Todd Durkin's

3.5 Day LIVE Mentorship


November 7th-10th, 2019

San Diego, CA






From Todd's Desk:

Fellow trainers, fit pros, coaches, and fire-breathing dragons…

Who’s fired-up? Who’s ready to PLAY BIG? Who is ready to take their career to the next level?

If you are ready to get un-stuck…

If you are ready to have your dreams and impact amplified 10x…

If you are ready to create a strategic personal plan & action-steps to execute your vision…

If you are ready to be motivated and inspired like NEVER before…

NOW is your time to take ACTION!!!

My name is Todd Durkin and I want to help you create and potentiate your biggest and wildest dreams. As you may know, I am all about helping people create more passion, purpose and IMPACT in their lives.

My mantra, “Live a Life Worth Telling A Story About…what’s your story?” is way more than words on a shirt or on paper…it is a way of LIFE.

And I want to help YOU live your BEST life…NOW!!! I’m on a mission to help YOU be YOUR BEST!!! 

It’s called my 3.5 Day Mentorship Program and it’s my deepest & most intensive LIVE event I offer all year. And I only do it 1x per year. I pour every ounce of effort into making this one event the most powerful, transformative few days of your life.

During our time together, I’ll personally expose you to world-class strategies, systems, people, brands, and exercises to make your business, your brand, and you best in class.  

In the 13 years I’ve been offering my 3.5 Day Mentorship Program, thousands of lives have been massively changed & IMPACTED.

So I simply ask you 3 questions:

1.  Are you ready to change and literally catapult to another level in your business/career?

2.  What’s holding you back and are you ready to overcome that head-trash?

3.  Are you willing to have me coach you and facilitate you breaking out of the box and truly playing at your highest level?

You see, I believe that all of us “dream big” and want greatness.

And I believe that all of us have untapped gifts inside of us.

But far too many people dream big…yet play small.

Fear stops us.

Lack of knowledge or experience stops us.

Heck, excuses stop us.

Most people want to be extraordinary…but are playing mediocre.

And we are NOT designed to be mediocre. Or average.

Most people want more success…but can’t get out of their own way.

This is where the buck stops. This is where over the course of my 3.5 Day Mentorship, your LIFE will be changed. Forever.

WHO is this program for?

If you’re a business owner, GM, personal trainer/coach, seasoned fitness veteran, or fitness entrepreneur, you will benefit from the Mentorship. Heck, it’s the one-time a year I unveil all my best systems, strategies, tactics, and tools on business development, leadership, marketing, and personal development to the industry’s brightest and most passionate souls. Heck, I even bring in some of the biggest names in fitness to share their secrets to success too.  

How successful do you need to be to attend?

Don’t worry, a certain level of success or income is not required to attend. But the right mindset and work-ethic is mandatory as I challenge YOU to a new stratosphere at the Mentorship. Show up ready to play and great things are going to happen.

And I personally GUARANTEE it. Yep, GUARANTEED.

Listen, success and significance favors those who take action for what they want in their life. And surround themselves with like-minded souls who elevate their stream of consciousness. And work meticulously on themselves and living out their divine purpose.

I have always found that success is inconvenient and takes a ton of working “ON” yourself. This program will be the most intensive way you can work on YOU and YOUR business/career.

So if you are ready to STEP-UP and operate at your highest level, just like the world’s best athletes, entrepreneurs, and iconic brands, now is the time for YOU to take ACTION.

Take ACTION today and before you know it, you will be at my 3.5 Day Mentorship so excited and pumped for what is about to occur. The power is within you to make it happen. Make the decision to attend today and your life & business will never be the same.

I can’t wait to coach and work with you. It’s going to truly be the best experience of your life. Buckle-up!

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

Owner, Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises

2-Time Trainer of the Year

Author, The IMPACT Body Plan & The WOW BOOK

2017 Jack LaLanne Award Winner 


What Past Attendees Are Saying

Andrew Simpson 

Players, Fitness, and Performance

Jill Rooks 

The Energy Lab

Matt Espuet 

Providence Fit Body Bootcamp

Matt Stocker 

Matthew Stocker's Trendy Fitness

Samantha Lazarus

Ohana Fitness & Wellness

Ryan Morse

Crucible Fitness


You are sick & tired of feeling stuck or frustrated in your career.


Your energy or passion is waning and you need a massive dose of motivation. 


You feel like you’re on an island and have no one to turn to for advice and support. 


