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Todd Durkin On Stage
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions… Then you must “BE IN THE ROOM” for this event.
IX Todd Durkin speaking

Welcome to the IMPACT SUMMIT. Where dreams really will come true. Seriously. For years, I’ve wanted to create the most epic event on the planet. Energy. People. Workouts. Mind-riveting talks that will explode your brand and business. Life-changing stories and content that will literally 10x-100x your business…and your LIFE!

It’s called the IMPACT SUMMIT and it’s going to be a Retreat & Event unlike any I’ve ever done…or that you’ve ever been to!



WHO is this for?

Fitness Pros/Trainers


Authors & Speakers

CEO's & Leaders of Businesses


Social Media Influencers

Fitness Enthusiasts

Health & Fitness Vendors

Members/Clients at Gyms



All High-Performers!

Essentially, the IMPACT SUMMIT is for YOU!!!!

It is for anyone who values Health, Fitness, & Mindset…and truly wants to create more success, significance, and IMPACT in the world we live in.

Fitness Pros and Trainers:

This is the ONLY event in the world where fitness professionals in only 2.5 days will be able to 10X their business by:

Fitness Enthusiasts:

This event promises to accelerate your path to success and expand your professional network. By the end of the summit, I guarantee ALL participants will:

“10” Talks From Leaders in All Areas of Life

At least “10” different presenters will take the stage at the event. All I’m saying is… “BE IN THE ROOM!!!” ** (see below for some of the topics, titles, and presenters)
Todd Durkin On Stage Impact Summit

Podcast Row

Yep. Wait…what?

Have you ever been to “Super-Bowl Row”? Well, we won’t have “hundreds” of podcasts happening in the back of the room for one of the evening networking events. But we will have DOZENS of podcasts and we want YOU to either be a GUEST on one of the Shows…or to HOST your own SHOW from the back of the room DURING this time.

This will include social media influencers, YouTubers, etc. recording live during this “evening event.” And yes, the “IMPACT SHOW” will be recording LIVE during this time!!!
But you gotta #BEINTHEROOM

Impact Summit

Energizing Workouts

Guaranteed to get you Fired UP!!

Each morning will START with an epic workout from Todd at the IDEA World Conference Show.


A Party

There is nothing like celebrating with a party.

You will also have the opportunity to network & party at the incredible social at the IDEA World Fitness Conference on one of the evenings. Be ready to cut the rug…or just eat some good food and socialize!!

impact summit party


Not one. Not Two. But THREE (3) specific opportunities to network with some of the most amazing people on the planet.

This includes an Opening Night Networking event, the IDEA Party, and a “An Evening of IMPACT” on the 3rd night as well. Your “network” will definitely be elevated at the IMPACT SUMMIT.



We will have some of the most influential and powerful brands within Health & Fitness IN THE ROOM to talk with all attendees throughout the duration of the IMPACT SUMMIT.


This room will be filled with people just like YOU. Hungry, passionate, purpose-filled people who want to experience even MORE out of life.

While 50% will be fitness-pros and trainers, the other 50% or so of the people will be men and women from all walks of life who want to be “IN THE ROOM” with some of the most amazing souls on the planet. Is that YOU?

IMPACT Summit community

IDEA inclusion for the IDEA Expo, the party, AND Sunday attendance at IDEA World. By choosing to attend the Todd Durkin IMPACT SUMMIT, you can also attend 3 things, in addition to the Todd Durkin IMPACT Summit:

  1. The “big” IDEA Expo in the Main Hall.
  2. The “big” Party. IDEA & the TD IMPACT SUMMIT are coming today on this one!!
  3. You also get to attend any/all sessions at IDEA on Sunday, July 14th.
IMpact summit epo


Yes, we will have CEU’s as well for attending the IMPACT SUMMIT.

Todd Durkin Coaching Group


For anyone who would like a faith-based chapel-service, each morning will start with an optional chapel-service to get your day started off with an early-morning prayer, meditation, and fellowship before we even get things started!!


AND THEN SOME…There is ALWAYS ‘And Then Some’ at a Todd Durkin event. This one will be no different.

“I told you I wasn’t holding back! 

We will have EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that I believe in… present in that room. 

My family. My community. World-class presenters, topics, and opportunities. World-class food. Vendors. And attendees.

