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Episode 362

Featuring Elaine LaLanne

A Special Trip & Interview with 98-Year Old Elaine LaLanne | Ep. 362

You talk about icons and heroes! I recently had the incredible opportunity to go to Elaine LaLanne’s home (for a 2nd time!) in Central CA. Elaine is the 98-year old wife of the late Jack LaLanne, who serves as the iconic godfather of the fitness craze starting in the 1940’s. Literally. There is a movie coming out on Jack LaLanne’s life in 2025 (played by Mark Wahlberg) and it truly is a treat to have Elaine come back on the IMPACT SHOW for a repeat performance and talk about some of the amazing and heroic things in Jack’s life. You talk about legacy…you must listen to this one…

Here is some of what I asked the witty and special Elaine LaLanne on this week’s IMPACT SHOW podcast:

  1. How would you summarize Jack in one sentence? (Asked by my son Brady…)
  2. If someone does not know who Jack LaLanne is, can you tell us about him and some of his amazing feats?
  3. How often did Jack do his deep breathwork?
  4. Jack was the king of 1-liners. What is your favorite one-liner from him?  
  5. How long were you two married and what kept you married for that long?
  6. How often did you disagree or argue and how did you overcome any disagreements?
  7. What would Jack say to someone trying to get back in shape and how did he encourage them?
  8. You are 98 years-old. What the heck keeps you going and what most excites you these days?
  9. You talk about how all Jack wanted to do is help people help themselves. How did he best do this.
  10. AND THEN SOME. Share with us some other things that we might not know about Jack or you that you think the world deserves to hear.

What a special episode as my son Brady, great friend Greg Justice, and I were fortunate enough to be in the presence of fitness royalty. It truly was an honor to spend a couple days at her place and talk all things “Jack LaLanne.” If you enjoy this episode, please share it and tag us at:

IG: @ToddDurkin @jackandelaine_lalanne



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