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Episode 308

Featuring Troy Fontana

Pain To Purpose—5 Ways to Use Adversity as an Advantage

I love seeing former pupils and mentorees create great success. In this case, not only is today’s podcast guest a former mentoree and pupil, he was also my first “coach” inside the TD Mastermind when I first expanded that program in 2008 and needed someone to help me run the program. Meet Troy Fontana. Troy not only has one heckuva story, he has been through a ton of adversity in the last decade. After he hit rock-bottom in his own life, Troy embarked on a journey of overcoming limiting beliefs and self-love, undergoing a transformation that’s nothing short of inspiring. You gotta hear his story and how he’s now helping people transform their lives today by helping them tap into their inner superpowers, fostering lasting change.


Here are some of the topics Troy and I discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • How to go from a “victim” mentality to a “victor” mentality.
  •  5 methods that you must use daily to deal with pain, stress, limiting beliefs, or adversity.
  • How meditation, breathwork, and journaling are part of the process to working through “pain.”
  • How pain brings us to a deeper part of ourselves and ultimately allows us to discover a “deeper” version of ourselves. Do NOT waste your pain!
  • Why empathy is such an important trait to develop.
  • The journey from pain to purpose and how the key is doing the “inner” work.
  • How and why men are conditioned to repress emotions and what we can do about it.
  • Troy leads us through a powerful meditation and breathwork session at the end of today’s SHOW. #MustListen

I loved everything about today’s episode. Please listen all the way through the very end of the podcast as Troy guides us through an amazing meditation.Thanks for listening in. Please share this episode and share it on your social media. That allows us to fulfill our mission to create more IMPACT in this world.


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