Oh…and the ENERGY will be unlike anything you have experienced. It will be an infusion of positivity, knowledge, wisdom, and INSPIRATION that you have yet to experience.

THIS is the only event of 2024 like this and it WILL be our biggest and most explosive event to date. 

If you are READY…or you need to be “in the room” to GET READY for what’s about to happen in your life, then BE IN THE ROOM for this event.” 

~Todd Durkin

IX Todd Durkin Speaking Standing Optmized

What are some of the topics that will be shared between Todd & the 10+ Other Guest Presenters!!?

Advanced Marketing Strategies to Amplify Your Brand (with Todd Durkin and Chase Mitchell)

Todd Durkin and Chase Mitchell share “Must-Do Marketing Strategies” to implement into your business today. From social media tips to online brand recognition, they provide tools and exercises to create more engagement, build a better brand, and grow online. If you’re ready to build your audience and grow your business, this is a “must see” presentation.

The Power of Coaching (Panel with Kelli Watson, Tom Dexter, Lizzie Merrit, Larry Indiviglia, Frank Pucher, Lisa Berman)

If you want to grow, you need a coach. It’s as simple as that. Having someone who understands your goals, helps you overcome your challenges, and keeps you accountable to your action steps is the “secret sauce” that allows you to achieve and become all that you are meant to be. Join this “world-class” panel of coaches as they share their tips and secrets about the power of coaching.

Unleash your Superpower: From Coach to Entrepreneur and Everything in Between (with Kathleen Ferguson, powered by Coach 360)

Take part in a journey of transformation to unlock the full potential of your coaching career. This session is designed to empower health, fitness, and wellness professionals with the necessary tools for their advancement. Learn how to break through limiting beliefs, create a roadmap to success, and adapt to industry trends to expand your business. Explore personal branding strategies to elevate your profile in the competitive coaching landscape.

The ‘X’-Factor to Success & Scaling Your Significance (with Travis and Cyndy Barnes)

Embark on a transformative journey to discover the X Factor that elevates your path from success to true significance. “The X Factor to Success and Scaling Your Significance” isn’t just a session; it’s an exploration into the depths of what makes you uniquely IMPACTful – the YOU Factor.

Our exploration goes beyond the surface, seeking how our Why has evolved into something more profound. Being the Light means embodying the hope that others seek in the darkness. It’s about shining so brightly within your sphere that your influence naturally extends outward, touching lives far beyond your immediate reach.

And we explore the significance of those who light us up, the mentors, friends and inspirations that guide us through stormy seas. But it doesn’t stop there — finding Your People, those who resonate with your light and amplify your shine, is key to scaling your significance.

Join us for a session that’s not just about discovering your X Factor, but about igniting it, nurturing it, and sharing its brilliance with the world. Find out how to be not just a beacon of success, but a Lighthouse of significance.

The 10 Commandments of Growth (with Frank Pucher)

In life or business, growth is dependent on several divine rules. To maximize your IMPACT and develop your ultimate success, you need to know, understand, and implement these “commandments.” In this memorable and humorous presentation, you are going to be challenged to look beyond the “tips” and “hacks” and “quick fixes,” and instead, you will dive deeper to discover what’s holding you back from the growth that you seek. Ultimately, these 10 Commandments are what you need to improve your life and your business.

The Most Important Conversation You Will Ever Have (with Jill Rooks)

Embark on a transformative journey, merging fitness wisdom with “get your mind right” coaching. Through compelling narratives and expert insights, this presentation navigates the nexus of mental and physical wellness, spotlighting the pivotal role of purposeful dialogue. From unlocking your life’s purpose to harnessing forgiveness as a mental strength-building exercise, participants will explore strategies for fortifying resilience and fostering profound connections. With a focus on harmonizing mind, body and spirit, this session empowers individuals to wield the power of language and communication to optimize their personal growth trajectory.

Providing participants with a set of actionable tools, this presentation encourages attendees to reflect on the conversations that matter most to them and how these interactions contribute to their personal development and sense of connection with others.

