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Episode 203

PAIN-FREE with BioMechanist Brian Bradley

Let’s talk shop today. I have my good friend Brian Bradley, who I’ve known for two decades, in the house. Brian is a biomechanist who happens to be one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to human performance and getting Pain-Free. Brian, who has worked with the Egoscue Clinic for more than 2-decades, is on a mission to help millions learn how to live a healthier and pain-free life.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

– The connection between your feet and your body.

– The best training tools are free.

– The Sport of Sitting

– Emotional healing and physical healing

– Lessons learned working with Tony Robbins

– The importance of the bicep in core training

– CTE and Brian’s take on it.

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:05 – Huge NEWS!!!!!

4:30 – Meet my good friend Brian Bradley

7:17 – The best outside training tool that is FREE!

10:00 – The connection between your feet and the rest of your body

14:30 – The sport of sitting: The lack of movement.

22:08 – Pain Free – Pete Egoscue.

29:10 – Brian shares lessons learned from Tony Robbins.

43:25 – I learned to read at 49.

49:12 – Let’s talk CTE.

51:34 – The importance of the bicep in core training.



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