You want clarity on your vision for your life and career.


You are DREAMING big but you are NOT PLAYING big.


You struggle taking time to work “ON” your business versus “IN” your business. 


You need deep, specific, strategic-planning and poignant ACTION-STEPS to help catapult you. 


You want to create “an edge” in your business. 


You want to rub-elbows and meet some of the most iconic global brands in the health, fitness, nutrition, sports-training, and apparel space.


You want to network with some of the biggest influencers & presenters in the fitness field.


You’re ready to increase your overall revenues (passive and active).


You’re seeking an incredible atmosphere to influence the way you think, act, and do business. 


You feel you deserve more but aren’t sure HOW to get there.


You are HUNGRY to get to the next level!

Some of Todd's Game Changing Topics and Presentations:

  • Creating WOW and IMPACT in Business and Life
  • The BluePrint for Success in the Fitness Industry
  • Building Tomorrows Studio for TODAY
  • The Road to World Class
  • How to Start Your Own Award Winning Podcast & Lessons Learned From Writing A Book
  • Advanced Marketing, Brand, and Strategy to Build Your Brand
  • Finish Strong — Create WOW and IMPACT for a Lasting Legacy
  • The Art of Presentation, Speech or Keynote
  • Developing a Content Calendar & Schedule for Your Marketing
  • Building an Online Training Program

Strategy Development & Implementation Plan on:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Personal Peak Productivity
  • TD’s Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan—AMPLIFIED
  • GOING DEEP — Coaching the Greatness Within You

ACE CEU Approved! NASM, and NSCA CEU's Pending!


This was the most game changing experience of my career to date. Being surrounded by a group of people with INTENSE DESIRE - to talk with them, workout with them, learn with them and from them has forever impacted me. TD and the other presenters delivered such useful content that I couldn’t take notes fast enough. Lessons on business, leadership and self have already set me on a course to drastically change my life and business for the better in the few weeks since I returned home. I now have a point of reference for what WORLD CLASS means and an extended family that I cherish and can rely on.

Dianne Sykes, Owner, The Fitness Detective

The Todd Durkin mentorship program was truly a life-changing experience. The best part of the program was the last day when we went deep, acknowledging our flaws in writing.

I would absolutely recommend the program to anybody that wants to live their life to their fullest potential. Everybody needs to take a break from their everyday lives and be reminded who they are and what life is all about. Thank you, Todd Durkin and your whole team for making the Todd Durkin mentorship truly a life-changing experience for me.

-Tim Malico, Tim Malico's Personalized Training

Trina Gray

Owner, Bay Athletic Club

Vito La Fata

CEO, Fitness Profit Systems

Kelli Watson

Scriptor Publishing

Ivan Barrera

Owner, Faster Fitness

Andrew Simpson

Players Fitness & Performance

Greg Justice

Owner, AYC Health & Fitness

Jess Jacobsen

Social Media Strategist

Travis Barnes

Owner, Journey Fitness

Frank Pucher

Director, TDMM

Special Guest Speaker

Guest Presenter Topics


The 5-Step Online Business Startup Formula

with Vito La Fata

Starting an online business is a must today if you want more freedom, income and impact.

However, knowing where to start, what to do first, second and third, and so on can feel overwhelming, paralyzing and confusing given all the “gurus” and “systems” in the market today.

Join Vito La Fata former trainer, studio owner, and now online entrepreneur as he walks you step by step through the 5 phases of building a 6-figure plus online fitness business even if you have no list, no social media following, no offers or experience online yet!

All you need to bring to this session is your expertise and you will walk away with the game plan to start up your online business from scratch!


“My $120,000 Mistake”

with Ivan Barrera

In this presentation Ivan will discuss what he thought was his next big thing in his career, but little did he know, it would be his next big disaster in his career.

Listen up on the lessons learned from this experience and what he did to come out of it a better and happier version of himself.


“A Roadmap on How to Become a

Successful Fitness Entrepreneur”

with Pete Holman

Whether you are you interested in launching a business in the fitness space or have a business that is plateaued, this session is for you? Join Pete Holman, creator of the TRX Rip Trainer and the Nautilus Glute Drive, as he shares with you his winning formula on how to bring a concept to reality and some of the hurdles along the way. Without a business degree or background in finance, Pete has managed to gross over $25 million in worldwide product sales in the last nine years. Join Pete as he shares his roadmap to success in this game changing session.