A Candid Conversation- A Look into the Business of Fitness and Wellness (with Edward Hertzman, powered by Athletech News)

A 1-1 conversation with serial entrepreneur and founder of Athletech News, Edward Hertzman. In this fireside chat we will dive into the creation of Athletech News, which has quickly emerged as the publication of record for fitness and wellness executives, with can’t-miss coverage of the headlines, trends and deals making news in 2024. For an industry that doesn’t often go under the hood, here we will discuss the economics behind the passion. This session is sure to be enlightening, entertaining, and 100% candid.

Living a Life Worth Telling a Story About...How Publishing, Speaking & Podcasting Can Amplify Your Brand (with Todd Durkin, Kelli Watson, & Travis Barnes)

You’ve heard Todd say that you need to “live a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story?” In this presentation, we are going to give you specific, practical methods and ideas that will allow you to share your story in ways that will help you build your audience, amplify your message, and ultimately reach more people:

  • Kelli Watson from Scriptor Publishing Group will share a 7-Step Roadmap for Aspiring Authors which will simplify the process of bringing a book from inspiration to publication.
  • Travis Barnes will help you elevate your public speaking prowess with a short talk on “Speaking with IMPACT!”
  • Todd Durkin will share some of his tips for creating a podcast that reaches a larger audience and helps you develop your brand.

From publishing to speaking to podcasting…there are many opportunities to share your story! Be in this presentation to learn more!

Unleashing the Power: Female Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Health, Fitness, and Wellness (with Kathleen Ferguson, Ariel Belgrave, Amira Polack, Rebecca Garity, and Nicole Dunn and Powered by Coach360)

This session is dedicated to exploring the progress and execution of initiatives aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs and enhancing women’s well-being. During this session, we delve into the increasing involvement of women in leadership roles, where they collaborate to foster each other’s business ventures. Additionally, we address crucial matters concerning the underserved women’s health domain. Our focus extends to the influence of technology in tailoring and individualizing femtech solutions, as well as recognizing the significance of women’s active participation in establishing a harmonious and family-friendly environment within their respective organizations.
Todd Durkin

In addition, TD will be sharing 2 riveting keynotes and 2 "trench" talks.
This includes the following 2-keynotes...


Based on his newest book (debuts in June 2024) TRUE STRENGTH, Todd shares the riveting story of the past 4-years and how specifically…

  • He was burnt-out, exhausted and about died (literally) and how & why things changed…
  • 3-years of pain, confusion, & searching has re-ignited his deep passion & purpose and put a fire-inside of him that he hasn’t experience in over 24-years.
  • YOU can use your “negative” emotions to ultimately bring you from your “pain to purpose.”
  • What is TRUE STRENGTH?
  • You can use the “10” principles of “True Strength” to Become Iconic. Literally.

Let’s just say you will NEED to #BeInTheRoom to feel, experience, and absorb what’s about to go down in this epic & iconic keynote.


We all have dreams. We all have desires. And we all have goals. But how do we truly take our goals, dreams, and desires and put them into specific, time-driven, action-steps that will ultimately help you fulfill your dreams and destiny?

Well, get ready, because Todd is going to inspire your soul in a way that will literally propel your spirit into taking action on what you MUST do in 2024 to live out your ‘God-Sized Dreams.’

He will literally provide the roadmap and “7” ways to specifically MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS.

By the time you leave this IMPACT SUMMIT, you will be buttoned-up, fortified, prepared, confident and ready to step into your divine destiny and create your destiny…and your BIGGEST IMPACT! #BeInTheRoom #IMPACT

Additionally, Todd will also share 2 more "Talks"

Talk #3. “A Candid Interview with Todd on ALL things LIFE”

This will be a personal interview with Todd that asks him all the “personal” questions you want to know.

It will include:

  • family,
  • health,
  • mindset,
  • hacks,
  • business ventures,
  • investments,
  • and everything else you want to know…but have never heard…and will NOT hear outside of this room.

It will also include his most challenging & difficult things he currently deals with and how he handles them. #Wisdom

Talk #4. “Where do we go from here?”

In a world often filled with mediocrity, narcissim, imposter’s syndrome, or fear, this talk is going to make sure we are strong from the “inside-out” and that you can go LIVE your best life, by your design, right NOW…and everyday moving forward!

It all starts from being in the room. From being around the right people. In the right environment. With thoughts and dreams rekindled and visions inspired. That’s the first-step. But “what’s next?”

