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You often hear me talk about how I love to work with my “fire-breathing dragons” and ignite more fire within these passionate souls. I realize YOU are that person. You are what makes me tick.

Whether you are a trainer, coach, teacher, entrepreneur, CEO, attorney, athlete, student, Mom or Dad, or any other professional, you probably desire maximum success and significance. I am 100% with you on this.

I have been calling people who are committed to high-performance, success, and creating significance… “MindRight Maniacs.” Let me explain.

First off, a MindRight Maniac is a good thing.

A MindRight Maniac is an individual who is obsessed with motivation, inspiration, and becoming the best version of themselves. They are committed to making sure their body, MIND, and soul is on “fiyaa” and doing what it takes to create even more success and significance. Additionally, a MindRightManiac is committed to spreading positivity, energy, and light across the globe to create more positive IMPACT in the universe. Period. 

MindRight Maniac is committed to “Getting YOUR Mind Right” on a daily basis. It’s not just something I’ve been just saying for 10+ years. It’s something I’ve been living for over a decade. And now I want to help you achieve even more success and create more impact.

So are you ready to up your game?

Start “GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT” today with my new MindRight Gear!


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