Are you ready to step-up?
Are you ready to have even more success and significance?
How about finding even deeper peace, joy, positivity, faith, contentment & fulfillment?
Are you ready to BE more…for your family, your work, your community, or heck, even just for YOURSELF?
If so, NOW is the time.
IMPACT-X is a 12-month program where I personally work with you and a small group of other high-performers seeking DEEPER relationships. Deeper purpose. Deeper IMPACT. There is only one application period per year. This year’s program starts February 1, 2023, and the application deadline is January 23, 2023.
IMPACT-X is NOT for everyone.


  1. You must consider yourself a high-performer. You’re already “successful” but looking to go even deeper professionally and personally. You value “success” but know you want to create more “significance.”
  2. You must want an even stronger MINDSET. Let’s face it…it’s not easy when you are the one who is always pouring into everyone else. You are ready to be poured-into yourself and inspired at the deepest of levels, so that you can lead and inspire at work and home even greater.
  3. You want as much “success” at home (relationships, parenting, etc.) as you do at work. While it’s one thing to be successful at work, this program is designed to make sure we are playing at the highest level in ALL AREAS of our life!

Bottom line…the IMPACT-X program is for…

  • People who want to live by the highest standards and ideals…and be surrounded by others who are committed to do the same.
  • People who are ready to have ME personally hold them accountable for 12-months. This is where I will be calling B.S. if you are not stepping up and INTO your best self. And making sure you DO!
  • People who are ready to commit to be part of a small group of 8-12 other teammates who will be on fire for success in business, life, relationships, and legacy.
  • People ready to STEP into the best version of themselves THIS year!!
If you meet this criteria, I want to talk to you.

You will hear from me with next steps. 

Todd Durkin