In this talk, Todd shares his 3-steps and ‘must-do’s’ that you MUST do now to GO LIVE IMPACT on a daily. This includes taking everything you learned at the IMPACT SUMMIT, including your “Pledge to Greatness,” committing to your best life, and then going to create it. That’s called IMPACT!


Todd Durkin

“I told you it was going to be special. I can’t wait until July 2024 and the tremors this world is going to feel coming from the J.W. Marriott hotel in Los Angeles, CA, from July 11th-14th, 2024.


Wait, there's MORE...!!!
1 Additional Keynote Speaker:

As Todd is currently finalizing this arrangement, we will tell you that it is BIG. Like really BIG.

We will tell you also that Todd likes surprises.

Over the years, he has had the likes of Drew Brees, Pastor David Jeremiah, and others SHOW-UP UNANNOUNCED.

All we are saying is to #BeInTheRoom. You will NOT regret it!

Todd Durkin

Don’t be locked out of the room.

You gotta BE IN IT!!!

Todd, I want to be IN the Room. Please Get me a Ticket TODAY!!!”

There are 2 Levels of Tickets…

#1. Regular Ticket 


($499 Early bird; until May 15th 27th; Regular price is $599 after May 15th 27th)

Get in the Game.

The investment in yourself for the IMPACT SUMMIT will be 10x MORE than what you actually pay.

Your low investment includes:

If you get in prior to May 27th, 2024 (EARLY-BIRD), you will receive the following 3 “EARLY-BIRD” specials:

Blue Icon 1

Save $100.00 PER ticket.

Blue Icon 2

You will receive a special Coaching Call with all other “Early Birds” in mid-May (it will be recorded if you can’t make it live). #RegisterNow

Blue Icon 3

Entered into a raffle with other “Early Birds” to win a special “Early-Bird VIP TD IMPACT KIT” prize. This prize includes…

  • Vintage Grey Hoodie (from Under Armour)
  • Special “TD SWAG”
  • Vendor Pack
*This kit will be worth over $250.00 by itself.

OR…you can get your VIP Ticket NOW!!!
If you would like to get a VIP Ticket, you will receive some extraordinary benefits that will make your experience even that much better. Take a look…


Most access to Todd.

This ticket is going to be HOT. And we are only offering 25 of them!

In addition to the entire IMPACT SUMMIT, here are the additional “Bonuses” for those who invest in a “VIP Ticket”…

  • Call #1. This call will occur BEFORE the IMPACT SUMMIT, including any Q&A you may have on anything you have goin on with your business, branding or leadership.
  • Call #2. This call will occur within 30-days AFTER the IMPACT SUMMIT. This includes Q&A where you can ask any questions you want, including ALL questions relating to HOW to put together an event like the “IMPACT SUMMIT” (that right there will be worth the price of the entire ticket!).

ONLY $1,199.00
Yes. You read that correct. I’m not going to repeat myself on the VALUE of this. The “VIP Level” benefits itself are worth more than the price of the entire IMPACT SUMMIT alone.

(Yes, you can get guest VIP tickets for friends, family, coworkers, etc. But if you want them to receive the benefits/offerings of the VIP-Level, you or they would need to purchase a 2nd VIP ticket).

Otherwise, you can get your guests a “General Admission” ticket and they will receive all the benefits of a “Regular Ticket.” Either way, #BeInTheRoom

Todd Durkin

OK. OK. I’ve said “Be In The Room” about 21x in this letter to you above.

But I can’t over-emphasize enough the importance of being present, being LIVE, and being in the Room with WHO is going to be in the room.

I can’t wait to see you at the Todd Durkin IMPACT SUMMIT in Los Angeles, CA from July 11-July 14th.

ALL I’m going to say is “BE IN THE ROOM.”


A: The simple answer is that this event could CHANGE YOUR LIFE! That might sound dramatic, but I am serious! If you want to settle for mediocrity in your life, then this event is NOT for you. But if you are ready to GROW, to LEARN, to get ENERGIZED, and to get FIRED UP about who you are and what you’re doing in your life, then you need to BE IN THE ROOM.

A: NO! This event is NOT just for fit pros. It’s for EVERYONE who is ready to TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE! If you have a growth-minded outlook and want to LEARN, CONNECT, NETWORK and GROW, then you’re going to want to be there! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, author, speaker, gym member, podcaster, student, teacher, athlete, etc… you are welcome to come and participate in one of the most transformative experiences of your life!

