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Perform Better One Day – Los Angeles, CA

February 18

BE LEGENDARY—7 Principles to Create a Legendary Business, Career, & LIFE


If there was ever a time the world needed more great coaches, trainers, life-transformers, and impact-makers, it’s NOW. In a world filled with too much darkness, negativity, & ill-health, there is so much opportunity right now for the best coaches, businesses, and people ready to change the world. But it’s going to require YOU to be at your best.

In this “legendary” talk, Todd Durkin shares his 7-principles to “CREATE & BE LEGENDARY” in all aspects of your career, business, and life. This includes…

  • 5-specific ways to create a legendary business.
  • 4-things you MUST do to help clients, members, and athletes create and live their best lives.
  • 3-hacks so you’re NOT mired-down in an abyss of negativity, pessimism, or worldly-events and that will allow you to operate in a world where you can flourish.
  • 2-“legendary” exercises that will allow you to meet your “legendary self” and immediately begin to shift your energy, mindset, and action-steps to manifest what will be legacy.
  • 1-thing you must do NOW to step-up into your best-self personally and professionally.

This is a can’t miss-session designed to help you be LEGENDARY. #BeInTheRoom #CreateLegends