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Kobe, Batman, and the Lion King…Gerald McCoy is in da House!

I love this time of year with my NFL athletes back in the house training & preparing for next season. The thermostat turns up a few notches, and the energy is infectious.

One of the guys I’ve been training for a long-time is Gerald McCoy. Gerald is a 12-year NFL vet with an incredible work ethic, a resilient mindset, a “larger than life” personality, and a mindset that epitomizes a MINDRIGHT MANIAC.

Gerald is not only a 6x NFL Pro-Bowler, he has overcome multiple injuries and setbacks in the last several years. As a former 3rd overall pick in the 2010 draft, Gerald is trying to play one more year in the league, and he’s training his tail off multiple times a day to optimize his opportunity.

Last week, I sat down with him and recorded an episode of the IMPACT SHOW that you are going to absolutely love. Check it out NOW…

Here are today’s SHOWNOTES from the episode and the Timestamps:

1:12 – What keeps Gerald coming back to Fitness Quest 10 to train…
Gerald shares why his wife kicked him out of the house to go train.

3:15 – What is Keeping Gerald Going?

4:22 – Overcoming Injuries & How Gerald Keeps his Mind Right.
Focus. Faith. God did not create us not to succeed.

10:25 – What is it going to take to get back and signed.
Get in the zone and fight! #GetYourMindRight

15:19 – Gerald Shares his Biggest Struggle in Life… Back to Back.

19:50 – Advice to Young Athletes Now
Avoid dream killers.

24:11 – Why is the Lion the King of the Jungle?
This is good!!!

27:57 – Being the Example for His Family
Gerald shares what life is like as the father of 5 kids.

31:57 – What Would Gerald Do if He Never Played Football Again.
Gerald shares why his face belongs on camera. Haha.
Inside every follower is a great leader!

35:30 – His thoughts on Kobe Bryant and what made him great.
An artist on the court.

39:30 – Superman or Batman?
Gerald gives you his answer and WHY

42:17 – Final words of wisdom.
Gerald spittin’ fiyaaaa!!!


Enjoy today’s SHOW. I think it will bring a smile to your face, brighten your day, and GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

Much love,


P.S. Do you read the SHOWNOTES from the podcast?

For every episode of the IMPACT SHOW, we always do “Shownotes.”
It takes a little time, but they give you a good idea and a quick glimpse of what’s in the Show.

I’d love to know if you ever read them and if they provide value for you?

If so, we will continue to deliver them to help your experience overall.

If not of value, please LMK that also in the comment below.

Thank you!!!

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