Speed, Agility and Quickness: CECs

The most common “differentiator” between athletes in a given sport is speed and quickness. In this program you will learn over 50 of his top drills and exercises used to enhance speed, agility, and quickness for athletes of all ages. Additionally, Todd discusses stride frequency and stride length and shows you the best ways to improve these areas of speed development.  Time to get fast!


This action-packed program teaches you the best techniques, drills, and exercises to improve linear speed, change of direction and reaction time. Todd highlights individual and partner drills, and utilizes cones, agility ladders, bungees, and reaction balls as part  of his protocol. Additionally, Todd shows his top resisted speed drills & his top over-speed, assisted speed drills. The SAQ DVD is consistently one of the most highly acclaimed programs in Todd’s arsenal.

Course Objectives:

    • Describe the benefits of speed, agility, and quickness training to a client or athlete.
    • Describe the components of an effective speed, agility, and quickness program.
    • Define speed, stride frequency, stride length, agility, and quickness.
    • Outline factors that affect speed and agility.
    • Demonstrate proper body mechanics when performing acceleration speed training and top-end speed movements.
    • Outline the principles of overspeed and contrast training.
    • Describe the speed, agility, and quickness exercises using the suggested equipment and note the cues provided on the course DVD.
    • Design a 10-minute practice speed, agility, and quickness program using the suggested program design guidelines on the course DVD.
Organization CEC’s Organization CEC’s
ACE 0.30 NASN 0.30
ACSM 3.00 NCSF 1.50
AEA 1.50 NETA 3.00
AFPA 3.00 NFPT 0.50
BCRPA 3.00 NSCA-CP 0.30
BOC 3.00 NSCA-CS 0.30
CDR 3.00 NSPA 3.00
CI 3.00 SFA 0.30
COPSKT 0.30 W.I.T.S 3.00
ISSA 3.00 YMCE 3.00



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