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Grow Your People | IMPACT Q&A with Jesse Dietrick

Good morning podcast fans. Rise & shine and get ready to GROW today. I am super excited for today’s IMPACT Q&A as we are focusing on growing your team and self and why it’s a MUST if you want to run or be part of a successful organization. My special guest on today’s show is one of my long-time trainers at Fitness Quest 10, Jesse Dietrick, who started as an intern, grew into our Director of Hockey Development and now is our Director of Trainer Development. Jesse is a man who epitomizes growth both personally & professionally. This is a MUST-LISTEN to episode for all business leaders as we discuss how a “growth-mindset” culture enhances your team and clients, my hiring process to attract & keep the right people, and how to build a culture your team will not want to leave. Enjoy this session and please share it on your social media if you find value in being a personal & professional growth junkie as well!

More on the Episode:

3:29 – Mindset Matters
A Growth Mindset: an environment, relationships, and mentors who make him BETTER.

4:22 – What Jesse Does To Get His Mind Right
Who does he talk to? What does he do? What does he listen to?

4:57 – How I Attract, Hire, (and Keep) The Right People
Attract them– and then grow them.

5:45 – An Owner’s Limiting Belief
“If I grow them, they will leave…”

6:01 – The Real Mission Of A Leader
The goal isn’t to keep people, it is to…

6:55 –  The Mission Of A Team Member
Serve the organization and the organization will serve you.

8:17 – Building A Culture They Will Not Want To Leave
The magic of spending TIME together.

10:23 – Remember Your Purpose

Instagram: @Jesse.Dietrick

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