Discover the best fitness business strategies & personal growth techniques from Todd Durkin and other world-class fitness experts designed to help you achieve maximum success.

This is Todd's most intensive program offered. It gives you the unique opportunity to completely immerse yourself in business and personal development from one of America's top coaches and most successful fitness business owners.

From Todd's Desk:

"My 3.5 Day Mentorship is my signature program which my team and I take great PRIDE in. 

We had close to 70 fitness pros here is San Diego diving deep into business and personal development. I held nothing back and it was truly an amazing experience. We had a ton of serious breakthroughs and "aha moments."

And after all the positive feedback from our attendees at my recent 3.5 Day Live Mentorship, I have decided to do something BIG.

And it's going to give you the opportunity to get better. And for me to create more IMPACT. And that fires me up!

I have decided that I'm going to give you the opportunity to have ONLINE access to ALL of the presentations/workshops from my recent 3.5 Day Live Mentorship. And it is available NOW!!!

Once you purchase it, you will receive a private password protected website and the complete manual that all attendees received. And you will own ALL the content for LIFE.

If you want ACCESS to the game changing presentations, all of my talks, presentations, and coaching sessions, the Q&A's, and the complete manual, you NOW have the opportunity to do that through my latest ONLINE Mentorship program. And let me tell you, it is world-class content.

The price of the ONLINE, virtual Mentorship program is going to be a fraction of the cost of the Live program. 

So NOW is the time for ACTION. If there was ever a time for "Ready, FIRE...Aim", it is NOW.

My friend, I can promise you one thing...if you take ACTION and fire-away, You will get BETTER with my Mentorship. 

Your business wil improve. Your marketing will improve. And most importantly, YOU will improve.

Take ACTION now and I'll see you on the "inside".

Todd Signature

Never Before Seen Content 

See What Others Had to Say:

"Through this program Todd has you dig deep to bring out the best in you personally and professionally." - Charley Gould

"I gained tons of practical advice, any that will be implemented immediately have to do with feeder programs and internship options. - Andrew Biernat

"I learned how to be better at serving my clients, team, and how to live a life with purpose. I left with a clear vision of what my business is and how I will grow it. I highly recommend this program for ANYONE, it doesn't matter if you are a new trainer or a business owner, this program is for you!" - Sangil Jo

"This life changing event was worth every penny. I can use the resources that already exist and not recreate the wheel" - Esta McIntyre

Todd's 3.5 Day Mentorship Program is for you IF:

  • You need to create "an edge" in your business.
  • You want to increase your overall revenues in your business (passive and active revenues).
  • You are stuck & frustrated in your training career.
  • You need to overcome any current obstacles/challeges/or issues you are facing in your business or lfe.
  • You have a difficult time taking structured time to work "ON" you business instead of "IN" your business.
  • You need deep, specific, strategic-planning for your life and business.
  • Your energy or passion is waning and you need a major kick-in-the-pants.
  • You sometimes feel like you are out on an island and have no one to turn to for advice, feedback, or support.
  • You want to immerse yourself in an extremely positive atmosphere that will surely influence the way you think, act, and do business.
  • You are HUNGRY to get to the next level!

Here are the 7 presentations/talks (over 12 hours of coaching!) that TD personally coached:

  • "The Road to World Class"
  • "Contagiasm - Building and Scaling Your Brand to IMPACT the Universe"
  • "Leadership at All Levels"
  • "Advanced Coaching"
  • "Advanced Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brand"
  • "Going Deep in Business & Life"
  • "Finish Strong - Create WOW and IMPACT for a Lasting Legacy"
  • Q&A's after presentations by Todd
  • Bonus: "IMPACT" Workout

Here are the other incredible 7 presentations you will receive from our star-studded line-up of presenters from all over the country:

  • "Innovation, Payroll, and Milkshakes - The Story of Building Myzone" by Emmet Williams
  • "10-Minute Roadmap to Build a 6-Figure Personal Brand" by Vito LaFata
  • "Fitness Pro to Business Pro" by Ivan Barrera
  • "Stop Drowning, Start Living: Top Tips for Business and Life" by Trina Gray
  • "Turning a Health Fair Into $100,000" by Travis Barnes
  • "How to Create Your Signature Training Camp" by Robin Robertson
  • "Write Your Own Success Story" by Greg Justice

