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This webinar isn’t just information … It’s TRANSFORMATION!

Hey IMPACT-Makers,

Thank you for joining me for the “Your Next Level” webinar. My intention was not to just give you information, but to create an experience that moved and transformed you! I want you to have the mindset and energy you need to reach your next level – whatever that might be for you.

As a thank you for participating, and in order to keep elevating you, I’ve created 3 SPECIAL BONUSES. Check them out below, and then use them! I guarantee these are tools that can help you reach your next level!

Todd Durkin

P.S. On the webinar, I announced that I am expanding my IMPACT-X program. If you know you need to be around a community of like-minded people and have a coach who can help get to your next step, then your solution is — IMPACT-X! 2024 can be the year that you reach the goals you’ve been dreaming of, but you can’t do it alone! Click here for more information.

P.P.S. Don’t wait too long! IMPACT-X begins March 21st!



Todd’s Exclusive “2-Minute Drill”

The “2-Minute Drill” is a visualization you can use any time to shift your mindset and take you from a defeating day to a day of victory!


Deep & Powerful Devotional
Discover how to integrate a faith practice into what you’re doing every day as Todd shares a short devotional for all faith-walks that will help center and allow you to put your focus on a higher power.


Get Your Mind Right
A 30-second “exercise” that will prepare you mentally for the boardroom, the courtroom, the operating room, the weight room, or the classroom!.
IX Miranda Hammock
When I connected with Todd to find out more about his life-coaching program, I didn’t really know who he was. I just knew he was passionate about football. Something about his soul just resonated with me. Finding Todd and his team was life-changing for me. I have found such a strong purpose, and I feel aligned with like-minded people. I’m excited to be here. Miranda Hammock, Master Stylist, Jennifer Joseph’s Salon

“In a season of life where I was at my lowest, Todd and his team helped me to reignite my faith, purpose, passion, fitness, and relationships. If you are ready and willing to light the torch from within and become the best version of yourself, look no further. The programs he offers will forever change your life.” Josh Helland, RN

Josh Helland
Lizzie Merrit Headshot

Joining Todd Durkin’s coaching programs marked a pivotal change in my life, helping me clarify goals, identify strengths, and overcome obstacles. The personalized guidance and connections with purposeful, like-minded individuals have been transformative, making me feel like I’m living my purpose. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to actualize their dreams. Lizzie Merritt, Weight Loss and Life Coach, No BS Weightloss