Avoid the “Diet Mentality” and Lose Weight Now!

By: Craig Valency The weekend is upon you and temptation is all around. Parties, barbecues, restaurants, wine and beer are all calling your name. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner you brace for the carb onslaught. This is when you are really tested; you have to balance your reluctance to undo all the hard […]

Lessons From a Triathlete

-Cara Regas I recently returned from a whirlwind of traveling… two trips to Hawaii for relatives’ weddings in three weeks!  It was awesome to be constantly outdoors: playing, working out and enjoying the islands.  While I was there, I got the opportunity to speak to a local triathlete (we will call her Ann).  Ann lives […]


-Brett Klika I’m looking for investors. I want to open up a street stand where I sell nothing but high fructose corn syrup. No coloring or packaging, just cups full of the oozing substance. I will have toppings available like monosodium glutamate, calcium caseinate and, my mouth is already watering, calcium sulfate. If you think […]

Reality Show Pitch

My Reality Show Pitch -Brett Klika Weight loss shows are a hit. Modern society’s insatiable voyeuristic appetite drives millions of viewers to tune in and watch the profoundly overweight, devoid of hope or motivation, endure overly intensive physical and emotional struggles to win a race to the lowest number on the scale. Special diets, celebrity […]

What Grade Fuel Do You Use?

“You can’t out-train a bad diet”. Without a doubt, it’s one of my all time favorite quotes. My clients hear it daily. I will not stop using it. It rings true and I need my clients to hear my voice in their head stating that phrase when they consider hitting up the fast food joint […]

Investment vs. Expense

Do you ever get frustrated? Do you ever lose your patience? Are there people or situations in your life that occasionally drive you nuts? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I empathize with you. I’m a very positive person. Partly, it’s my “makeup” and partly it’s my choice. People sometimes ask if […]

Stressed Out? Eat Up!

By: Tara Coleman Courtesy of the Total Gym Inside blog You are so stressed out and busy that your sleep is either long and restless or solid but way too short. So you wake up and start pounding coffee to get going. There’s no time to eat so by the time you get around to it you […]

Home Is Where The Health Is

Home is Where the Health Is Brett Klika C.S.C.S. Our youth are getting fat and unhealthy.  You can beat the stats to death, but the consensus is that in less than 20 years, 1 out of 3 American children will be obese.  Not just a little baby fat, clinically obese.  Along with this condition comes […]


Sleep We take it for granted and always want more of it. We are meant to sleep through the night without disruptions. During our restful night sleep our body repairs, recovers and restores all the damage the day has done. During exercise you tear down the muscle and with efficient hydration, nourishment and rest you […]

FQ10 Personal Trainers On San Diego News Network…

Fitness Quest 10’s personal trainers Anna Renderer, Jeff King, and Ryan Burgess team up with San Diego News Network (SDNN) to answer some of your every day nutrition and fitness questions. To see what these three amazing trainers have to say, Click Here