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Mastermind Member In The Spotlight: Daniel Yakupka

Name: Daniel Yakupka
Location (City/State):
Alexandria, Virginia
Your Role/Title:
Owner of Fit 4 life Fitness & Performance
I am ex basketball player. Even in my 43 years of age, I am still chasing all of the 20 year olds on the basketball court. Todd always mentions that leaders read a lot, and I also love reading!

Share your story. What inspires you? How has your journey helped you create WHO you are today? What’s your purpose in life?
I want to share the story of a client of mine (Arthur) instead of mine. I feel that this exudes my purpose and passion in life!

Arthur’s story
“Each session during my chemotherapy, Daniel greeted me with his optimism, energy and humorous chatter on everything and anything but nothing cancer related. This was a good, and most appreciated distraction from my numerous clinical appointments and tests. A positive and encouraging environment does help. Chemotherapy can leave you feeling tired, cognitively impaired, nauseous and in pain. Chemotherapy definitely weakens your immune system putting you at greater risk of infection which will hospitalize you and interrupt and delay your chemotherapy schedule; a psychological and a medical set back. I did experience the fatigue, cognitive impairment and pain. And I found with all three, exercise was an excellent adjunct therapy. Daniel created a program for me during my chemotherapy. It was a God-send. The exercise gave me energy and cleared my thinking when I felt groggy and out of it.

 What amazed me was how fast the pain would disappear with exercise. Following my chemotherapy regimen, every bone in my body ached. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. I couldn’t fathom the idea of walking let alone working out. I followed Daniel’s advice to get active on my worst days and I thought about Daniel’s optimism and belief in pushing on, and so I showed up at the training session.

I told Daniel I may not be able to finish the workout because I was not feeling well. Daniel flashed me a smile and enthusiastically said let’s see what we can do. Within ten minutes of the workout, the pain was entirely gone. The worst pain I had ever experienced was not only gone, but I felt energetic and healthy. That’s IMPACT.”

How do your teammates, coaches, and the Mastermind continue to inspire you?

The TD Mastermind credo is: PASSION, PURPOSE, IMPACT! I apply this to Arthur every day. I train him with PASSION, the PURPOSE to help him move by himself and I have now created IMPACT in his life. He created IMPACT in my life because he inspires me every day during the workouts.

I am proud to say Arthur is my friend, client and foremost my hero, a true warrior fighting the most important battle: LIFE.

How has Todd’s leadership, coaching, and motivation personally or professionally helped you? 

Todd’s leadership, coaching, and motivation, both personally and professionally has helped me every single day. I love the message from the garage he shares. It makes me smile every time I see it. After I attended one of his lectures at IDEA PT East in 2012, my life forever changed.

Todd made me believe in “me” again. I had just had a baby, and after listening to him, I quit my job. He always says, “READY, FIRE, AIM, and take action.”  So, I started my own business of in-home personal training; my wife thought I was crazy! But after listening to him I was convinced that I was going to make it, or at least die trying!

What one piece of advice would you provide for a young fitness professional who is just starting out?

One piece of advice I would provide for a young fitness professional who is just starting out is: You need to invest in YOU! And TD Mastermind group is the best money you can spend to help invest in you and see your business grow.

How about one piece of advice you would offer a seasoned-savvy fitness pro?  

Every time you can listen & Todd talk, take that opportunity. You are never going to get tired of listening to him. Every time I listen, I learn something new from him and my Mastermind Teammates.

Anything else you would like to share.

He has changed my life.
He makes me believe again.
He make me a better person every day.
Thank you Todd Durkin from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my PASSION, have a PURPOSE in life, and create IMPACT in the life of my family.

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