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Episode 273

Featuring Moe Pierce

Victim to Victor…Powerful Beyond Belief

Have you ever heard of a story and it just doesn’t seem possible?
Today’s episode is a story of a friend of mine who went through hell and back and she not only lived to tell about it, she is doing so much good in the world today. While your jaw may drop in the beginning, you will be inspired and touched deeply by the end of the soul and spirit that this woman brings to the world.

Meet Moe Pierce. She has an extraordinary story and one where she has gone from victim to victor. Literally. When Moe was a young girl, she was kidnapped and assaulted. But through the grace of God, her life was spared. Literally.

Now as a Mom of 4-boys and a wife of 23-years, she has turned her “pain” suffered as a young girl into a huge, deep purpose. She does this by not only helping others defend themselves as a self-defense instructor, but she also helps survivors of assault let go of shame, heal themselves, and reclaim their power. While her story from her childhood is “heavy,” she spends the majority of her time on the SHOW focused on what she does now to serve her community and how she uses her story to create IMPACT to those who need it most. Today’s episode focuses on Moe’s 5 biggest Lessons she has learned in 40+ years of healing from shame, pain, and even guilt. Deep stuff. But “real talk” if there ever was one.

My heart is full as I’m grateful Moe chose to share her story with us. Part of my role these days is to have the “tough conversations” that will ultimately serve people. This is one of them. Tune-in and glean some tremendous gratitude, hope, and even inspiration from one amazing woman, whose life was spared so that she could be a positive light in a world that so desperately needs it. Thank you Moe Pierce for sharing today–you are one amazing, brave, and inspiring soul!



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