5 Questions to Get Your Soul Singing!

I LOVE the mountains. They make my soul sing. I had the incredible opportunity to spend 4 days in gorgeous Whitefish, MT, last week for the culmination of my God-Sized Dreams program. This was a retreat for the people who completed the 90-day intensive program, and it was even more empowering and inspiring than I […]

What happens when the LIGHTS go out during your keynote?

I’m writing this email from a place I’ve been writing & thinking about regularly lately…35,000 feet on an airline heading back from the Bahamas.  Yes, I was over on a tough “tour of duty” in the Bahamas speaking for an incredible company called “Nassau Financial Group” (no relation to Nassau Bahamas; see below!). And during […]

Under Construction! | Spittin’ Fire

Today’s podcast is unlike any other one I’ve done in the past 154 episodes. I recorded this one from the construction site that will be the future TDE global headquarters in just a matter of weeks. We have some amazing things going on at Fitness Quest 10 and within the TDE brand, which will allow […]

My Lowest Moment as an Athlete…

I learned a valuable coaching lesson from my venerable HS football coach, Coach Wolf, in the Fall of 1987. Whenever we WON a game, it was always about the players. If we ever LOST a game, Coach Wolf always, without fail, shouldered the blame and put it on “lack of coaching, lack of preparation, failure […]

5 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back NOW!

Does anyone out there need to get their mojo back? I thought so! 90% of the people I speak with miss the energy, rhythm, and mojo they desire these days. I have three ways today to help you with that: 1. LISTEN to today’s IMPACT podcast episode called “STRUGGLING or SOARING—5 Ways to Get Your […]

Doubt, Fear, Nutrition, & a Live Retreat

I want to give a huge shout-out to all the MindRight Maniacs battling like heck these days and winning the battle between the ears. Today, I’m answering a handful of your questions submitted to me through my Instagram or my website. Thank you for continuing to share with me how I can best help you. […]

Top Lessons from 5 Mentors

Mentors are crucial in your life as they can help you navigate roadblocks, provide you feedback on big decisions, and accelerate your overall success. I’ve been blessed to have many coaches, teachers, and mentors IMPACT me in sports, business, and life. In this episode, I share 5 of my top mentors who have greatly IMPACTED […]