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New Series ‘CHASING GREATNESS’ with Drew Brees

Ep. 250 already! WOW-O-WOW. What happens if you’ve achieved greatness in one career, retire, and then embark on a new journey? Not always as easy as it sounds but one that is often necessary when going into your “2nd curve” in life. Does leaving one career for another career mean your pursuit of greatness is complete…or just beginning? 

On today’s IMPACT SHOW, future NFL Hall-of-Fame QB Drew Brees talks about “chasing greatness” in his new walks of life: business, broadcasting, philanthropy, and even being a father. While Drew & NBC parted ways just days after this recording, this does not mean his broadcast days are over. As a matter of fact, they may be just beginning. Listen in to hear his thoughts, mentality, and what’s exciting him in his post-football career.

Specifically, here is what Drew and I talk about on the Show:

  • The “rookie mentality” when in a new career and how this can be an advantage.
  • Drew’s definition of greatness and its key elements.
  • Setting daily “non-negotiables” and making sure you stick by them during the difficult times in life.
  • Paralysis by Analysis and why it’s important to get into a “flow” state.
  • How to stay in the moment when there is so much busy-ness and chaos going on.
  • What’s next for Drew?

I hope you enjoy this episode and tune in for the full “Chasing Greatness” series. I know you are going to love it and be inspired to release your inner greatness. 2 things:

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Time Stamps:

(:55) Todd introduces the Chasing Greatness with Drew Brees episode 

(3:20) Drew talks about his professional transition into broadcasting & his new chase for greatness

(7:09)  Advice Drew received from sports commentator, Mike Tirico

(10:14) The importance of preparation

(13:16)  Drew talks about the challenges of transitioning to a new career, post-professional football

(15:50) Peak performance and prolonging your prime 

(17:19)  Drew defines what greatness means to him

(18:42)  How Drew starts & finishes each day to accomplish his goals

(20:15)  Drew’s non-negotiables in his schedule

(21:19)  What greatness is Drew chasing post his football career

(23:28)  Drew shares how he is discovering his next level

(26:16)  Drew’s secret to compartmentalizing life & staying in the moment

(27:42)  Drew talks about being a “professional athlete” dad to kids who play sports

(29:45)  One fun thing that people don’t know about Drew Brees

Noteworthy Quotes from this Episode:

“When you are young, your body is beautiful and your brain is mush. When you become older your brain becomes beautiful and your body becomes mush. Peak performance happens somewhere in between. ” ~ Derek Smith

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