A: YES! It is a separate event but we have collaborated with them to make sure you can benefit from both events. When you register for The IMPACT Summit, you will have access to:

A: Early bird pricing of $499, ($100 off the regular price), is available UNTIL May 15th. After that, the price goes up to $599.

A: YES! The more people that are in the room, the better! So, please feel free to bring people with you!! Reach out to Julie Wilcox ( to get a PROMO CODE that you can use for your group.
A: YES! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The IMPACT Foundation which is an organization committed to giving back to those in need, especially those affected by mental health, suicide, and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, The IMPACT Foundation offers annual scholarships to graduating high school student-athletes who exemplify and epitomize IMPACT standards in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.

Thank you to our sponsors below!

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Todd Durkin, MA, is an internationally recognized strength and conditioning coach, sought-after keynote motivational speaker, and best-selling author who motivates, educates, and inspires people worldwide. He is the mindset coach and trainer behind some of the world’s best athletes, including NFL MVPs, Super Bowl Champions, Heisman Trophy Winners, Olympic and X-Game Gold Medalists, and many other champion athletes, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

As the founder of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA, Todd is a two-time Personal Trainer of the Year, the 2017 Jack LaLanne Award recipient, a member of the Under Armour Training Team, and a Greatist named Todd one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness in four different years.

Durkin is also trusted by some of the world’s leading global brands to deliver motivational keynotes and inspirational messages to teams, companies, and conferences to help individuals and teams go from high-performance, or previously high performance, to ELITE performance by helping them recapture their energy, mojo, and mindset. He has keynoted over 300 talks on 5-continents and loves helping individuals and teams create their max impact.

Durkin has published four best-selling books, Get Your Mind Right, The WOW Book, The IMPACT Body Plan, and What’s Next, all of which have changed tens of thousands of lives.

He has an award-winning podcast, called the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show, and a “Dose of Durkin” email newsletter sent out weekly with motivational tips and inspirational messages designed to “Get Your Mind Right”.

Todd’s Coaching Programs have changed and transformed the lives of thousands of people. Between his Todd Durkin Mastermind Program (for fitness pros), his God-Sized Dreams Coaching Program and IMPACT-X program (for high-performers seeking their best life, and his latest initiatives to grow “IMPACT Coaching,”

Todd is on a mission to grow a team of IMPACT coaches to proliferate the world and help ALL people live a life full of more passion, purpose, and IMPACT.

Chase Mitchell is the CMO of Todd Durkin Enterprises. Previously, he was the founder of a podcast production company, and of an influencer agency, where he coached over 100 small business owners to grow and monetize their brands in the digital era.

Kelli Watson is a best-selling author, coach, presenter, and entrepreneur. Since 2012 she has been a Platinum Level Coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group and recently became the Director of Coaching for Todd Durkin Enterprises.

In 2017, she co-founded Scriptor Publishing Group, a company dedicated to helping people share their stories and publish their books. Since then, she has helped hundreds of authors from all over the world go from dream…to published.

Kelli holds a master’s degree in counseling education and certifications in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Personal Training. She currently lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Graeme. Together, they have 5 children.

Tom Dexter is an accomplished business executive and coach, with a proven track record of strategic leadership of teams and organizations. Tom brings more than 30 years of experience as financial advisor, corporate board member, University Trustee and athletic and performance coach. His true passion and purpose is to assist others in achieving their life goals and being their very best. His mission is to empower individuals to reach new heights by cultivating a mindset that fosters success, resilience, and peak performance. 

As Director and Coach of IMPACT-X, Tom oversees the design, development and implementation of the program’s curriculum. He is recognized for his strategic vision and effective team leadership, and is dedicated to driving success and fulfillment for all those who join the IMPACT-X program.

Tom holds a B.A. from the College of William and Mary, in Business
Finance and a MBA from George Mason University. He was a collegiate football player at W&M where he was a team captain. Tom also holds the
certification of Life Coach from Todd Durkin IMPACT Life-Coaching.

Tom has been married 30 years to Kim Dexter and resides in Wilton, Ct. They are the proud parents of Jack (26), Olivia (23), Trey (21) and Cael (16).