Here are the 4 Precons I have NEVER filmed or released before:

  • "Delivering Legendary Customer Service The Fitness Quest 10 Way" by Julie Wilcox, GM FQ10
  • "Coaching Your Tail Off" by Frank Pucher & Jarod Cogswell, MM Platinum Level Coaches
  • "Backstage Magic" by Rachel Rios, Dir. of Retail, & Amelianne Johannes, TDE Project Specialist
  • "The Bigger Your Dream, The More Important Your Team" by Jeff Bristol, Assistant GM FQ10

See What Others Had to Say:

"Because of this program I knew I had to step up my game, I had to step out of everything that had been holding me back. Todd over delivered in this program, he covers everything single part of you not just business or personal development, but he dives deeper and brings out the best in you." - Maia Carney 

"The Mentorship had me realize there are so many more possibilities with my future than I every thought. It allowed me to gain clarity and ultimately more confidence in order to properly run and grow my business." -Samantha Cordova

"If you are looking for rapid change take part in the mentorship, I guarantee you will have clarity on your purpose and have the drive to take your next step." - Chris Litten

"I had zero idea what I wanted to do in life, but now I have much more clarity and a more defined vision! I feel so much better and not as scared for the future." -Casey Everhart


Remember, not only will you get ACCESS to the 14 game-changing presentations + 4 cannot miss pre-cons, all of Todd's talks, presentations, and coaching sessions, the Q&A's, and the complete manual, you NOW have the opportunity to do that through TD's latest ONLINE MENTORSHIP.

It will also give you the momentum you desperately need to achieve more money, more time off, more success and create the lasting IMPACT you want! 

$1400 value now...

$697 normally Now $497!!!

Only $372 (Payment Plan available) 

4 Bonuses With Purchase:

Exclusive Bonus #1: Bootcamp Complete! 

Learn the complete blueprint to success for building your own Boot Camp business. Ultra-motivating and inspiring boot-camp instructor Todd Durkin will share from A-Z on what it takes to create a WORLD-CLASS Boot Camp training program.  

Features of Part I (Lecture):

  • How do you create a successful Boot Camp
  • Creating WOW at your Boot Camps
  • Recommended equipment needed
  • Safety & permits
  • Stationary vs. moving boot camps
  • Marketing your boot camp to success
  • Revenue models and pricing structures to maximize profitability
  • Specific cadences to chant while conducting a class (If you wish!) 

Features of Part II (Workout): 

  • See an actual Todd Durkin inspired Boot Camp as he leads the “troops” through an exhilarating workout:
  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Partner and group training exercises
  • TD’s favorite speed, agility, and quickness exercises and games
  • Weight strength & conditioning exercises
  • Live singing and boot camp chants

Value: $250 - Your FREE

Exclusive Bonus #2: The WOW Experience 

“The WOW Experience” presentation is Todd’s 2017 Keynote which has WOW’d trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts nationwide! This keynote has it all–passion, energy, wisdom, and specific steps to help you manifest high-performance and ultimately, create more WOW. If you have big dreams, want to further awaken your spirit, and need an individualized roadmap to create more WOW in your business and your life, this is for YOU. 

For the first time ever, Todd shares his “Peak Productivity for High-Performance Grid” that is guaranteed to accelerate your results in all areas of life. This is a completely digital experience, you’ll have the entire keynote presentation, workbook, and more, right at your fingertips.

Value: $79 - Yours FREE

Exclusive Bonus #3: The Mentorship Workout

Never shared before, this is the footage from the LIVE Mentorship Workout which took place at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA. In this footage you will see Todd fire up the mentorees, the specific exercises covered in the dynamic warm-up as well as all of the exercises to give the complete full body workout!  

And that's not all!! You will also receive the written version of the workout to follow along and give you the ability to implement the moves/exercises into your own and your client's workout routines. This workout is #CONTAGIASM at work! You have have seen clips from the workout in the past, but this is the first time you will ever see it in its entirety. 

 Value: $100 - Yours FREE

Exclusive Bonus #4: Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media 

In this exclusive Social Media presentation, Todd will cover all of the must do's to explode your brand through social media. Mentorees invested $200 to receive this add-on presentation and it is now yours with the purchase of the program! 

If you lack the time or know how to expose your brand through social media this presentation has all the answers. These are tried and true methods by Todd himself. 

Value: $200 - Yours FREE