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10 Keys to Unlock Your Potential 
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What the GET YOUR MIND RIGHT book is all about...

  • Fuel your mindset to overcome fear, setback, obstacles, and tough times.
  • Establish winning habits and routines to set yourself up for world-class performance. 
  • Maximize your energy, focus, and productivity so you can create your most prolific work.
  • ​​ Dial-up your training, nutrition, and recovery so you look, feel and perform your best.
  • ​​Ignite your motivation & inspiration like NEVER before. Go deep. Dream big. Believe in oneself. Take action. And get ready to “Live a life worth telling a story about.”

Oh yeah, and it’s undoubtedly going to help you…


The best way to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW!!!

Get Your Mind Right officially been officially released as of June 2nd, 2020. It’s available NOW for you. And there are some GREAT bonuses and bundles available (see below) if you now.

I couldn’t be more excited and proud for my new book coming out at a time in our world when we truly need to dig-down deep, dial-into our best habits, and tap into the strength that lies deep inside of us.  

We got this and I know the strategies, methodologies, and principles in GET YOUR MIND RIGHT are going to help you live your best life...NOW! #BuckleUp 
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I’ve been saying “Get Your Mind Right” to my athletes and clients for years. Probably 20-years to be exact. I’ve written about it hundreds of times. I’ve said it thousands of times. And now, I decided to write and share my manifesto about GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT.

I’ve spent more than half my life devoted to helping people become champions. In all facets of life. Sports. Business. You name it. And the ONE commonality of the BEST of the BEST, is they always work hard at winning the battle between the ears.

And now it’s your turn!

When I sat down in 2018 just days after my knee replacement surgery to start writing Get Your Mind Right, I realized that it was always the toughest, most overwhelming challenges and obstacles in life that ultimately help us become our BEST self.
My father’s death when I was 20.
My back-injury when I was 25.
A major knee surgery in my 40’s.
And now a Covid-19 crisis in our world that is crippling many people physically, mentally, and even spiritually.

While there are ups & downs in life, I know this…every single day is a battle and we have to make sure we are equipped to win that battle. And that starts with GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT.

Buckle up my friends. This is my life’s work. This is my manifesto. What is contained in this book can and will change your life. It involves what is necessary to amp up your body, mind, and soul.

And to me…that’s what it’s all about. Let’s get after it. I’ll see you on the inside. It’s time to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!
EXCLUSIVE BONUSES Available with Any order - Plus Additional Bonuses When You Purchase a Book Bundle!
“I'm blessed and honored to call Todd Durkin one of my best friends as well as a mentor and coach. He's someone who has impacted me in the greatest areas of my life, and I can promise you this: Todd Durkin and his book will get your mind right!”

From the foreword by Drew Brees

 NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints

“Mindset is a huge aspect of becoming a champion. Setbacks, defeats, and adversity are the things that ultimately make a champion. As someone who knows how important mental strength is in winning the game of life, I highly recommend Todd's new book, Get Your Mind Right. I know it will help you be a champion in your life also!”

Julie Ertz

 US Women's National Soccer Team; FIFA World Cup champion; 2019 US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year

“Todd always brings his A game to whatever he does. His energy, passion, and positivity are contagious, and he's the kind of person who makes you better. Read this book—I know it will help you be a success in many areas of your life.”

Kevin Plank

Founder and former CEO of Under Armour

“Todd Durkin is one of the top performance coaches in the world. In this powerful book, he shares tips to think like a champion and habits to enhance your focus, energy, and performance. It's a must-read.”

Jon Gordon

 Bestselling author of Training Camp and The Carpenter

EXCLUSIVE BONUSES Available with Any order - Plus Additional Bonuses When You Purchase a Book Bundle!
To thank you for the support of the book, I have put together some amazing bundles that I’m confident you’re going to love.

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I want to THANK YOU each for motivating and inspiring me more than you can possibly imagine. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be writing this book.

I have said for many years that “Everyone has a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story?” I believe that ALL of us have a special story inside of us. My hope and intention is that GET YOUR MIND RIGHT helps you tap into your whispers, crush your fears, and propels you to create your best work that this world so desperately needs.

You have been my loyal readers, fans, followers, clients, and members supporting me and I so appreciate each of you. I read every message you send and they always inspire me to further inspire YOU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I can’t wait to see you again soon…whether that’s at a conference, an event, a game, at Fitness Quest 10, or at YOUR city when I come light it up over there and help you deliver the message to…. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!

“Being strong means many things. You can be physically strong, mentally strong, or spiritually strong. I choose all three. I first started training with Todd Durkin five years ago to get my body stronger. What I didn’t realize was that Todd trains your mind as much as he does your body. And in many ways, he touches your spirit as well. Todd’s new book, Get Your Mind Right, is a must-read if you want to strengthen your body, mind, and soul.”

Dr. David Jeremiah

Senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church; founder of Turning Point Ministries

“As a functional medicine MD, I value great health throughout your lifetime. One of the most important things someone can do is seek knowledge and put into practice extraordinary personal care tools. If you are looking to improve the quality of your mind, body, and life, Todd’s book is a great resource. It provides sound scientific knowledge with mindset strategies that will allow you to thrive and excel in your life.”

Mona Ezzat-Velinov, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP 

Family physician in integrative and functional medicine

“World-class advice from a legend in the fitness industry. Now you have access to the game-changing information Todd has used to help world-class athletes and high performers get to and stay at the top of their game. It’s your turn!”

JJ Virgin

Nutrition and fitness expert; New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet 

“If you’ve been knocked down or are struggling, or if you’re simply looking to optimize your life, Get Your Mind Right is a must-read for you. It is rocket fuel for the soul!”

Kostas Cheliotis

Cofounder, COO, and general counsel of Nassau Financial Group

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