Lizzie Merritt is an author, coach, podcast host and loves empowering others to step into their unique strengths. She serves as a life coach in Todd’s God-Sized Dreams and Impact Coaching Programs.

As a professional weight loss coach, she specializes in helping people figure out why they don’t do the things they think they should do in order to lose weight and feel happy.

She believes that diets are just the worst; the only way to lose weight is imperfectly; and that weight loss is much more about what’s between your ears than what’s on your plate. Check out her book to learn about all the things that diets don’t tell you.

She also runs Spartan races, cries at cheesy commercials, and is a huge Marvel movie nerd.

I’m an actively aging senior and fitness professional who has practiced in the San Diego area for 30+ years.

I hold an MA in Corporate Fitness Administration from The University for Humanistic Studies and an MBA from the University of San Diego. I specialize in personal training for clients over 55.

For the past 15 years, I have been a business and life coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Program, helping fitness professionals and gym owners reach their goals and attain financial success. My mission has always been to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to achieve optimal health and well being both personally and professionally.

My innate capacity to powerfully connect with people helps clients transform their lives and businesses to meet desired outcomes. That, coupled with my leadership experience as a retired naval reserve officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, have further served to boost client success.

Frank Pucher is a business coach, presenter and award-winning fitness entrepreneur. He is a Platinum Level Coach & The Director of the Todd Durkin Mastermind Program which serves fitness entrepreneurs from around the country.

Frank is the former CEO of Fitness 121 Personal Training. He developed and ran that business in Roseland, NJ for 20 years from 1998-2018. During the time Frank owned Fitness 121, it was twice named New Jersey’s “Best Personal Training Studio.”

In 2018, Frank published his book, Smart Money Moves: The Fitness Professional’s Guide for Earning, Growing and Protecting Your Money, which became an Amazon Best Seller.

Lisa Berman is a globally sought-after Mind, Body, and Life Coach, speaker, female thought leader, bestselling co-author of 10 Stories of Strong Living… True Fitness Begins in Your Heart, a Pilates, Bodywork and Life Wellness Studio Owner and proud mom of five awesome human beings.

She is a Certified Todd Durkin IMPACT Life-Coach, a graduate of the California College of Physical Arts, a Licensed BodyWorker and maintains an active professional affiliation with the American Massage Therapy Association and California Massage Therapy Council. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and is a Certified Pilates Instructor thru the BASI Pilates Academy where she began her study with the CTTC course in 1996, through the Master Course and was selected as an honored Torch Mentee, all under the direct instruction of her world-renowned Master Pilates Instructor, Rael Isacowitz.

Lisa has engaged in tens of thousands of private and team coaching and hands-on bodywork sessions over the past three decades… loving her “time in the trenches”… guiding clients from all walks of life to live healthier, happier and more empowered by knowing what to do for their own mind, body, and spirit.

Kathleen Ferguson, a USC graduate and an accomplished leader, brings over 14 years of experience in driving business development and partnership initiatives within the health, fitness, and wellness industry.

Her diverse background encompasses B2B, Personal Trainer/Health Coach, and D2C spaces, where she has consistently delivered exceptional results for prominent brands like IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Oxygen Magazine, and Athletech News.

Most recently, after identifying a void in the market for health, fitness, and wellness coach business support, Kathleen created Coach360, which is a media, education, and membership platform to educate and inform those at the frontlines of chronic disease and the obesity epidemic.

Through her extensive network and deep industry expertise, Kathleen possesses the ability to create a thriving ecosystem tailored to the needs of the underserved coaching community while providing brand partners with a highly targeted audience of influential individuals.

Being both a mother to three young children and an accomplished business owner, Kathleen possesses a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities within Women’s Health. She has established herself as a pioneer in spearheading efforts that aim to enhance awareness within the industry, specifically targeting the requirements of this often overlooked community.

Travis Barnes

  • Co-Founder and COO of IMPACT-X Performance
  • Host of the IMPACT Lighthouse Podcast
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    Certified IMPACT Life Coach
  • Co-Founder of the TD IMPACT Speaker Certification
  • International Presenter
  • Best Selling Author

Travis Barnes’s journey from a decade-long incarceration for a nonviolent drug offense to becoming a best-selling author, international presenter, and the founder of Journey 333 franchise is a testament to resilience and transformation.