Designing your Business and Life

with Gary Swarni

How in the fitness industry you can design your ideal business and life. 

In 2010 I was feeling lost in the industry. I didn't think that I was going to make it for much longer. It was time to find a new career.  That’s when I learned how to actually design my business to my passions in life. 

It's been a journey and I've learn a ton along the way. 

The possibility is always there for us to succeed. The question is what are you doing about?


From Dream to Published

with  Greg Justice and Kelli Watson

Do you have a dream to write a book? Do you want to become a published author but don’t know where to begin? Are you afraid that you don't write well enough, or won't have enough to say? Should you self-publish, and are you concerned about the cost? 

This presentation, will answers all of those questions ... and more! From Dream to Published will walk you through a 7-step process, that help make that dream come true.  

Why publish a book?


*It helps increase your authority and builds credibility!

*It provides new business opportunities!

*It produces additional revenue streams!

*And it elevates your status as a thought leader in your community or industry!


Competition Combat

with Travis Barnes

Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you find that you are losing members to the competition? The solution to this is to implement extraordinary customer care systems that differentiate you from the competition and also to connect with connectors in your community so that you have Top Of Mind Awareness with all the influencers. In this session you will learn over 20 world class customer care systems to help you retain your members and combat the competition. You will also learn SYSTEMs and strategies to help you become the top recommended brand in your community!


Instilling the Owner's Mentality into your organization through profit sharing

with Andrew Simpson

You want 3 things:

1.   You want your team members to hustle like you do

2.   You want them to treat the business like it is theirs

3.   You want to be surrounded all day long by eagles who soar next to you

The problem is, most fitness business owners do not have compensation plans that lead to those three results. This session will empower you to be the uncommon leader others crave to work for, and equip you with the tools you need to build a profit sharing plan and an owner's mentality culture.


Up Level Your Influence on Social Media!

with Jess Jacobsen

Building influence with your ideal clients and leveraging social media to bring clients in.

This additional coaching opportunity is limited to ONLY 10 Mentorship attendees. The first 10 people who register for the add on Bonus Day with Todd will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Monday, November 10th, as you spend an extra day at the Hilton Torrey Pines for exclusive coaching time with TD. You'll go deep on business and life in an ultra-intimate atmosphere with Todd and a select few of your Mentorship colleagues. We will not expand the group, so register ASAP if you want to claim one of the 10 lucky spots.


The number one trait of champion athletes, the world’s best entrepreneurs, and the most iconic global brands on the planet is they all take ACTION on the PLAN designed to take them where they want to go.


Pro athletes have to arduously train to be the best in the world. But there is a program they follow to help them achieve what they desire.


The world’s best entrepreneurs plan for success, have a board of advisors/mentors supporting them, see the trends in their industry…and ultimately take action on the strategic plan created.


The world's most successful brands continuously focus on service, innovation, leadership, and solving a great need while delivering an exceptional experience…all while executing the company mission and vision. 


The commonality is that there is a PLAN and there is ACTION on that PLAN.


1. 1-Month of IMPACT Coaching Leading Up to the Mentorship!!!

Todd has NEVER done this before. But in order to make sure you are physically and mentally ready for this program, he is going to offer anyone who is enrolled in the 3.5 Day Mentorship, the opportunity for a free 30-Day Intensive Coaching program for the body, mind and soul. This will consist of meditations, prayer, weekly workout program, and coaching up until Mentorship Kickoff (all done virtually). Todd will essentially be coaching you up until the day you arrive for the actual Mentorship. His coaching with you will start on October 7th!!

It will consist of…

  • 3x per week virtual workouts. Todd will design a 30-day program to help you get physically back in the best shape of your life.
  • Weekly meditations. Todd will not only teach you what he does…he will be doing it with you!
  • Weekly Prayer session (optional). Hey, this is part of his regular routine. He’s now opening that opportunity to anyone who wants to dive deeper spiritually.
  • And then some. He’s going to treat you like he would any of his A-list clients. That means he’s going to text you some customized “video” messages that are sure to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! :)

Todd’s coaching alone pre-Mentorship will be worth more than the actual investment in the Mentorship. But hey, why not?!


(Plus, you can also see HOW he delivers everything and get ideas on what you can do for your clients & members to increase value and experience!!)


2. One 90-Minute Group Laser-Coaching Session with Todd. This is where any/all attendees will have their burning, most-pressing questions answered by Todd.


