Todd Durkin Mastermind Coaching Program

Todd Durkin Mastermind 

One of Todd’s keys to success is “Who you surround yourself with is a direct correlation to the results you achieve in life and in business.”  For the past 6 years, Todd has created a program devoted to coaching fitness professionals unlike any other program in the country.  It’s called the Todd Durkin Mastermind and it’s your opportunity to play at a high level and get exposed to coaching like you have NEVER have received before.

This consists of:
• LIVE meetings
• LIVE, OPEN Coaching Calls (you get to ask Todd any questions you have or share any issue, challenge, or obstacle you are facing and you WILL receive deep feedback, insight, and experience back).
• One monthly 60 minute video that Todd produces that is EXCLUSIVE just for the Mastermind.
• Weekly shares and threads via email on topics all relating to business & life.  Many of these revolve around lead generation, revenue generation, client acquisition/retention, marketing, leadership, “trench talk”, and shares from everyday life that allow you to keep perspective.
• Private, password protected site with an archive of past videos, articles, and threads.  Additionally, there is a “chat-room” in there where members can discuss amongst themselves.
• So much more!

The program covers:

  • Business Development
  • Business Growth
  • How to write a business plan
  • Negotiations
  • Brand creation
  • Culture development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning & Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Systems
  • Hiring & Firing
  • Staff Development
  • Client Acquisition
  • Client & Member Retention
  • Marketing (on a shoe-string budget!)
  • Social Media Bootcamp
  • How to create WOW on a daily basis
  • How to create a team, build a team, sustain a team, and grow a team for business success
  • The art of presenting a world-class workshop
  • Speaker’s School
  • …And then some

Additionally, Todd loves to offer insights into personal development and productivity on an on-going basis.  He believe this is HUGE in overall success in business & life.  So you will receive content that relates to:

  • Top tips for time management
  • Best practices for peak personal productivity
  • Balancing out family and business
  • How to build your calendar to maximize TIME FREEDOM


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