Despite facing immense challenges, including returning home to rebuild his life with his wife and daughter, and having to overcome the devastation of their newly purchased home by Tropical Storm Lee, Travis’s determination never wavered.

His career in the fitness industry hit a significant setback when he was unexpectedly let go from his COO position during a crucial home rebuilding phase and the Christmas season. Nevertheless, Travis and his wife turned adversity into opportunity. Embarking on a six-month stint as traveling trainers, even while living off unemployment benefits in a FEMA trailer, they laid the foundation for what would evolve into a successful fitness franchise across six states.

In a recent pivot, driven by a deep-seated call to IMPACT more lives, Travis and Cyndy have rebranded their franchise to join forces with Todd Durkin’s IMPACT-X Performance, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their mission to inspire and transform lives through fitness.

Cyndy Barnes

  • Co-Founder and CCO of IMPACT-X Performance
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Industry Presenter
  • Best Selling Author

Cyndy Barnes, the visionary founder of Journey 333 and an ACE-certified personal trainer, has made significant contributions to the fitness world.

She has co-authored the inspiring book “Journey Fitness,” featuring a forward by Todd Durkin, and the Best Selling “52 Amazing Journeys,” showcasing her depth of knowledge and passion for transforming lives.

Recognized by Shape Magazine as the 11th most inspiring woman of all time, Cyndy’s influence extends far beyond her accolades. Her remarkable journey of steadfast loyalty and support during her husband, Travis Barnes’ 10-year incarceration, exemplifies her strength and commitment.

Cyndy’s role in her husband’s transformation into a leading figure in the fitness industry cannot be overstated. Often working behind the scenes, she is truly the unsung hero of their shared success.

In a recent pivot, driven by a deep-seated call to IMPACT more lives, Cyndy and Travis have rebranded their franchise to join forces with Todd Durkin’s IMPACT-X Performance, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their mission to inspire and transform lives through fitness.

Jill Rooks, based in Loma Linda, CA, and a business owner in Redlands, CA, embarks on a profound journey driven by her passion for health and well-being.

Introduced to fitness in 7th grade by her parents, she later explored swimming and water polo in high school. Jill learned early the vital role of movement for her health, given her family’s history of heart disease.

Her 30-year weight loss journey deepened her understanding of the intrinsic link between physical and mental health, inspiring her to establish The Energy Lab in 2011, with its complementary yoga-inspired space, The Fort.

Rooted in her belief in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Jill is committed to facilitating holistic well-being for her clients. Guided by the proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” Jill thrives on collaboration, exemplified by her involvement with Todd Durkin’s Mastermind since 2009, leading to her role as a coach within the Mastermind team, where she thrives on supporting fellow fitness professionals and entrepreneurs in their journeys toward success.

Her WHY, rooted in her father’s passing from a heart attack, drives her mission to promote heart health and holistic wellness.

Edward Hertzman is an innovative entrepreneur who has launched multiple successful businesses across the media, fitness, wellness and sourcing verticals. He is also a well-known “voice of the industry” and an early-stage investor in promising firms.

His latest venture, Athletech News (, came in response to a need from the fitness industry for community, representation and “a seat at the table.” Much like sourcing more than a decade ago, fitness and wellness has been an under-appreciated, under-reported-on industry, with little light shone on the robust investments in the space and the dynamic leaders that drive these businesses. Athletech News is the answer.

In 2009, after years on the ground as a supply chain executive, Hertzman founded Sourcing Journal. Today, SJ is the largest trade journal devoted to the sourcing apparel and textile industry supply chain in the world. In 2017, Hertzman sold the company to Penske Media Group. He remained on board as President for 5 years, during which time he was promoted to EVP of all Fairchild Media Titles, tasked with growing their portfolio of publications, while continuing to lead the day-to-day operations at Sourcing Journal.

In 2023, Hertzman left to launch his second media enterprise, Athletech Media Group. ATN has quickly become the media of record for the fitness and wellness industry with more than 100,000 subscribers since its recent debut.

Hertzman continues to consult for several retail and supply chain companies and through his company, Hertzman Global Ventures, he has made targeted investments in both PE funds and supply chain tech companies including Active Source Lab.

Hertzman is also a sought-after speaker, sharing his expertise at leading industry conferences and events. His thought leadership has helped shape the way the industry approaches sustainability, commercial compliance, and global sourcing strategies.

