A Personal Message From Todd

Dear Trainer, Coach, or Fit Pro,

I have some very serious questions for you that can help your career in fitness and coaching. Think about them, answer them, and most importantly, do something about them...

  • Where are you at in your business? 
  • Do you need to make the next 12-months the year that you finally grow your business so you can serve more people, help more people...and ultimately even pay yourself more? 
  • Are you ready to relieve some stress
  • Do you need to crank up your marketing so you don’t have to worry about leads and prospects all the time? 
  • Do you want to start building an online platform or brand?
  • Are you ready to create a bigger name for yourself?
  • Are you ready to create more IMPACT?

Wherever you are in your business, I can assure you… I’ve been there. I’ve been through it. And I’ve also made it to the other side. I get it. 

For the past 10 years, I’ve held a 3.5 Day Live Mentorship here in San Diego, California, coaching business owners and trainers just like you on how to move past their roadblocks and finally reach the levels of success and significance that they were dreaming of. 

Each year, business owners and trainers just like you come to my mentorship frustrated and stuck… and they leave re-charged, re-centered in their purpose, and equipped with a PLAN to take immediate action on.

Creating this 3.5 Day Mentorship is something my team and I have taken great pride in. The fact is, business owners and fitness professionals leave mentally and spiritually changed - they also leave with specific action steps to apply to the business to make it better! 

Our deep dive into personal development and divine purpose is what sets this program apart from any other business mentorship you will find in this industry.

And it is for this reason that I have decided to offer you ONLINE ACCESS into the entire mentorship. You heard me. ALL of it.

Not only is this a big deal because of the content you will receive-- but it’s a big deal because…… this was my last 3.5 LIVE Day Mentorship, EVER. Seriously.

I didn’t announce this BEFORE the Mentorship. I announced it AT the Mentorship. 

Never again will I be doing an in-person 3.5 Day LIVE Mentorship like this for just fit-pros. 

But I DO want to make sure that any of you trainers, coaches, or fit pros who may have wanted to come to the mentorship but didn't- or couldn't for any reason (timing or financial)- still had the opportunity to have access to it!

If you want ACCESS to the game changing presentations, all of my talks, presentations, coaching sessions, resources & worksheets, the complete manual, and the all-around deep WORK, you NOW have the opportunity to do that through THIS Online Mentorship program. And let me tell you, it is world-class content.

The price of the ONLINE, virtual Mentorship program is going to be a fraction of the cost of the Live program. And once you purchase it, you will receive a private password protected website and the complete manual that all attendees received. And you will own ALL the content for LIFE.

Here is the kicker though… I’m taking the program down on December 8th. Yep, it will be gone as of December 8th. Bye-bye.

Trust me, you WANT this content and you have it for LIFE.

After December 8th, it will not be available. And only the people who have attended the Mentorship LIVE or purchased it online will have access to it...forever.

You have between now and December 8th for the opportunity to purchase this Mentorship and have life-time access to all of its content. I know that it will do the same for you and your life & business that it’s done for thousands of fitness professionals in the last 10+ years. 

It is hard to believe that an era has ended. But it’s time for some new things. These Mentorships have not only been a life-changing experience for everyone in attendance, but they change me each and every time I have the opportunity to deliver them to a room full of hungry fitness and business professionals like you.

The biggest takeaway from these events?

Nothing ever happens without action.

Take advantage of this limited time, never-to-happen-again opportunity to receive the deepest and most intensive business, self, and personal growth development you will find in the fitness industry. Period.

Get it now and there are some great bonuses available also!!!

Success finds those who take action. Or shall I say those who take action, create success. 

Either way, it’s time to TAKE ACTION. 

I know this program will have a massive impact on your life and can change the trajectory of your success. Trust the process, dive-in, and I know that 2020 will be the BEST year of your life.

Much love...and lots of IMPACT,


Owner, Fitness Quest 10

CEO, Todd Durkin Enterprises

Author, The IMPACT Body Plan! & The WOW Book

Under Armour Training Team

Founder of The Todd Durkin Mastermind

Last 3.5 Day Live Mentorship...

Now Offered ONLINE until Dec. 8th!!!

