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True Strength

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Praised for its gripping narrative and practical lessons for thriving in the face of adversity, TRUE STRENGTH is a moving and motivating read that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

A Warning From Todd:
This Is NOT Like Any Of My Other Books!

After three decades of helping others achieve peak performance, I hit rock bottom.

TRUE STRENGTH reveals the untold stories of how I secretly tumbled into the darkest valley of my life, blindsided by years of hidden mental anguish, relentless soul-searching, and debilitating physical pain…

And how I found purpose in my pain, faith in failure, and growth in gut-wrenching challenges—and how you can, too.

What Others Are Saying

Tony Dungy
Tony Dungy
Super Bowl-winning head coach and New York Times bestselling author
“TRUE STRENGTH is a powerful playbook for overcoming life’s toughest challenges. Todd’s story will inspire you to lead with faith and courage, both on and off the field.”
Drew Brees

Drew Brees

Super Bowl Champion and MVP & 13-Time Pro-Bowler

“In TRUE STRENGTH, Todd allows us to see the depth of his character—a blend of toughness and faith that has inspired me both on and off the field.”

Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler

Professional UFC Fighter & 3-Time Bellator Lightweight Champion

“Todd’s journey is a master class in resilience. This book will show you how to get back up after life knocks you down, again and again.”
Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon

16-Time International Bestselling Author of “The Energy Bus,” “Training Camp” & “The One Truth”

“I am recommending this book to everyone I know!”
Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

International Bestselling Author and Advisor Trusted By NASA, Nike, Starbucks & More

“I thank you Todd, for this book, for years of sincere encouragement, and for all the lives you touch every day.”

Discover 31 Hard-Earned Lessons
For Overcoming Life’s Worst
True Strength Todd Durkin

Part gripping memoir, part personal development guide, TRUE STRENGTH won’t just keep you at the edge of your seat: The 31 hard-earned lessons packed inside will help you THRIVE in the face of ANY challenge (and light you up on your darkest days like nothing else can)!

Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray
Award-Winning Actor from “One Tree Hill” and “A Cinderella Story”
“TRUE STRENGTH makes you feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Author of the New York Times Bestselling Book “Forever Strong

“As a physician, I know that true healing requires more than just physical recovery. TRUE STRENGTH is a powerful reminder that our mental and emotional resilience are just as crucial for overcoming life’s challenges.”

Kostas "Gus" Cheliotis

Kostas “Gus” Cheliotis

Co-Founder & COO, Nassau Financial Group

“Like Todd, this book is a force of nature.”

Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz
2-Time UFC Bantamweight Champion and Analyst
“In the octagon, every fighter has a plan until they get hit. TRUE STRENGTH is a guide to developing the resilience, mindset, and spirit to keep moving forward, no matter how many times you get knocked down.”

“I Hope My Bad & Ugly Propels You Through Yours”

TRUE STRENGTH isn’t just a bunch of “rah-rah” with little substance like you’d expect from this genre…

Instead, TRUE STRENGTH blends personal stories …

With 31 hard-earned lessons I uncovered from 3.5 years of “hell”…

And shows how to leverage those lessons to THRIVE in the face of ANY

Said differently, TRUE STRENGTH gives you the best of both worlds:

A page-turning narrative you won’t want to put down… and practical wisdom, insight, and advice
to propel you through life’s worst.

I wrote TRUE STRENGTH for anyone who’s going through some stuff…

If that’s you, tap below to get your copy of TRUE STRENGTH today!

TD Sitting on Bench Looking at Ocean
Todd Durkin Signature
LaDainian Tomlinson
Pro Football Hall of Famer & NFL MVP

“Todd Durkin has always been an open book to those closest to him. With TRUE STRENGTH, he extends that openness to the world, sharing guarded secrets and stories that will change your life, as they have mine.”

Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden

Cofounder of Brand Builders Group and New York Times Bestselling Author of “Take the Stairs

“As an author, I know that the best books are the ones that change us from the inside out. TRUE STRENGTH is one of those rare gems, offering a transformative journey of resilience and self-discovery.”

Chase Daniel

Chase Daniel

14-Year NFL Quarterback & Super Bowl Champion

“As an athlete, I know that the best coaches are those who lead by example. Todd does just that in TRUE STRENGTH: His story will move you, his authenticity will inspire you, and his resilience will leave you feeling unstoppable.”

John Teza
John Teza

President & CEO, Hand and Stone Franchise Corp.

“Todd has repeatedly called me to be the best version of myself, as a father, husband, business leader, and friend. And this book, TRUE STRENGTH, will do the same for you, no matter the challenges and obstacles you face.”

Todd Durkin Black Shirt Square

About The Author

Todd Durkin is an award-winning strength, conditioning, and mindset coach, internationally recognized motivational speaker, bestselling author, and entrepreneur.

He’s known for his body, mind, and life-transforming work as a coach and confidant to top business and religious leaders, renowned entrepreneurs, and elite athletes including Super Bowl champions, World Series champions, X-Game gold medalists, and Olympic gold medalists.

He is the Founder of Fitness Quest 10, and the Founder and CEO of IMPACT-X Performance, a cutting-edge brick-and-mortar franchise specializing in delivering fitness, recovery, life-coaching, and faith.

Miles McPherson

Senior Pastor of The Rock Church and Bestselling Author of “The Third Option”

TRUE STRENGTH is an incredible testament to God’s strength and power… and as someone who saw what Todd went through first-hand, a testimony of Todd’s unwavering determination and faith.”

Arthur C Brooks
Arthur C. Brooks

Professor, Harvard Kennedy School & Harvard Business School, and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

TRUE STRENGTH is not just a story of overcoming obstacles; it’s a manual for living a life filled with purpose, meaning, and happiness, despite the inevitable challenges we face. Forging strength takes serious work—but it’s well worth the reward.”

Jeff Fenster
Jeff Fenster
Founder of Everbowl and WeBuild
“Thanks to Todd’s incredible gift for bringing out the best in people, TRUE STRENGTH is like a superfood for your soul. Packed with the perfect blend of heartfelt inspiration and transformative practical advice, this book will make you feel your absolute best, even in the worst of times.”
Brian Presley
Brian Presley

Actor, Writer, Director & Founder of P12 Films

“Hollywood turned my life upside down. Then Todd Durkin helped me turn my life around again. Just like the difference-making stories I tell via film, TRUE STRENGTH will make a difference in your life. ”

Justin Prince

Justin Prince

Global Entrepreneur, International Speaker, & Bestselling Author

“Instead of giving advice from the sidelines, Todd’s coaching you from inside ‘the arena.’ That’s why the personal stories and hard-won wisdom he shares in TRUE STRENGTH fire me up—and will fire you up, too!”