Get Your Mind Right Kit

Are you ready to be ignited with more energy, passion, and fire in your life? Is it time you overcame the abyss of darkness and got LIT-UP with even more motivation & inspiration than you thought was possible right now with all going on in the world? Now is your time to amp-it up. No more excuses. No more quarantines. It’s time to literally explode out of the cage and take your “game” to another level. It’s time to get your mind right!

As the founder of one of the country’s leading gyms (Fitness Quest 10, San Diego, CA), Todd Durkin is used to pushing high-profile, high-performance athletes to their physical limit. But that’s only half the battle. A crucial aspect of creating any kind of success and ultimately significance—whether in business, sports, health, relationships, or life—is having the right mindset.

In Get Your Mind Right, one of the top performance coaches in the world will motivate you to go as deep as you’ve ever gone, spur you into taking action for what needs to be done in your life, help you establish winning habits and routines, help you grow in your faith, to think like a champion, and ultimately be the very best version of yourself.

The Get Your Mind Right Kit is inspired by the book. Have a daily reminder of what it takes to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT on a daily basis by wearing the band, using the mug, and wearing the sweatshirt every day!


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