See What Others Had to Say:

"Being a part of the Mentorship program in 2019 was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I received an incredible amount of information and knowledge that I am now able to apply to my students and share with my colleagues.  One of my main roles is to tap into my athletes’ mental toughness to help them overcome adversities that they will face. I am supremely confident that with the tools I acquired from Todd and his team, my IMPACT will now be greater than ever before." - Jason Ulrich

"Being a part of the Mentorship program in 2019 was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I received an incredible amount of information and knowledge that I am now able to apply to my students and share with my colleagues.  One of my main roles is to tap into my athletes’ mental toughness to help them overcome adversities that they will face. I am supremely confident that with the tools I acquired from Todd and his team, my IMPACT will now be greater than ever before." - Jason Ulrich

"I gained tons of practical advice, any that will be implemented immediately have to do with feeder programs and internship options. - Andrew Biernat

"I learned how to be better at serving my clients, team, and how to live a life with purpose. I left with a clear vision of what my business is and how I will grow it. I highly recommend this program for ANYONE, it doesn't matter if you are a new trainer or a business owner, this program is for you!" - Sangil Jo

"This life changing event was worth every penny. I can use the resources that already exist and not recreate the wheel" - Esta McIntyre

Here are the presentations/talks from Todd (over 12 hours of coaching!)


"Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About"


“Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Business”


“Building, Growing, and Scaling Your Brand”


"Advanced Business Coaching"


"Going Deep -Moonshot Ideas & Vivid Descriptions"


"Finish Strong - Create WOW and IMPACT for a Lasting Legacy"

Here are the other incredible 9 presentations you will receive from our star-studded line-up of presenters from all over the country:


"The 5-Step Online Business Startup Formula" by Vito LaFata

If you have programs to offer but don’t know where to start, learn how to create an offer even with no list, no social media following or experience online yet.


"My $120,000 Mistake" by Ivan Barrera

Are you looking to grow your facility, or wanting to open a second location? Ivan shares the most amazing life & business lessons in opening and closing his 2nd location because it didn’t fit his vision. This session alone could be worth 6-figures, whether you want to UP-SIZE or DOWN-SIZE.  


"Build Your Best Business & Life in Your Head First" by Trina Gray

This talk alone is worth the price of admission. Regardless of your “title,” this talk is full of business and life wisdom that will definitely inspire you as a coach, entrepreneur, parent, or just human-being. 


"Competition Combat"

by Travis & Cyndi Barnes

The fitness world is competitive as heck nowadays. With competitors flooding the market, Travis & Cyndi Barnes share all the ways to differentiate your studio, gym, or club and talk specifically about the “Referral Engine System” that’s guaranteed to keep existing people in your gym...and bring in new people as well. 


“Designing your Business and Life"

by Gary Swarni

Gary Swarni is an industry vet with a diverse background. He has served high-wealth individuals in CT for many years and has managed multiple businesses. He’s a family-man that balances out entrepreneurism with family as good as I’ve seen. Gary’s wisdom in here is a must-listen to for anyone trying to knock-it-out-of-the-park in business and be Super-Dad or Super-Mom at home.


"Instilling the Owner’s Mentality into Your Organization Through Profit Sharing”

by Andrew Simpson

If you are a business owner who is looking for ways to creatively incentivize your staff, this one talk is truly worth 100x the price of the Mentorship. I would venture to say that this talk is worth 6-figures as Andrew Simpson shares his COMPLETE profit-sharing system he uses with his team of 12. This system not only prevents employee turnover (very expensive), it keeps his team motivated and incentivized to grow because everyone is thinking like an owner. #MUSTWATCH


"From Dream to Published"

by Greg Justice and Kelli Watson

Do you want to increase your authority and credibility within the industry? If the answer is yes, learn the 7-step process to self publish your book from the founder and owners of Scriptor Publishing.


“Advanced Social Media Strategy vs Marketing." by Jess Jacobsen

Jess is my go-to person I lean on for social and digital media. She helps me execute all my initiatives and strategy. In this talk, she shares our strategy, content calendar, and knowledge hacks to grow your social media and online presence...the right way. People LOVED this talk!


