My “IMPACT Kit” is something I’ve never packaged before. But I know it WILL help you BE BETTER in all aspects of your life.

Here is what’s in my IMPACT KIT:

  1. An autographed, personalized copy of my book, The IMPACT Body Plan. This is my award-winning, 10-week transformation program of body, mind, and spirit that is guaranteed to change your life! No matter what your fitness level is, my IMPACT program will help you get in world-class shape. And it addresses all aspects of your health and fitness, including nutrition, mindset, and of course, your actual 10-week workout program. This is my fitness Bible!
  2. My IMPACT Body Plan 10 Week Chart to track your complete 10-week program. This is the FIRST-TIME that I have EVER offered this on any level. It will help you now only track your program, but it will allow you to see you progress, improvement, and RESULTS also!
  3. My IMPACT Band. This will serve as a reminder to snap that ban when you must eliminate “stinking thinking” or “head trash” and “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT”.


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