We ended up pulling out the Total Gym and doing work on that (including a
pull-up challenge), having a jump-rope contest and playing some hoops. It
was awesome!

2. I had an “official” soccer game against Luke (my 10 year old) and his
team today. He was supposed to have a 1 pm “indoor” game today at this
“outdoor” turf complex (resembles a hockey rink outside) but the other team
never showed. So the fathers decided to take on the sons in an official
match, with the refs present and all.

It was so much fun and my 8 year old son (Brady) played goalie for us. He
was a rock-star as 10 year-olds were firing shots at him. He was just
smiling intensely. And the whole experience was a memory of a life-time
because it was so “official.”

The only thing bad about it was that because we had come right from church,
I was wearing my “church clothes” and sandals. So the fact that I tried to
play like Pele (OK, Wayne Rooney for you youngins’) in my sandals, I now
have massive blisters on my feet. Seriously, I might not be able to walk for
3 or 4 days. But it was so worth it. (I tried to go barefoot also but the
turf was way too hot; and not playing was NOT an option!)

3. After dinner, the neighborhood kids put on this really cool
theatrical “performance” for the Dads. The 5-10 minute show with the 5-12
year olds was just so sweet. It honestly made me SMILE so much. Brady was
the M.C. and he might be the next Ryan Seacrest.

So a GREAT day overall and a lot of “IMPROMPTU” experiences. And these are
always really cool.

IMPROMPTU is going to serve as the WOW this week.


For several reasons. First, I was reminded that spontaneity in life keeps
life exciting and we must be open and present to experiencing life at its

Additionally, I got a text from Coach Frank Pucher (TDMM Group 1 Coach; in NJ) last night. He ran into Simon Sinek getting
frozen yogurt in NYC. Simon is the best-selling author of Start With WHY? We
have used this book as a Recommended Reading of the Month for the
Mastermind, he was a featured speaker at IDEA, and is definitely creating
great IMPACT in the world.

Chance meeting? Perhaps. I think not. It’s funny how the world works when
you keep your eyes open, experience life (and frozen yogurt!), and connect
with people deeply.

Let me take this one step further. When Frank introduced himself to Simon,
Simon kindly acknowledged him and they engaged in small-talk.

When they said their farewell, Simon pulled out a coin and presented it to
Frank. On one side it said “INSPIRE ACTION.” And on the other side, it said,

Now that is what I call IMPACT. That is what I call being prepared for
spontaneity and an IMPROMPTU “chance” meeting with a fan.

Think about it. What can YOU do this week to:

1. Create an IMPROMPTU experience or at least be open to an IMPROMPTU
experience. It might be a conversation with a homeless person, a young child
who is starting up in your program this week, a co-worker who needs your
support or encouragement, or a “fan” that recognizes you in your community.

2. Be prepared for this experience. Is there a “COIN” that you can
create to leave an IMPACT on your clients, members, students, vendors, or

Or could you pack an extra exercise bag in your car in-case an impromptu
game or exercise opportunity pops up? (I do this and we unfortunately had my
wife’s car today. I might need to put an extra bag in her car now!).

IMPROMPTU is going to serve as the WOW of the WEEK.  

The first day of summer is this Friday, June 21st.  For most people, school
is out. Extra daylight at night. Summer camps are starting up. There is a
little extra spark in the air. People are a bit more fired-up. Energy is up!

Create a great week that is full of IMPROMPTU experiences. Be open to them.
they will allow you to keep living, loving, and learning…

Can’t wait to hear about what YOU experience this week. be READY!!!

Much love.


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