3. A special private Facebook Coaching Group 6 weeks leading up to the Mentorship. This will help you maximize your experience. This Facebook Coaching Group will be left “open” till the end of the yeat so that attendees can continue to connect. This group is only for November 2019 Mentorees and Todd & his team will be leading it.


4. Every single lecture/presentation on video from the Mentorship!!! Yes, you read that correctly. So not only will you have the opportunity to hear & see the presentations LIVE (and there is nothing better than LIVE), you also get to keep every single session from the Mentorship for LIFE through the digital program—and listen to them over & over again!!! #Extraordinary


5. Top 10 Lessons worth a Million Dollars. It is one of Todd's most well received and popular keynotes that has changed many people's lives. And as always, Todd went “and then some” and actually delivered “15” lessons that are worth over 10 million dollars combined. Literally.


6. Dinner/Social soiree at the Durkin household. Yes, Melanie and Todd will be hosting a party at the casa de la Durkin on Saturday night that will be a great time for additional connect time in a social environment. Bring your bathing suits & party hats! #Priceless


7. Fitness Quest 10 PRECON. Todd’s key leadership team will be presenting all Thursday morning as an “and then some” bonus as part of your program. We will unveil all the systems and methods of Fitness Quest 10 and what has made it a leader in the fitness space for many years. This PRECON alone is worth the entire price of the program.


8. 2020 Annual Roadmap and Strategic Plan. This is the plan I’ve used for 11 years to GO DEEP on my business and self and helps set the strategy in motion. And I’m giving it to you as a bonus. This alone is worth the ENTIRE cost of the program.


You are going to be shocked with ALL that you are about to receive to help make your business & LIFE succeed.

I am going to do everything possible to help you get to the next level. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

My 3.5 Day Program has a complete 100% money-back guarantee. The BONUSES alone are worth more than the program investment. And the actual 3.5 Day Mentorship experience is going to blow your socks off.

And I am proud to say in 18 previous Mentorships, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has ever asked for their money back. Ever.

If you are ready for the most amazing, uniquely personal and professional development experience that ANYONE in the fitness industry can receive…NOW IS THE TIME TO APPLY!!!


I attended my first 3.5 day TD Mentorship and I immediately knew I needed to surround myself with this great family. I loved the atmosphere that Todd created and the people that he brought together so much that I couldn’t wait to return the following year. Todd’s events are heart-centered and motivating. He covers a diverse variety of content from business planning to getting your mind and soul to fire in the right direction. If you are looking for a group that will bring out your best, give you love and support, and help you grow from a personal and business level, I recommend attending the 3.5-day Mentorship.

– Matthew Espeut, Providence Fit Body Boot Camp

The value and meaning of it will be realized over time and was extraordinary.  It will change how they train and run their business. It was intense – from 6-6 with only a shower and lunch break on two of the days and the others just as intense. You can’t help but go back home and be a different person and operate your business not only more efficiently but help others in a better and more meaningful way. Everyday, I find myself doing something that I learned at the Mentorship. It is truly making my business and relationships different in significant and extraordinary ways because that is what Todd does and how he runs his program. It is extraordinary.

– Pam Balls, Boot Camp Strong

Regular Registration

$1,997.00 p/person

Buddy Special

If you would like to bring a colleague, teammate, employee, spouse, or special guest, the “BUDDY SPECIAL” gets you 50% OFF a 2nd person from the regular price.

$998.50 2nd/person

(1st person $1,997.00)

5+ Team Special

As our Mentorships have grown and evolved we have had more managers and owners bring teammates and employees to the program. This year we are offering special pricing for teams of 5 or more attending the program.

$898.50 p/person

Bonus Day with Todd

The first 10 people who register to attend the Bonus Day with Todd will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Monday, November 10th (postcon), as you spend an extra day at the Hilton Torrey Pines for exclusive coaching time with TD.

$1,000.00 p/person

My Personal Guarantee

My 3.5 Day Program has a complete 100% money-back guarantee. The BONUSES alone are worth more than the program investment. And the actual 3.5 Day Mentorship program is going to blow your socks off.

And I am proud to say in 18 previous Mentorships, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has ever asked for their money back. Ever.

If you are ready for the most amazing and unique, personal and professional development experience that ANYONE in the fitness industry can receive…


I thought the 3.5 Day Mentorship program would be amazing, but it far exceeded my expectations! It was packed full of valuable information, education and inspiration every day. For me, it was the best weekend of my life and I would highly recommend it to any trainer or studio owner who is interested in growing both professionally as well as personally.

