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Episode 345

Trust, Belief, & An IMPACT Book that Almost Never Happened | Ep. 345

 I believe we all have ONE book in us. It might NOT be right now but everyone has a “Life worth telling a story about.” Well, The IMPACT Body Plan is my first book and it came out back in 2010…and it almost never happened. Truth.

Six weeks before going to print (and AFTER I had written the entire book), I had a crazy encounter with the President of Rodale & Men’s Health that almost prevented the IMPACT Body Plan from ever coming out.


On today’s podcast, I share the FULL story, 3-lessons that can be extracted from the story, and how you can apply these lessons to your life. These 3 lessons include:

1. TRUST your Gut…at all costs!

2. Don’t cave-in or give-in on something you really BELIEVE in.

3. Sometimes it’s YEARS later that you hear a story from someone that read a book, heard a speech, or that you had a conversation with and you find out the IMPACT it had on them.

Crazy story that almost prevented the book from ever hitting the shelves back in September 2010. It’s hard to think about “what if” the IMPACT Body Plan book never came out.

What if thousands of people never read the book or did the program?

What if I just gave in and let the publishers change the title of the book to what they wanted?

What if IMPACT wasn’t the brand it is today?


Hard to think about and I choose NOT to go down that road too often. But it’s a great lesson in when you have a seed planted in your soul and you follow through with it, you sometimes gotta scratch, claw, and fight for it to the point of being ready to walk away from a “deal” but not letting a dream die.

LISTEN IN and I believe you will be IMPACTED!

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