3 Strategic Decisions for Growing the Brand

I love the growth mindset & the perpetual desire to get better. Today’s episode is one where you are literally stepping into a meeting at the TDE Headquarters discussing 3 “big” potential marketing & brand-enhancement strategies. You will be like a fly on the wall as we make some “big” decisions to proliferate even more […]

Earning Your MEPS with Myzone and Emmet Williams

We are heading over to Australia for today’s IMPACT episode, where I have one of my long-time friends and colleagues on the Show, Emmett Williams. Emmett is the CEO and co-founder of Myzone, and we cover a multitude of topics today from fitness, business, mindset, and what it takes to create a competitive advantage these […]

Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About…What’s YOUR Story?

One of the things that brings me the most joy in life is coaching high school football. Today, you are going to hear from one of my best friends that I spend a lot of time with during football season. As a matter of fact, I spend as much time with this guy during the […]

Ep. 65 Shownotes: Coffee Talk With Momma Durkin

Momma Durkin is one of the most LOVING people you will ever meet. She’s 86-years old and is a pure spit-fire of energy who will make you laugh, smile and feel lots of love. Mom raised 8-kids in a single-parent home in Brick, NJ, and worked 2-jobs to make ends meet and put food on […]

There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game with Bo Eason

Bo Eason

If you love the topic of success, then you are going to love this interview. Had a great time interviewing Bo Eason on his new best-selling book, “There’s No Plan B For Your A-Game–Be the best in the world at what you do.” Bo is a former All-Pro NFL player and award-winning playwright and actor […]