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My Top 20 Lessons Learned in 2020 (Part 2)

We are ONE Day away from 2021. Hallelujah Hallelujah. But before we flip the page to a New Year, I want to share Part 2 of my “Top 20-Lessons of 2020” with you. These lessons cover business, personal, relational, and life lessons from the past 12-months. Wow-o-Wow!

In today’s episode, you will receive lessons #11-20 of my Top 20 lessons learned in 2020. Buckle-up and enjoy today’s show as it drops on the LAST day of 2020. Specifically, I discuss…

  1. Why home-schooling doesn’t work.
  2. How difficult times reveal the most about people’s character.
  3. Why it’s crucial to “stay lean” in business.
  4. The importance of staying mission-centered & purpose-driven.
  5. Should you “plan” for 2021 or not?
  6. How to stay in the Now.
  7. Maximizing your time, energy, focus, and productivity.
  8. Tapping into your whispers & the power of a LaZyBoy.
  9. Double-down on your Health.
  10. How to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT and restore hope & motivation when it sometimes feels empty and depressing.

* Bonus Lesson: How to FIND & STAY in Gratitude.

Thanks again for an incredible 2020 year of podcasting. I’m pumped to go into 2021 and continue delivering some GREAT IMPACT to our loyal listeners & subscribers. Let’s GOOOO! 

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More on the episode:

1:15 – #11. Home-schooling does not work.
Kids need live school, too much depression, bad habits, and boredom.

3:55 – #12. You find out a lot about people.
When you’re most broken, you’re most blessed. There’s been Good, Bad, and Ugly. Who do you want in the foxhole with you when bullets are flying?

8:04 – #13. You must stay lean in your business.
Bigger is not always better!

12:02 – #14. Stay mission-focused and purpose-driven.
What is your purpose?  What is your mission?

14:22 – #15. Plan or Don’t Plan.

18:45 – #16. Stay in the now but be driven by the future.
Win the Day!

20:10 – #17. Do work that matters; allocate 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time to do work that matters.
Check out chapters 3 & 4 in my GET YOUR MIND RIGHT Book for my top systems! or anywhere books are sold.

23:37 – #18. The Power of a La-Z-Boy.
Slow down and tap into your whispers

25:26 – #19. You have to double-down on your health, physically, mentally, and spiritually!
He or she who has their health has 1,000 dreams; he or she who does not has 1

28:37 – #20. We all need hope and motivation
We all need to Get Our Minds Right every day. Work, discipline, and habits every day.

31:00 – And Then Some…Fight like mad to stay in gratitude and find the blessings in the burdens!
There is always someone who has it worse than you!

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