– Jennifer Hoy St. Laurent, The Dolphin Studio

I had no idea just how much this experience would impact us.  I've been to fitness conferences and training events many times, but none have ever compared to the experience of the Todd Durkin 3.5 Day Mentorship. The energy, friendliness and professionalism of the FQ10 Team and all the Mentors was like nothing we've ever experienced. Todd and his team definitely delivered a World Class experience during the time we were there! Our lives have definitely been IMPACTED by attending the 3.5 Day Mentorship and we can hardly wait to see what's in store for our future!  

– Todd Andrews, Total Body Health Center

The TD Mentorship bonus day was the bow that tied it all together for me. My small boutique business does not have the ability to just throw money at free will, but I could not afford not to be at the event! The “Bonus Day” gave me multiple skills to put in place to achieve our goals. Most impactful event in the 10 years of being in the fitness industry!  “Grateful”

– Carrie Armacost, CareFit Personal Training Studio

1. When does Todd offer the 3.5 Day Mentorship Program? ↓
The Mentorship is offered only once every year, and this year it will be November 7th-10th, 2019. There is an optional, “Open Observation” day on Wednesday, November 6th for anyone who wants to take advantage of that and be a fly on the wall. There is no additional charge for the Open Observation days and is a unique opportunity to watch/learn the inner-workings at Fitness Quest 10. Additionally, there are “Pre-Cons” on Thursday November 7th starting at 8:30 am. These are included in the cost of the program but are optional to attend.
2. What time does the program start on Thursday, November 7th? ↓
While the program officially starts at Fitness Quest 10 at 12 noon on Thursday, there will be “Pre-Cons” on Thursday morning starting at 8:30 am at Fitness Quest 10. These always get rave reviews and we highly encourage you to be here for those if possible. And if you want the additional “observation” time, you can do that on Wednesday, February 6th.
3. How much of the 3.5 Day Mentorship is focused on business development? ↓
The itinerary is scheduled so that about 90% of the time will be spent on business, leadership, branding/marketing & personal development. Approximately 10% of the time will be spent on workouts and practical training methods.
4. How much time does Todd actually teach/present at the Mentorship? ↓
Todd will lead over 18 total hours of instruction in the Mentorship so it truly is a unique experience to learn from one of the most successful trainers, coaches, and fitness entrepreneurs of our time. He will be there the entire time as he takes great pride in this program.
5. Will Todd be leading any workouts during the Mentorship? ↓
Yes, you better believe it. He will be leading one workout at the legendary Fitness Quest 10 and he will be leading one of his epic Boot Camp experiences. There will be one other opportunity to workout if you desire. Our hope is that every day that you are empowered physically and mentally, along with all your personal and professional growth.
6. Who will most benefit from the Mentorship? ↓
A wide variety of people will benefit from this program - personal trainers and strength coaches, fitness directors and Pilates instructors, yoga instructors and massage therapists, general managers and club owners, chiropractors and physical therapists. Those just starting out in the fitness field as well as seasoned veterans will gain valuable insight into what steps to take next in their business and life to sky-rocket their success into the stratosphere. The Mentorship program definitely is an intensive program taught at more of an “advanced” level so we do request a mindset of entrepreneurism for any attendee. Additionally, we have even had spouses attend the event so they could go through the many different personal development exercises we do and better understand the way YOU think! 20-30% of the Mentorship is made-up of people who are “outside” of fitness but are entrepreneurs who want to be exposed to the highest-caliber content and material under the sun for personal and professional growth and mastery.
7. Are the topics covered in the Mentorship program the same every year? ↓
NO! The topics that are covered during the program vary for every Mentorship program we offer. We keep the program as dynamic and cutting-edge as possible, so we are continually changing the topics that are included with each 3.5 Day Mentorship experience. That being said, there is always best-in-class content on business development and strategy, leadership and personal growth, marketing, social media, developing a world-class team and culture, and other topics designed to help you maximize your business and life.
8. Will I get CEU’s for attending the program? ↓
Yes, we will have CEU’s available from the NSCA, NASM, and ACE for this program.
9. What is the cost of the 3.5 Day Mentorship Program and what is included? ↓
The total cost is $1,997,(EARLY BIRD Price will September 15th $1,497) and the cost covers all three and a half days of the program, the Pre-cons, unlimited use of our state-of-the-art facilities, unlimited observation of sessions, and a catered dinner/social at Todd’s house one evening. The lunches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and breakfast on Saturday will be included as well. You will be responsible for your airfare and hotel, and transportation. There are also optional observation days on Wednesday, November 6th.
