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No legs, No Excuses… The Amazing Story of Zion Clark 

Zion Clark grew up with no legs in 8 different foster care homes in the first 17 years of his life. During that time, he suffered physical abuse, mental abuse, and starvation.

Today, Zion Clark is an elite athlete, actor, musician, and Guinness World Record holder. He also has dreams of making the Paris 2026

Olympics and Paralympics in wrestling and wheelchair racing, respectively.

He has millions of followers on social media and is on a crusade to change many lives. He’s also my special guest on today’s podcast.

If there EVER was a time to listen to an episode of the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW, it’s today. So LISTEN NOW to this mind-blowing conversation…

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • Defying expectations, big dreams, and the “no excuse” mentality.
  • Why he never quit wrestling despite losing every match from the 2nd grade to his senior year in high school.
  • How sports and great coaches kept him mentally strong.
  • How his adopted mother Kimberli has inspired him and kept him going.
  • How he physically does what he does, despite having no legs.
  • His dream & goal of making the Paris 2026 Olympics & the Paralympics for wrestling & wheelchair racing, and how he will do it.
  • Why his life’s mission is about completely changing the foster care system.

Zion is one of the most amazing and unique souls you will ever meet. Truly inspirational. You will hear the excitement in his voice when he talks about changing lives, making the world a better place, his drive to be a professional athlete and Olympian, and why he is going to do everything possible to make sure no child has to experience what he did growing up in foster care.

WOW o WOW. What a conversation. What an episode.

Thanks for always listening, sharing, and LIVING IMPACT!

Much love,


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