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The Myth About Balance & My Biggest Setback with Connor Darnbrough

I love coaching people. ALL people. Today’s episode is a “Q&A” that comes from a young man who is searching for his purpose and calling in life. He’s not afraid of hard-work but concerned if he continues at this pace, he will be out of “balance” or burn-out. His name is Connor Darnbrough and I’ve just begun the mentoring process with him. Today, he asks me two great questions dealing with not only life/work-balance, but my biggest setback of my career. 

In the episode, I share why I don’t necessarily believe in the concept of “balance” and why this past year (2020) has been one of the most energetically challenging times of my career. I also share that sometimes I feel I do my best work when my back is against the wall and I discuss why that’s the case. Can anyone else relate?  

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More on the episode:

1:01 – Who is Connor Darnbrough. 
Connor asks Todd 2 deep questions. How do you deal with the “balance” in life? What was one of the biggest setbacks in your career?

2:12 – The Myth About Balance.
Learn to compartmentalize. Don’t seek balance but seek Joy, Happiness, and Purpose. Life is like an orchestra…listen to your heart. Your passion will guide you.

6:37 – One of the Biggest Career Setbacks
Pandemic – COVID19. I hate losing people; my team leaned out. Energetically the most challenging year. The community and my team are hurting. Kids need help now.

10:17 – The Burnout with Giving
How to recharge and protect energy. Create sacred space. Gym over Coffee.

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