Max IMPACT Retreat

REFOCUS your deeper purpose, RE-STORE your big dreams, RE-CLAIM your time through

Live Streaming Worldwide

July 16th - 18th, 2021

  • Get A Significant Jolt of ENERGY, INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION Breathed Back Into You
  • ​Gain Heightened Clarity and Purpose In Your Life
  • Create Harmony Between Business and Self
  • ​​ Skyrocket Your Productivity, Positivity, Focus and Energy
  • ​​Learn How To DREAM DEEPER and Take ACTION on How You Can Maximize Your Potential and Gifts to Create MAXIMUM IMPACT 


Not able to watch live? No worries all of the content will be available to you immediately after the retreat! 

The MAX-IMPACT RETREAT will REFOCUS you on your deeper purpose, RE-STORE your big dreams, RE-ALIGN your priorities and literally breathe life into you.
If you are feeling stuck, stalled, frustrated, or “empty” right now, professionally or personally, or maybe you need a swift kick in the butt, or you want more clarity on your purpose and life’s design, you MUST ATTEND for this event.

You have heard me say before to “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About…What’s Your Story?”
This Retreat LIVESTREAM will be a major jumpstart to you having a STRONG 2nd-Half of 2021…and beyond.

Get Your Mind Right

I know. A lot of people are struggling. But I promise that I will be bringing the most motivation & inspiration known to man over these 2.5 days. For the first time, I will be sharing my personal journaling-routine with you, in hopes of you taking this practice forward long-after the Retreat is over. My hope is that this event will propel your heart, soul…and HEAD to all-new levels. #GYMR

Get Your Spirit Right

I will be sharing my complete “faith-walk” routine with you. We will pray together every morning and have chapel Sunday morning. And I will be sharing lessons on the DAILY battles I face and how I get through them. 
Whether you are strong in your “faith-walk” now, weak as ever, or you don’t have one, I’m super excited to share how we can all share in some deep fellowship and prayer and use it as part of our arsenal to walk in unity with our divine purpose. #BuckleUp

Get Your Energy Right

Yes, you will get more CLARITY, FOCUS, & ENERGY…than you’ve had in a long-time! I believe when you get your spirit and emotions flowing and you have the right coaching with the right questions, we can dial-in where you need to allocate your TIME, ENERGY, and FOCUS. With over 16-hours of coaching over the 2.5 days, several of the exercises I will lead you through are designed to make sure you are staying in your GENIUS-ZONE and learning how to avoid the DISTRACTION ZONE. #CONTAGIASM

Get "YOU" Right

My friend, it has been a long 16-months. There has been a lot of change. And a lot of tough-times. This entire MAX-IMPACT Retreat (both in-person and LIVESTREAM) is designed to bring YOU alive again. Between the coaching I’ll be doing, the prayer/quiet time, journaling, Hot-Seats, and a whole ton more…you will feel MORE LIFE than you have in a long time. And I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Accepting Registrations Until July 15th @ 8:00 PM PST

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It's time.
Perhaps the Covid pandemic kicked your butt.
Perhaps you're feeling LOST. EMPTY. STUCK. OR FRUSTRATED.

Or you're saying to yourself, "There must be more to life. There must be another way to reach more happiness, fulfillment & significance in life... so I can live my divine purpose and create IMPACT!" 

The answer is "YES."

That is why I decided to create a small intimate event called my "Max IMPACT Retreat."

We had a ton of interest in people wanting to attend the live in person event. But we sold out the 20 spots. I kept hearing things like, "Hey TD, I'm feeling depleted. I need my tank filled up. I'm craving community, motivation, and inspiration." 

My heart went out to each person and their need for an infusion of positivity and clarity in their life. I wanted to find a way to support all those folks who were interested in the live event but couldn't come because we sold out. 

So I decided to make it available to you through live stream

Yes, for the 1st time, I will be live streaming the entire "Max IMPACT Retreat" for you if you would like to be part of this life transformative weekend, and you'll get 90% of what the in-person attendees will be receiving. 

You will receive my most intensive, transformative work that will allow you to get your health thriving once again, your relationships flourishing, your dreams abounding, and your body, mind, & spirit all singing again. Literally. 

What you DO RECEIVE when you are part of the LIVESTREAM Event?

    This will be in business/career, leadership, and the deepest personal growth exercises you will EVER receive from me. 
    Follow along during the entire retreat with every exercise and prompt to create a truly interactive virtual experience. 

    Where are you NOW... Where are you GOING... How are you getting there?!"
    "Creating Your 'DASH'"
    "6 Things You Must Do to Overcome Tough Times" 
    "Faith, Fitness, and Mindset... Improving Your Personal Health, Spiritual Life, and Mindset" 
    "FEAR: You're Either Paralyzed or Propelled. Which Will You Choose?" 
    I will share my personal journaling routine with you, and I have never shared this with any group before. It will transform the way you approach every single day. 
    Every morning. Led by yours truly.
    This one is going to make your soul sing.

"And Then Some" Bonuses

    (3 weeks after the event)
    You will receive all the details once you register for the live stream 
    You will receive an IMPACT Certified Coach within the live stream facilitating the discussions and conversations throughout the entire event

I know nothing replaces the power of a live, in-person event. That’s powerful. But the LIVESTREAM will be the next best thing…and it’s only a fraction of the price, with no flight cost, no hotel cost and no transportation fees! 


Max IMPACT Retreat

6:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST



*Payment Plan Available
You receive all 2.5 Days via LIVESTREAM, the manual, all the coaching, the follow-up calls, the IMPACT Community for 1-year, and ALL-CONTENT for 1-year as well. No catches. I’m trying to keep the fee low to give as many people as possible access to this game-changing & life-changing content. And for me to be able to create MAXIMUM IMPACT!!!

