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Episode 343

You don’t have to carry the weight; 6 “Powers” from a Recent Trip | Ep. 343

Is your SOUL Singing? What are you doing these days that’s getting your spirit flowing, your energy going, and your mind right? For me, I recently took a 9-day trip to upstate New York and Miami, FL, for 2-separate events. And boy, were there some POWERFUL lessons and principles from this trip that got my SOUL-SINGING!

Here is what I talk about on today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast:

  1. The POWER of Community and why it’s so important. Specifically, I went to 5-different gyms on my trip and ALL of them had incredible “communities.”

  2. The POWER of Laughter. I’ll just say I haven’t laughed as hard in 2-hours as this one-night in upstate NY. Hear why on the Show… #LaughterIsMedicine

  3. The POWER of the Elements. Snow. Sun. Heat. Cold. All of it was invigorating for the soul. Hear why on the Show…

  4. The POWER of a Retreat. This 2-day “Redeemed Men’s Retreat” in Miami was powerful. Like “life-transformative” powerful for many of the men in attendance.

  5. The POWER of Redemption. “You don’t have to carry all the weight” was a powerful statement that we built around. Too many people are walking around carrying the burden, stress, heaviness of the “past.” I go deep on this in the SHOW and share Romans 12:2, which was a core verse to the Redeemed Retreat. Thank you Justin Roethlingshoefer for hosting a great “REDEEMED” Retreat.

  6. The POWER of Home. There is no place like home. Can I get an “AMEN” to that? As much as I do love travel and the road, there is NOTHING like home!

  7. My top lessons from Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr and why I loved his sermon and church experience so much in Miami, FL.

  8. Five (5) deep questions I pose to you to further light up your SOUL and get you turned-up on ALL levels! #SoulSinging


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