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Have you ever noticed there are certain clothes that just bring out the “BEST” in you? You know, you just feel better in them and “kick it up a notch.”

Well, for me, there is nothing like putting on an old school grey hoodie. It just makes you feel blue collar. And makes you want to work. Kind of like Rocky Balboa. And when you work out in a grey hoodie…WATCH OUT!!

Get your grey hoodie on. #KickItUpANotch

You just have to make sure you tag me on IG or Twitter (@ToddDurkin) and be sure to use the following hashtags: #GreyHoodie #ToddDurkin

Todd’s mission is to create IMPACT world wide through INSPIRING millions to greatness.

This sweatshirt was created to spread that message and have people create their own IMPACT.

  • I- Live Inspired
  • M- Master Your Craft
  • P- Play at World Class
  • A- Action
  • C- Condition for Greatness
  • T- Be Tenacious

I hope you find a great mentor to ignite your fire when any doubt or fear arise 🔥 (& reward you with a grey hoodie 🏆)
What’s the Grey Hoodie?

Todd Durkin Tell them – “It symbolizes hard work, dedication, and a mindset of the underdog. It’s about focus, grit, determination, passion, inspiration, and soul. It means it’s time to flip the switch and make magic happen! Dig deep to find the power within to operate at your best. REMEMBER – The Power is within YOU to do what you set your mind to. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Train with people who are going to challenge you to push beyond the limits you thought were possible. Make sure your environment is one that elevates your consciousness and breeds a mindset of positivity, energy, and light.


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