"A Roadmap on How to Become a Successful Business Entrepreneur" by Pete Holman

Where do you start when it comes to Pete Holman. He’s been an industry veteran for 20+ years. He created the TRX Rip Trainer. He created the Nautilus Glute Drive. He is an author. And he still coaches hundreds of people per month. This talk is full of such knowledge and wisdom that he will make you laugh, he will make you cry, and your jaw will drop with what he shares. This talk will rock your world!



How to Start an Award Winning Podcast


Building an Online Training Program

Optimal Performance Bodywork

Lessons From Writing a Book

Top 10 Lessons Worth a Million Dollars

Creating WOW and IMPACT in Your Business and Life

Annual Roadmap and Strategic Plan (Deepest Strategic Exercise to map out 2020)

Q&A Coaching Call with Todd on December 17th

Plus access to 4 Pre-conference Sessions from Fitness Quest 10:


"Delivering Legendary Customer Service The Fitness Quest 10 Way" by Julie Wilcox, Director of Operations, TDE

Who better to give this talk than my GM of 13-years Julie Wilcox? We call Fitness Quest 10 the “Magic Kingdom of all gyms” because we go to great lengths to create an extraordinary customer experience. Step behind the curtain here and see how we build our culture, retain our culture, and protect our culture at all costs. 


"Coaching Your Tail Off" by Frank Pucher & Larry Indiviglia, MM Platinum Level Coaches

Frank & Larry are two of my closest confidants who help me now run all aspects of my business Mastermind group. They both happen to be 2 of the smartest people I know also. In this precon, they talk about how you can impact your clients and members ONLINE, 4 critical aspects of changing behavior, & how you can scale and IMPACT your message both in brick & mortar and online. 


"Backstage Magic" by Amelianne Johannes, TDE Project Specialist

As Fitness Quest 10 grew, I knew I needed to grow and scale my “personal” brand. Amelianne grew from a “director of first impressions” at FQ10 to now directing many of the the behind-the-scenes initiatives at Todd Durkin Enterprises. In this talk, she teaches concrete ideas on how to have multiple revenue streams beyond personal training to grow your income and business.


"The Bigger Your Dream, The More Important Your Team" by Jeff Bristol, General Manager, FQ10

I always talk about “Live a life worth telling a story about...what’s your story?” Jeff went from “Directors of first impressions” to trainer, to assistant GM, to now GM of Fitness Quest 10. He has an amazing life story that he has parlayed into tremendous success at Fitness Quest 10. His talk is all about growing your team and culture so you can grow your profits. People loved this talk!!

Available for a Limited Time

Friday, Nov. 29th - Sunday, Dec. 8th

Payment Plan Available

S See What Others Had to Say:

"Because of this program, I knew I had to step up my game. I had to step out of everything that had been holding me back. Todd over-delivered in this program. He covers every single part of you- not just business or personal development- but he dives deeper and brings out the best in you." - Maia Carney

"The Mentorship had me realize there are so many more possibilities with my future than I ever thought. It allowed me to gain clarity and ultimately more confidence in order to properly run and grow my business." -Samantha Cordova

"If you are looking for rapid change, take part in the mentorship. I guarantee you will have clarity on your purpose and have the drive to take your next step." - Chris Litten

"I had zero idea what I wanted to do in life, but now I have much more clarity and a more defined vision! I feel so much better and not as scared for the future." -Casey Everhart

Remember, you will receive

  • 15 game-changing presentations
  • 4 cannot miss pre-cons
  • 5 bonus presentations, all of my talks & coaching sessions
  • Complete Manual
  • 2020 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan
  • Q&A Coaching Call with Todd on Dec. 17th

By investing in this program you will gain the momentum you desperately need to achieve more money, more time off, more success, and create the lasting IMPACT you want!

$1997 value now…



Now $697

This product will NO longer be available for purchase after Dec 8th

But if you invest today, you will get LIFETIME ACCESS to the product!!

Additionally, here are some other benefits of investing in this ONLINE MENTORSHIP…

  • No airfare.
  • No hotel expense.
  • No food expense.
  • No lost time from work as you can watch & learn at your own pace. 

Now I will be the first to admit that NOTHING replaces the value of a LIVE program. But this isn’t far behind. And it’s a fraction of the cost IF you take ACTION.

Available for a Limited Time

Friday, Nov. 29th - Sunday, Dec. 8th

Payment Plan Available

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