Hertzman received a degree in economics from NYU and spent more than a decade working as a top executive for major sourcing companies all over the world, including Synergies Worldwide and Pearl Global. He also sits on the Board for Delivering Good, a charitable organization that channels the resources of the fashion industry to those in need.

Ariel Belgrave is an award-winning health and fitness expert, executive wellness coach, and keynote speaker. Her signature approach, The L.E.A.N Method, has helped thousands of women worldwide adopt simple and sustainable healthy habits for high performance. She’s also helped some of the nation’s most innovative companies design programs and experiences to better support the well-being of their women leaders.

Before starting her wellness coaching and consulting company, Gym Hooky, Ariel spent over a decade as a corporate HR leader for Fortune 100 companies like JPMorgan and Facebook. In her roles, she focused on designing and developing programs to increase employee engagement and foster an inclusive work environment.

Today, she fuses this HR knowledge with her health expertise to create engaging wellness programs, training, and client experiences. Her work has been recognized on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC, Women’s Health Magazine, Shape, Elle, Glamour, Refinery 29, PopSugar, Entrepreneur, and The Huffington Post.

She is also on the board of Women’s Health Magazine and is a sponsored Under Armour athlete.

Amira Polack is the Founder & CEO of Struct Club, the leading software and data platform behind group class programming in 70+ countries. Polack entered the fitness industry as a cycling instructor in 2017, founding Struct Club in 2018. She has served on the Board of the Women in Fitness Association (WIFA), now part of the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Polack has spent her career in enterprise technology & social impact, from Fortune 500 companies like SAP to venture-backed startups such as Kespry (acquired by Firmatek). She holds an MBA at Harvard and BA at Princeton, and her opinion has been featured in TIME, CNBC, Forbes, and the World Economic Forum Agenda. Catch Struct Club on the App Store & Amira on Instagram @amirapolack.

Rebecca Garity Pinto, is a well respected fitness industry leader, with over 20+ years of guiding well known brands to deliver in-person and online experiences including, 24 Hour Fitness, Les Mills, and IDEA. She is the creator of the online group fitness studio, Studio Group X, and mentor to other fitness instructors to start their own thriving, profitable online fitness and nutrition communities.

Since starting Dunn Pellier Media in 2008, Nicole Dunn set out to not only uncover a niche in the Health and Wellness PR sector but to tie her extensive connections and experience in TV production to build brand legacies. Knowing that good PR is all about telling a great story, DPM uses out of the box angles with precise strategy, backed by decades of industry experience along with a great team to garner impressive media for clients in the health, wellness, fitness, beauty and lifestyle industries. With headquarters located in Los Angeles, CA the company serves clients worldwide. It is one of the only PR firms focused on the growing wellness industry.

“Wellness opportunities are being carved out in many other major industries, which is helping brands create a purpose-driven culture for their consumers. Wellness is sure to be a part of every facet of our lives — from food and skin care to airlines, hotels, cars and even banking. Incorporating wellness into a brand isn’t simply a quick fix for earning profits. Rather, it is an opportunity for an organization to go on a journey with their consumers toward a better future.”
– Nicole Dunn

Nicole is a former Senior Level Television Producer who started Dunn Pellier Media, a PR firm focused on Health and Wellness after seeing a lack of positive coverage around wellness in the media marketplace. She has over 14 years of experience producing television. She’s been a leader in the wellness community for over 16 years in fitness, health, and wellness. She’s a contributor and Los Angeles Chair for Forbes Business Council. In 2021, the firm was awarded the Bulldog PR Award for Best Use of Influencers and a 2021 Telly Award for Food & Beverage Social Series with Panasonic. Other past awards include; Best Event and Social Media by PR Daily for work with the Wellness Your Way Festival hosted by Kroger and Grammy Nominated Singer Jewel.

Nicole was nominated as L.A. Biz’s Women of Influence honoree for 2018. Dunn Pellier Media, Inc. was nominated in December 2015 by PR News for an honorable mention in, the 2014 PR People Awards at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The company was one of 15 Finalists at the 2013 NYTVF in the Lifetime Unscripted Pipeline for a project titled, “Seattle Social.” Excellent track record of producing television, which produced a Daytime Emmy Nomination for “Split Ends,” 2008.