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DON’T QUIT! with Living Legend Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfield

Buckle up for today’s show. I have fitness icon Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld, the father of personal training, with me on the show. While Jack LaLanne may be the godfather of fitness, Jake Steinfeld” is the man responsible for creating the personal training industry over 40 years ago.  

In today’s episode, you will hear Jake’s story and how he followed his dream, and “Don’t Quit” became his mantra after being cut from the eighth-grade basketball team. After that, his dad bought him a set of weights, and Jake shares his journey going from an overweight kid, to moving out West, to becoming Hollywood’s first personal trainer, to becoming a TV personality, to what he’s doing now to create IMPACT.  You’re not gonna want to miss out on all the laughs, stories, and great lessons shared in this legendary episode!  

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More on the episode:

3:02 – Meet living legend Jake Steinfeld
Inventor, Innovator, and Entrepreneur

5:08 – How Weights Changed His Life! 
Overweight and would rather pick up a twinkie vs. a weight

10:54 – Failure is not death… Don’t Quit
Cut from the basketball team at 14 years old. Life is about moments.

15:36 – Going to California to be a Bodybuilder
Mom, ”I’m going to California to be a bodybuilder.”  Lookout California here I come.

20:10 – Right Place…Right Time…Right Moment 
How Jake started training celebrities in Hollywood, including Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. All I needed was a broomstick, towel, and chair!

28:02 – You can achieve anything in life as long as you believe

  • The inventor of FitTV and ExerciseTV
  • Best Selling Author
  • “Don’t Quit” Complete Nutritional Shake Line

32:46 – Overcoming stuttering as a child

38:00 – Jake shared his new dream of “Don’t Quit”

46:12 – The Dad Role
“Success is based on my family” Hope…Health…Family

48:50 – Jake gives wisdom to young fit pro’s
Find your superpower

About Jake Steinfeld:

Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld has been an innovator and entrepreneur since creating the personal fitness training industry. He established “Body by Jake” Inc. in 1980 to develop merchandise, programming, partnerships, and other multimedia endeavors, all promoting the benefits of healthy living – and the motivation to get there. Jake also created FiT TV, America’s first 24-hour fitness lifestyle television network he sold to News Corp. Jake launched ExerciseTV, the first on-demand fitness television network in partnership with Comcast, New Balance, and Time Warner. He is also the founder of Major League Lacrosse and the World Series of Youth Lacrosse. Jake was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as Chairman of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and is presently going into his tenth year as Chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Council. Jake was chosen to be an official Olympic torchbearer to carry the inspirational flame for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, and has proudly served as Honorary Mayor of Pacific Palisades, CA.

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