The WOW Experience Bundle

What’s in Your Bundle?

  • Todd’s 60-Minute Keynote Presentation “The WOW Experience: 5 Words That Will Transform Your Business & Life”
  • “The WOW Experience” PowerPoint Presentation
  • 14-Page, Comprehensive Manual Exercise Guide to help you TAKE ACTION immediately
  • “The WOW Workout” Guide – a PDF of Todd’s live “WOW Workout”
  • And Then Some Bonuses…

What is “The WOW Experience”?

“The WOW Experience” presentation is Todd’s 2017 Keynote which has WOW’d trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts nationwide! This keynote has it all–passion, energy, wisdom, and specific steps to help you manifest high-performance and ultimately, create more WOW. If you have big dreams, want to further awaken your spirit, and need an individualized roadmap to create more WOW in your business and your life, this is for YOU. For the first time ever, Todd shares his “Peak Productivity for High-Performance Grid” that is guaranteed to accelerate your results in all areas of life. This is a completely digital experience, meaning the minute you purchase it, it is available immediately AND you have it for LIFE! No need to account for travel, room expenses, or drop top-dollar on a multi-day conference package–you’ll have the entire keynote presentation, workbook, and more, right at your fingertips for only $79!

What you will receive:

Full 60-Minute Keynote
You will instantly have access to Todd’s full Perform Better Presentation, “The WOW Experience.” In this keynote, Todd covers the 5 words/topics that will transform your business and life, while also diving deep into his 5 P’s for success, tactics to maximize your productivity, technology and customer service insights that will change your business, and so much MORE!

Comprehensive Workbook
In this 14-page workbook, you will go through cutting-edge exercises for high performers. These exercises will challenge you to go deep in your business and life to identify and make the necessary changes needed to create WOW. One of the many cannot-miss exercises is “The Peak Performance Grid” — NEVER before shared online — which will bring you clarity in all aspects of your life and ensure you perform at your highest level.

PowerPoint Presentation
Not only will you receive Todd’s video presentation, you will also receive his accompanying PowerPoint presentation. This contains more than 70 game-changing slides to guide you to WOW and further enhance “The WOW Experience” bundle.

“The WOW Experience” Workout
This is Todd’s group “WOW Workout” straight from the Perform Better Summit! You’ll take on some of Todd’s favorite strength, speed, power, and performance exercises in this step-by-step routine featuring a warm-up, energy line-up, partner work, circuit training, and stretching. The best part? You can utilize the program design and exercises to IMPACT your facility’s fitness classes and personal training services.

and then some bonus

Audio Version of the Full “WOW Experience” Keynote
Did you know the average American spends over 300 hours in a car each year? It’s all about time and we value yours, so your bundle includes all of the content listed above PLUS the audio version of “The WOW Experience” keynote. Make the most of your “WOW Experience” Bundle by listening to Todd anytime, anywhere!

Completely Digital

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