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There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game with Bo Eason

If you love the topic of success, then you are going to love this interview. Had a great time interviewing Bo Eason on his new best-selling book, “There’s No Plan B For Your A-Game–Be the best in the world at what you do.” Bo is a former All-Pro NFL player and award-winning playwright and actor who now spends his time helping people discover what it takes to be their best. Buckle-up your bootstraps and pay close attention to this one. I promise you that it will challenge you to step-up your “A-Game” and be the best that you can be. Check out some of the topics below…

More on the episode:

 5:46 – The Reason Behind The Title Of The Book.
How my mom raised me: there was no other option than the top. 

6:33 – The Physicality of Public Speaking.
What people pay attention to a lot more than what is coming out of your mouth…

8:19 – The Motivation To Become A Playwright.
From football to the stage…. I wanted to be the best at expressing myself on the stage just like I was on the field.

9:40 – Surprise Front-Row Guest.
Al Pacino baby!!!

12:26 – How Does The “Runt of the Litter” And Playing NFL Translate Into What You Are Doing Now? 
The principles of being the best are exactly the same regardless of your occupation. 

15:26 – What Bo’s Dad Said To Him To Make Him Want to Be The Best. 
“Every morning he would wake us up early, one at a time, and say…”

19:13 – How Bo Translates The Mantra To His Kids Now.
Eventually, Dad’s words sunk in as truth. He can feel the value. He does the same for his kids now.

21:04 – “You Created A 20-Year Plan When You Were 9 Years Old?”

23:31 – The Difference Between A Declaration And A Goal.

26:11 – All Things Are Possible If You Want To Go Get It.
Not easy, but possible.

30:57 – Decree
Reverse engineer your success to get to where you want to go.

33:20 – “Obey Mother Nature”
If you think it is hard to be the best, try being mediocre. That’s hard because it’s not in our DNA.

34:17 – What Is Your Declaration?
Write it and post it then tag @ToddDurkin and @BoEason21; don’t be bashful I want to reshare it use the hashtag #bethebest!

35:49 – Going Public With Private Concerns.
When you go public with what you are going to be the best at– it is humbling.

38:32 – “Never Do Again” List
A liberating exercise.

43:19 – Your Commitment To Your Declaration.
Needs to supersede all else.

45:13 – Too Many Options?
If you don’t have any options you will end up at the top…

47:19 – Dance Around The Distractions
If you’re distracted then you are not playing a big enough game. Live with them, dance with them, and then up the game you are playing so it takes priority.

50:48 – Specific Distractions You Would Tell Your Kids To Stay Away From?The rule in the Easton household: You can only play a video game if you are actually in the video game.  

53:11 – 66-Day Challenge
I love long timelines because you are guaranteed two things…

57:11 – Bo’s Declaration Today?
I want to be the best at creating the best.

1:00:13 – What About Failure? What If It Doesn’t Work Out? 
The name of the game is a failure. If you are going to reach the top struggle is a biological necessity and there is no way around it.

1:05:23 – Follow Bo Eason;; IG @boeason21

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