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  • Are you ready to be INSPIRED like never before?
  • Are you ready to IGNITE your personal & professional success to ALL-TIME high levels?
  • Are you ready to EXPLODE your revenues in your business?
  • Are you ready to work “ON” your business & life with the coaching of a world-class expert?

Todd Durkin and his world-class team have developed an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to experience Fitness Quest 10 first-hand. The next mentorship program will take place early 2018. Can’t wait till next year? Check out the ONLINE Mentorship program, all the great content yours for life!

We invite anyone that has a passion for health, performance, and fitness and desires to elevate their personal and business performance to the elite level to join us.

Todd Durkin, President, and founder of Fitness Quest 10 will share his successful business lessons and experience in this truly unique program. If you want a true Fitness Quest 10 and Todd Durkin experience, the mentorship program is a great way to connect with Todd and his team in this intensive mentorship. You will be able to get an in-depth look at the Fitness Quest 10 training system, philosophy, hands-on work, business systems, and all working operations of the award-winning facility, Fitness Quest 10.

Fellow trainers, coaches, and fitness pros,

We all crave greatness. And it takes daily effort and energy to live in a stratosphere that breeds extra-ordinary.

On a daily basis, we give so much to our clients, members, and customers to help positively impact their bodies, minds, and spirits. And there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. And I’m sure you’re the same way!

I want to share a program I created 14 years ago that I know can help you live with more PASSION, PURPOSE, and IMPACT in your life. It has changed thousands of fitness professionals lives and I would like to invite it to change yours also.

My 3.5 Day Mentorship Program is my signature program which my team & I take great PRIDE in. It is by far the most intensive LIVE program I offer on business & personal development.

For my Mentorship, I want to find and work with the hungriest, most dedicated, most success-driven fitness entrepreneurs that are looking to inspire the universe.

If you are a business owner or seasoned, fitness “veteran”, you will find some of the best systems, presentations, and most innovative tactics and tools on business development, leadership, and marketing.

If you are relatively “green” in the field or just have an “entrepreneurial-spirit” and want to learn more about creating maximum success, you will be exposed to many of the brightest minds, strategies, systems, and trends that are a MUST-follow.

Or if you work for a studio, health-club or gym and want to assume a greater leadership role and help grow the brand in which you are representing, you will learn many tips, tools, strategies, and techniques to help your brand be best in-class.

Regardless of your background, one commonality of all past Mentorees is their thirst for success. In business and in LIFE.

With that being said, I invite the fitness pros who are most ready to ignite the universe on fire to apply. You don’t have to have a certain level of “success” or “financial-income” to attend. But you DO have to have a positive outlook on where you want your business and life to go and have the work-ethic and attitude that is necessary to do what it takes to get there.

And then watch what my team and I WILL do for you!

If my Mentorship doesn’t completely rock your world and positively change your business, your marketing, or your life, I will gladly refund 100% of your money and you can keep anything you receive. I am that confident in my Mentorship program!

Furthermore, if you say, “Todd, I want to attend but just can’t swing it until your methods start to kick in”, we will be more than happy to set up a payment plan with you to make sure you can attend. But again, that is only if you are hungry, passionate, and willing to make some serious strides in your business.

I invite you to read the countless testimonials and watch the many video testimonials of the fitness pros that have participated in this program and raved about it.

ACT NOW!!! Apply today for this truly unique opportunity. This opportunity ONLY happens one time per year. And I’d hate for another year to go by and you still haven’t done what you said you’re going to do.


10348549_10102615848939809_6236751364525385660_n3.5-Day Mentorship Program is for you if:

  • You need to create “an edge” in your business.
  • You want to increase your overall revenues in your business (“passive” and “active” revenues).
  • You are stuck & frustrated in your training career.
  • You need to overcome any current obstacles/challenges/or issues you are facing in your business or life.
  • You have a difficult time taking structured time to work “ON” your business instead of “IN” your business.
  • You need deep, specific, strategic-planning for your life and business.
  • Your energy or passion is waning and you need a major kick-in-the-pants.
  • You sometimes feel like you are out on an island and have no one to turn to for advice, feedback, or support.
  • You want to immerse yourself in an extremely positive atmosphere that will surely influence the way you think, act, and do business.
  • You are HUNGRY to get to the next level!
  • And then some…

Applications will open August 2018

“Joining the Three-Day Mentorship Program at Fitness Quest 10 was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire fitness career.  I’ve learned more in the past three days on the business-side of fitness than I’ve learned in the last three years.  I finally feel energetic and excited to get back to work now that I have the tools to succeed.  If you’re looking for a change in your business or in life, then you’ve found the right place and the right program.” – Josh Schlottman

David Cox“The mentorship program was in a word… Great!  It was so good networking with like-minded people.  Todd was amazing, and his staff was top-notch.  I felt very welcome in the facility and highly recommend this program.” ~ David Cox, Live Now Fitness

“I signed up to attend TD’s mentorship hoping to learn some new state of the art training techniques and did not have much expectation beyond those general aspirations.  However, the comprehensive knowledge passed on from the FQ10 staff during this 3-day program changed my personal training career forever.  Todd and his staff are an open book and will teach you everything you need to know about taking your career to the next level. If you truly want to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, this is the program for you!!”  Ray Vargas

Peter San Nicolas“I absolutely needed to be a part of the three-day mentorship program. The number one thing I walked away from the program was take care of your people/staff.  Treat them just as you would you clients. Nurture them, grow them, push them and care about their success because theirs is ours. The leadership training aspect of the mentorship program was and is invaluable!  If one is interested in advancing and progressing themselves through a positive and passionate environment, then get involved!”  ~Peter San Nicolas, Owner, Ramona Fitness Center. Top Apex Bodybugg Club on West Coast and Top 50 worldwide for last 5 years, Ramona, CA

“The 3-Day Mentorship Program is a must experience for anyone in the fitness industry.  Todd Durkin and his staff at Fitness Quest 10 provided us with an invaluable opportunity to connect with world-class trainers who were willing to share their wisdom and experiences in an open and comfortable environment.  The information I learned and applied to my own business has been invaluable to my career as a fitness professional.” Sharon Johnson


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Questions? Call us at (858) 271-1171 or Apply NOW!

Mentorship Application

Thank you for your interest in the TD 3.5 Day Mentorship program. I am honored that you have taken the time to apply for this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please take your time and fill out the following questions thoroughly and accurately as I will read any/all information that you send to me. Feel free to take as much space as you need to answer the questions completely. In addition, please supply any other information that you feel will be useful for us to look through (bio, resume, blogs, websites, professional pictures/headshots, etc.). I look forward to receiving your application. -Todd