Additionally, 10% of the proceeds of the MAX-IMPACT Retreat Livestream go to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation [501-3(c)] to help families & kids in need and to help scholarship students for higher-education.

You have heard me say before to “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About…What’s Your Story?” This Retreat LIVESTREAM will be a major jumpstart to you having a STRONG 2nd-Half of 2021…and beyond.

About Todd Durkin:

Todd Durkin is a world-class coach, trainer, author, and speaker who changes lives every single day.

He is the owner of Fitness Quest 10 in Scripps Ranch, San Diego. He trains dozens of current NFL & MLB athletes, including Drew Brees, Golden Tate, Zach Ertz, Darren Sproles, and a host of other active players. His long client lists include, LaDainian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, and Tony Gwynn Jr. amongst others.

Todd was a finalist on the primetime, network show NBC STRONG, which is now streaming on Netflix.

He is the past recipient of the Jack LaLanne Award for lifetime achievement in the fitness field, amongst many other accolades. His 2 books, The IMPACT Body Plan and the WOW BOOK have changed thousands of lives. His 3rd book, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT, just came out in June 2020! It is a MUST read!
Todd Durkin is popular on social media and delivers daily messages on Instagram & Facebook. His podcast, the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show, is designed to motivate and inspire anyone looking to create more IMPACT in their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make the entire event on the LIVESTREAM?
That’s fine. You can attend any/all that you choose for the 2.5 Days that I will be LIVE. Remember, you have access to the ENTIRE CONTENT for 1-year so you can indulge at your pace. You can carve out a ton of time to be with me “LIVE” or watch over the next few weeks/months. Either way, it’s still the same low-price.
Do I need to be a person of “faith” to partake in the morning prayer services?
You do NOT need to be of a certain faith or religion to participate in our early morning prayer services. As a matter of fact, we will have many different faiths, religions, and beliefs a part of the program. As a man of Christian faith, I will share my routine and prayers to deepen my walk with God. I am also respectful of all beliefs and welcome ALL into our chapel prayer services. One of my hopes & intentions from this Retreat is that you can deepen your faith & walk with God as well.
Where will the content be streamed?
The content will be streamed on a private Facebook page that we have setup just for our MAX-IMPACT Retreat attendees. Once you register, you will receive the LINK to our private FB page. You will have access to that page for 1-year.
Once I register, what do I need to do?
Once you register, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to look for the email you will get a few minutes after registering with the private Facebook page LINK. This is important to request to Join so we can let you in the LIVESTREAM.
Please make sure you check your SPAM folder if you do not get that email.
You can email Amelianne Johannes on my team at if you have ANY problems getting the FB LINK.
Can I share my link for the LIVESTREAM with my friends, family-members, and teammates?
Haha. No. I prefer you not do that. I have kept the price low so that one-person can enjoy the Retreat experience for the cost of 1-seat. I would love if you could help spread the news about the Retreat though on your social media, in an email, or your word-of-mouth (even if it’s to too a spouse of family member).
What if I can’t make the follow-up BONUS Coaching Call 3-week after the event? 
No biggie. You can submit your questions to me in advance and I will address it on the call. This coaching call will be done on ZOOM, recorded, and I will send out the recording to you within 24-hours of the call.
What if I choose NOT to listen to a certain part of the LIVESTREAM?
You can choose to partake in any/all of the content you desire. If there is a specific talk/topic that you don’t feel you need as much coaching on, feel free to skip that and come back at a later time. Likewise, if there is a topic you need more coaching on, you can come back as many times as you would like to watch the LIVESTREAM as you will have access to the content for 1-year.
How long do I have access to the content from the weekend?
You will have access to ALL content for 1-year from the finish of our Retreat. Therefore, you will have access to all content until July 18th, 2022.
Will there be a customer-service member/concierge from your team on the LIVESTREAM?
Believe it! I’m so pumped to have one of my key teammates and IMPACT-Certified Coaches, Lizzie Merritt as our “IMPACT Community Director” for this event. Not only will she be with me LIVE, in-person in San Diego, she will be responsible for our LIVESTREAM experience and will be your personal concierge during our entire event.
Where do I download & print the manual once I register?
Once you register for the MAX-IMPACT Retreat, you will receive the email with the private FB page request Link. You will also be given instructions as to downloading the MAX-IMPACT Retreat Manual.
Can I promote the MAX-IMPACT Retreat on my social media to get more people to attend the LIVESTREAM?
YES! That would be great. Thank you in advance. Again, the purpose of this program is to create a life-transformative experience personally & professionally so that you can soar to new levels in your life. If you could share this experience with a spouse, family member, client, member, or someone in your community, I would be indebted. Simply share this link on your social media or in an email ( Remember the event starts on Friday July 16th so they would ideally need to do that PRIOR to the event starting.
Can I make an additional payment to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation?
Of-course. Thanks for asking! ☺ We gladly accept donations to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation at any time. Donations are tax-deductible. When you register for the event, there will be a question as to whether you would like to make an “additional” donation to the Foundation. If so, GREAT. If not, remember, 10% of the cost of the program is already going to the Foundation. So, thank you either way!!!

Your Total Zero Risk

100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that when you do go through this program, read the material, and watch the videos, you will start to feel the difference in your life right away.

Here is what I want you to do...
Inspect it, examine it, try it out. Prove beyond all doubt that this program is life changing.

Entirely risk free. No B.S. 

If for any reason, whatsoever, you can simply return it and get an instant refund for the first 30 days. 
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