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Underdog to 3x World Champ! Meet Michael Chandler

I love studying the champions. I love studying people who are the best in the world at what they do. I want to know how they train, how they eat, how they think, what they do, and every darned habit to help them be the best in the world. After all, success leaves clues.

Meet Mike Chandler. Mike is a mixed-martial artist in Bellator and a 3x world champion. He has tasted the highs and lows of professional sports; He’s been knocked-down and knocked-out. And he’s had his hand-raised 20x professionally. 3x as a world champion. He is a true warrior in every sense of the word.

Mike is a former All-American wrestler, a current fighter on the Bellator promotion, and he’s a father and husband doing great things on this planet.

He truly is a man of IMPACT. When you hear me say, “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT,” I want you to hear some of the things Mike does to get his mind right on a regular basis, even when he’s down & out. Mike shares from the heart in this episode and I believe you are going to glean some great content and motivation from it…and I think you will become a huge Mike Chandler fan in the process.

Enjoy the episode and I look forward to hearing your feedback. If you like it, please share it on your social media and tag Mike Chandler (@mikechandlermma) and me. Go out there today and keep fighting…and keep working to be the CHAMP.

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2:16- Mike Chandler in the FQ10 House– What’s That Like?!

3:10- Throwin’ it Back to 2013… What Brought Mike to FQ10?

5:16- How This Crazy Profession of Fighting Became His Profession.

7:16- Mike’s First MMA Fight, Ever.
A true beginner with a championship mentality!

8:32- The Toughest Fight He’s Ever Been In.

10:57- The Mentality of a Fighter.
“You can’t have that quit in you.”

12:37- “My Performances Are a Metaphor For Life.”
“We are all in a fight.”

13:21- “Part Who I Am, Part What I Do.”
“You should be in this world fighting for every drop of happiness and security and fun.”

14:24- What Mike Chandler Wants to Bring to This World.
Taking the chances…

16:17- Why Mike Chandler is a Personal Growth Junkie.

18:32- Your Story is Your Greatest Weapon.
“Use your adversity as your advantage.”

19:48- Shifting Your Mindset From Chasing Success… To Chasing Significance.
“How am I going to be significant in an individual person’s life?”

22:23- Mike’s Favorite Part About Being an MMA Fighter.
The “outlier” mentality.

24:28- The Mixed Martial Art Side of Fighting.
And what makes Mike Chandler unique & special.

27:16- Something No One Knows About Mike Chandler.
Bulls, Zebras, and… tears?! 🙂

32:09- The Best Part of Training.
When you love what you do…

33:48- Mike’s Top Principles on a Proper Diet For His Performance.

35:01- The “Weight” Game In MMA.

40:00- What “Get Your Mind Right” Means To Mike.

41:26- “Everyone Has An Opportunity To Inspire.”

43:39- The Mental Highlight Reel.
The secret to CONSISTENTLY performing as a champion.

48:38- Permission To Love Yourself Like Crazy.
Humility with extreme self-confidence. 

50:00- “We Need More People Who Believe In Themselves More Than Anything Else.”

51:07- Question From Mckenna Durkin: “What’s It Like To Approach The Cage Before A Big Fight? Are You Scared?”
You have to step into the cage accepting the risk you’re about to take.

52:47- Why Mike Is Not Afraid To Lose.
Taking the chance > losing.

55:19- Preparation.

55:57- What Brings Mike The Most Joy.
“Being Dad.”

57:53- How Mike Wants His Son To Know About Who He Is.
“I want other people to tell him.”

1:00:59- The Legacy Of Mike Chandler.

Thank you Mike Chandler for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
Mike can be contacted on IG, FB & Twitter: @mikechandlermma

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