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Episode 305

Your Scars Become Your Strength | Q&A on the Reinvention Series

Are you ready to go deep one more week on the IMPACT SHOW? Are you ready to be inspired to turn your “pain into deeper purpose?” After a record-setting number of listeners on the last 4-episodes, the script gets flipped this week as Julie Wilcox (Director of Todd Durkin Enterprises) takes the reins for the podcast and asks Todd all your questions. Wait until you hear what she asks…and what he shares in this one! Additionally, Todd shares his final reflection and thoughts from the Reinvention Series. #BuckleUp


Here are some of the questions you will hear Julie ask Todd in this episode:

  1. There was a lot of emotion in Episodes 301-304. How are you feeling after sharing everything you just did?
  2. It could have been easy to not share all you just did in this series. What prompted you to share it…especially with you being burnt-out, empty, and broken during this time?
  3. Out of ALL the things you have shared since Episode 301… what was your darkest time out of all of them? And what specifically did you do to help pull yourself out of it?
  4. Talk more about the Mexico trip. In Episode 303 you shared the story that you almost went to the ER in the middle of the night in MX because of your back pain. What pulled you out of that pain that night?
  5. How bad did you get mentally… Did you ever consider seeking help outside of your inner circle?
  6. You share many lessons learned throughout the series…what were the top 2-3 lessons that saved YOU during this time?
  7. You’re a man of extreme daily habits for your highest performance. Can you share some more of your key habits that helped you get through these  tough times?
  8. You also created a lot of products & products in the last 3-years. Are there any that stand out to you that you are most proud of…and why did you create them?
  9. You share at the beginning of the Reinvention Series about the Rebrand project for Todd Durkin Enterprises and WHY you are so excited. But it also took a ton of time, money, and energy? Can you share any more about that and even any lessons learned…
  10. Final thoughts. What are your final thoughts on your heart & mind as we wrap up the final reflection from this Reinvention Series? And what would you like people to do now that they’ve listened to the Series?


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