10. Do you offer any special incentives for this program? ↓
Yes, we offer three specials for this program: 1. The first incentive is our Early Bird Special. If you apply and make a payment before September 15th, 2019, you'll receive $500 off the total cost of the program! 2. The second incentive we offer is a Buddy Special that gets a friend, or multiple friends, in for only $998.50 each. You read that right! If you want to come with 2, 3, or 4 of your friends, colleagues or coworkers, EACH additional person gets the Mentorship for a 50% savings off the regular price. You can split the total cost with your friends, or you can gift them with this savings. So the more people from your “tribe” you bring, you can essentially reduce the price that you pay. 3. As our Mentorships have grown and evolved we have had more managers and owners bring teammates and employees to the program. This year we are offering special pricing for teams of 5 or more attending the program. Bring your team for $895.50 each! This program is guaranteed to build comradery, build a vision, skyrocket your teams' productivity. It will help you build your business from the ground up so everyone can flourish and grow!
11. Is there a payment plan option available? ↓
Yes, simply apply for the Mentorship. If you have more questions, please email Ryan at [email protected]
12. What hotel should I stay at for the Mentorship? ↓
We have an incredible special rate at the host resort for this event, the beautiful Torrey Pines Hilton, a world-class venue located in La Jolla, CA. The hotel is 20 minutes from downtown San Diego and just 20 minutes away from Fitness Quest 10. You will be able to maximize your experience while at the Mentorship by staying here at the resort and minimize any stress from having to do any additional travel back and forth for the program. Additionally, by staying at the Torrey Pines Hilton with your fellow Mentorees, it will not only immerse you in an exclusive environment, but it will also allow you to optimize your networking opportunities as well.
13. What do I need to bring to the program? ↓
Bring a mind ready to soak up the latest strategies, innovations, tips, tools, & tactics to enhance your business & personal development. And then after that, bring some comfortable clothes to take copious notes, 4 pairs of workout clothes, and a dress casual outfit for our special dinner/social at Todd's house sponsored by Perform Better. The temperatures here in November averages 65-70 degrees, so pack your bags accordingly, and bring a light jacket for some cooler temperatures at night.
14. When should I book my flights for the Mentorship? ↓
You should ideally fly into San Diego International Airport on Wednesday, November 6th. We officially start the program at 12 noon on Thursday, November 7th. We will have some exciting content in our “PRECON” program happening Thursday morning starting at 8:30 am. There is no additional charge for the “PRECON.” That will be held at Fitness Quest 10. On Sunday, November 10th, you should book your departure flights at 5 pm PST or later to allow enough time after we wrap up the program to get to the airport. We will finish at 3 pm on Sunday, November 10th. Many past Mentorees have stayed one extra night to digest all the content and empowerment that will be delivered and that extra night always proves to be extremely valuable. If you are planning on staying for the “ADD-ON” day, we will finish that at 5 pm on Monday, November 11th. Plan your return trip accordingly.
15. Do I need to rent a car for travel during the Mentorship? ↓
You can rent a car or use Uber. Everything is within 20 minutes so transportation will never be an issue. If you want to take Uber to the Torrey Pines Hilton or from the hotel to the Airport, it will cost approximately $30.00. An Uber to Fitness Quest 10 from the Torrey Pines Hilton will cost approximately $25.00. You can always split that with some of your fellow mentorees. To help with transportation, all attendees will be connected in our private, exclusive Facebook group starting 1-month prior to the event, so you can organize ride-sharing, etc. with each other if you prefer.
16. Do I need to prepare in advance before I come to San Diego? ↓
The most important thing you can do is prepare yourself for some amazing content that will be delivered. Todd will start to “coach” you about 30-days PRIOR to the Mentorship to get you amped-up and ready to go. Once you sign up and register for the 3.5 Day Mentorship, Todd will be sending out a ton of information and some “Recommended Reads” to help get you ready also.
17. How do I apply for the Mentorship? ↓
Simply fill out the application in its entirety and share as much as you desire on each question. Todd does read EVERY application and we want people that sincerely want to enhance their life, make a difference in other people’s lives, and be a leader in this industry. Past mentorees become part of a family and we want people who are ready to step up and play BIG.

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