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Quarterback Your Own Health with Peter Twist (Part 1)

Man, oh man…I’m so excited to share my guest with you today. I have fitness-industry icon Peter Twist on the show and you are in for a real treat. I’ve known “Twister” for 25 years and he is a legend in the field of training & sports coaching. Peter has been awarded 13 industry awards and is recognized as one of the top leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide in fitness and coaching.  

“Twister” is a force of nature, and in this part 1 of a 2 part series, he shares his story on how he overcame a stage-4 cancer diagnosis and how he shifted from angry, scared, and alone to being determined to take his health literally into his own hands. Peter shares what got him through the battle and his fight for life, how he got his mind right during the fight, and how you must quarterback your own health everyday to maximize your energy, vitality, focus, and quality of life.

This episode is a must-listen to for any parents, kids, entrepreneurs, or high performers looking to be their very best! Please also share it with your community and on your social media and be sure to tag Pete and me so we can reciprocate some love! 

IG/Twitter: @ToddDurkin @coachpetertwist

More on the episode:

:17 – Legend in the Field of Training & Sports Coaching
Meet Icon Pete Twist (“Twister”)

3:30 – How Twister almost killed TD
Double Black Diamond ski run at Whistler…

7:51 – Rapid Fire Questions:
#1. What are you most passionate about in life today?
#2. What is your favorite go-to exercise?
#3. What people don’t know about you but probably should?
#4. Favorite Movie?
#5. Favorite place to travel?
#6. Favorite song?
#7. What are you most grateful for?
#8. How do you Get Your Mind Right?

11:00 – Pete shares what IMPACT means to him.
Showing up on a moment and leaving each moment better!

13:50 – At the peak of his career…2011 Pete’s world changed.
Everything shifted… Stage 4 head and neck cancer changed Pete’s world forever, scared but determined to fight to stay alive.

25:50 – The Battle!
Chemo, radiation, being burnt from the inside out… restoration and recovery is work in progress. Keep moving on!

30:58 – “Today I will keep everything I have, what I keep inside, I lose forever.”
Peter Twist’s “26-Ingredient Jungle Juice”:
OJ or Watermelon juice, greens-(spinach, collards, kale, broccoli), berries, carrots, beets, lemons + skin, grapefruit + skin, coconut meat from real coconut, avocado, omega 3 oil, hemp oil, organic dense green powder, vanilla protein powder, turmeric, lycopene, Vitamin D3 10,000, MCP (modified citrus pectin), wheatgrass, grape seed extract, and any anti-cancer supplements.

44:04 – Pete shares his best habits to stay in great health.

  • Health is Wealth
  • Exercise is stress… give your body gentle exercise and restoration
  • More aware of nutrients and what I put in my body
  • Positive energy and surround myself with growth minded people
  • Nature… movement… rain-forest gives me clear thinking… stay grounded

Favorite Books:
“Your Brain on Nature”  – Eva M. Selhub MD and Alan C. Logan MD
“The Healing Power of Foods”  – Michael T. Murray N.D.
“The Biology of Belief”  – Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D.
“Get Your Mind Right” – Todd Durkin

51:43 – Sustainable Nutrition.
Eating exceptional foods, Clean foods, High-quality foods help me enjoy the occasional pizza & beer!

About Peter Twist: 

A Sports Scientist and Performance Coach for 700 pro athletes, Twist coached in the NHL for 11 years before partnering with the China government helping modernize summer and winter Olympic training. A pioneer of functional training creating the industry’s first functional certifications, Twist today innovates how we can activate both brain + body and improve our human vehicle.  TWIST University certifies trainers in sports performance and sports medicine. 

Twist’s leadership and methods have been harnessed by Under Armour, IMG, Nike, Beijing Sport University, American Council on Exercise, IDEA World, Virgin Active, Equinox, and trainers in 33 countries who studied TWIST sport education courses.   

A Stage 4 cancer survivor and thriver, Twist’s mission shares positive energy, inspiration, and education across the spectrum from restoring health to the highest peak physical and mental performance.

 Follow Pete Twist:
IG – @coachpetertwist

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