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Episode 359

359. THE ANNOUNCEMENT. The start of my new IMPACT-X Performance Franchise | Ep 359 [Announcement Series Part 1]

My friends, it’s a special day. I’ve had it circled on the calendar for several months now. Back in July/August 2023, I had a “Reinvention Series” podcast series where I shared my story of back-pain and many of the trials and challenges I had overall a 3.5 year period. Well, welcome to my new series starting today called “THE ANNOUNCEMENT.”


Little did I know that this 3.5 year struggle through the pandemic, surgeries, back-pain, incredible stress, the sale of a portion of my business, and multiple setbacks would lead me to my next step… and it’s a BIG ONE…the start of a new fitness & coaching franchise. Yep. IMPACT-X Performance is a new franchise concept that I just launched that combines Fitness, Recovery, Life-Coaching, and Faith. Read that again. 


In Part 1 of today’s ANNOUNCEMENT SERIES, here is what I discuss…

  • 3.5 years of adversity, trial, tribulations, and severe challenge have lead to this moment.

  • What is the ANNOUNCEMENT?

  • My mission & vision of IMPACT-X Performance and WHY I’m so fired-up.

  • Fitness. What makes it different?

  • Recovery. Why put a dedicated “Recovery” area in IMPACT-X Performance (IXP) and what specifically is in it?

  • Life-Coaching. We will call it “SUCCESS COACHING.” But in September, I started the TD IMPACT Life-Coaching Certification. I didn’t even know when it started that all this would happen. It really picked-up steam in October 2023. But the life-coaching is something ALL clients/members will have access to.

  • FAITH. Whaaatt? Yep. Why I’m putting faith into one of our 4 core pillars. How am I going to fold-it into the offerings? Do you have to be of “faith” to train there or even have a location?

  • My “cradle-to-grave” concept to help people go from college or certification to IMPACT-MAKER!

  • Final Thoughts. Be a LIGHTHOUSE!!


I am so excited. I know that everything happens for a reason. And the pain, challenges, and setbacks that I faced over the a 3.5 year period have all lead to this moment. Buckle-up and today kicks off a several-week series of me going DEEP on all things “WHAT’s NEXT?”


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