The WOW Book

52 Ways to Motivate Your Mind, Inspire Your Spirit, and Create WOW in you Life!

What is The WOW Book about?

  • 52 inspirational WOW stories and lessons designed to get your MIND and SPIRIT right - right now.
  • It will ignite your motivation and inspiration to dream big. To take action. To believe in oneself. And to be great.
  • "And Then Some" free resources on a "WOW" website to help support you on your journey to create WOW. 

3 Ways to Have More WOW in Your Life!

The WOW Book officially launched on October 11, 2016. After creating many profound experiences, stories, and life-lessons since writing The IMPACT Body Plan 5 years ago, I'm proud to announce my new book to you. 

And I'm confident this book is going to help you create WOW in all aspects of your life. Business. Relationships. Health. Fitness. Mentality. And your desire to be your absolute BEST.

The WOW Book is now available with some very special bonuses for those who order multiple copies.

Why I Wrote The WOW Book 

In July 2014, I was in Italy with my family for a 2-week European bucket-list vacation that included England, Germany, Austria, and Italy. It was one of those once in a lifetime vacations that provided truly magnificent experiences for me and my family. 

At the tail-end of the trip, I was driving our rental car from Lake Garda, Italy to Venice (about 2 hours). My three kids were sleeping in the back of the car, and my wife Melanie and I were in a deep discussion about life. It was one of those talks that you truly cherish and wish you could have more often.

Specifically, Melanie and I were talking about our dreams, our visions, our relationships, our careers, and all we want out of life.

And then Melanie said something very profound. She turned down the music, spoke in a very serious and loving voice, and said, "Todd, it's time for you to write your next book."

"You need to write a book on WOW, a book about people being their best in life. A book that motivates and inspires people at the core of their soul. A book that allows people to overcome head trash, adversity, and challenges. A book that inspires athletes and non-athletes alike. A book that inspires kids and adults alike."

She went on to say, "It needs to have your soul and your spirit. It needs to ignite passion. It needs to help people discover and live their life's purpose. And ultimately, it needs to create IMPACT in people's lives."

I welled up with tears and saw a vision. And the book stemmed from an idea born on a two-hour car ride on a hot summer day in Italy.

My friends I present to you... 

The WOW Book

52 Ways to Motivate Your Mind, Inspire Your Spirit, and Create WOW in your Life!

"Todd Durkin has coached and trained me for 13 years and he has greatly impacted my career and life on many levels. Read his WOW Book and I know his mindset, coaching, and wisdom will help you create WOW in your life also!!"“These plans have actually made it fun to make lunches again!”

Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints Quarterback & Super Bowl XLIV MVP

"WOW. This book exceeded my expectations. Todd's proved himself to be one of the most inspiring and great thought leaders of our time. I'm in the business of creating extraordinary experiences for audiences, and I learned more from this book than any others I've read. "

Michael Port 

NYT & WSJ bestseller author of Steal the Show

"I have trained with Todd for a couple years now. He TRAINS you from the inside out and motivates you to be your absolute best. His WOW book is no different. Read it and your entire life will be touched." 

Pastor David Jeremiah

Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Church & Turning Point Ministries

"Todd's words will move your soul with this book. His words are magic. His stories are moving. His lessons are monumental. His latest masterpiece will empower you to take the next brave step forward to living an extraordinary life."

Trina Gray

Owner Bay Athletic Club (Alpena, MI), Fitness Entrepreneur & National Presenter

"Todd is the most complete mind and body transformer there is. He has a knack for helping his clients/athletes reach their personal goals through unmatched wisdom, knowledge, and energy. Todd has impacted my life, and he will impact yours too. Read this book!"

Michael Chandler

MMA Bellator Light Weight World Champion

What is The WOW Book?

For over 5 years, I wrote something called a "WOW" to a very select group of people. This stands for "word of the week".

The WOW is typically one word phrase that I expand into a short, one-page story, garnered around a specific theme. And is designed to ignite one's motivation and inspiration to dream big. To take action. To believe in oneself. And to be great.

In this book, you have 52 inspirational WOW stories and lessons designed to get your MIND and SPIRIT right - right now.

And at the end of each WOW, I provide an "Action Step" that includes questions or suggestions, so you can apply your WOW to your day, your week, your LIFE!

Additionally, there are a ton of "and then some" free resources on a specially designed "WOW" website to help support you on your journey to create WOW. Would you expect anything less?

The WOW Book is going to help you get your mind right! And inspire you take action in many different areas of your life!!

Exclusive Bonuses Available!

To thank you for your support of the book I have put together some book bundles that I'm confident you're going to love. Due to fulfillment options, these bundle bonuses are available only for physical copies of the book shipped in the U.S. only.

To redeem your bonuses, click on the "redeem bonuses" button below. Fill out your information, attach your receipt, and you'll get taken care of!

Bundle Options: 

Buy 10 Copies: Brace for WOW!

You are:

  • Ready to create WOW
  • A fitness enthusiast or professional who wants the most out of life
  • Purpose-driven and ready to create impact in your life

I am:

  • Grateful for your support! 
  • Ready to serve you and WOW you!

Pre-order the WOW Book and you get the following bonuses:

  • WOW wrist-band 
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You are:

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I am:

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Buy 100+ Copies: The BIG WOW!!! 

You are: 

  • Incredibly generous 
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  • Part of a team and plan on reading with the team 
  • Own a business or gym and want to gift the book to clients, customers, members, or staff 
  • Part of a Mastermind group or book club 
  • Planning to read the book with a group

I am: 

  • Grateful for your support! 
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Pre-order 100+ copies of the WOW Book and you will get the following bonuses: 

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  • $250 donation to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation, with your name listed as a co-donor

Buy 200+ copies or more: Make Me an Offer 

You are: 

  • An event planner or retreat organizer 
  • Run conferences and annual meetings

I am: 

  • Commited to creating WOW at your event, with customized content for your audience

What I'm looking for: 

  • Submit a WOW-inspired proposal 
  • Include how many books you're willing to purchase 
  • Pitch me on what value exchange you desire Include why this deal matters (i.e. philanthropic effort, etc.) 
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Rules of Engagement to Redeem Your Bonuses:

  • Buyers are responsible for following the directions, filling out the form, and submitting their receipt. If a form entry and receipt are not received, I cannot guarantee delivery of the bonus package items.
  • Bonus packages apply only to purchases of the physical copies of The WOW Book shipped to US addresses. International orders are only eligible to receive bonuses that do not require shipping (EPUB's, webinars, etc.).
  • The book bonuses that are available now are final. 
  • Offers are good while supplies last.
  • Questions? Email with the subject line "WOW Book Bonus Question". 

"Todd has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people - physically, mentally, and emotionally...His energy and positivity are unparalleled...Every week I look forward to receiving Todd's WOW and finding a way to apply it to my life!"

Chris Young 

Major League Baseball, Pitcher

"When it comes to training your body, mind, and spirit, Todd has the ability to coach and inspire you to be your absolute best. Read this book, and it will undoubtedly help you create WOW in your life."

Miles McPherson 

Senior Pastor, Rock Church (San Diego, CA)

"People often ask where I learned the mindset and discipline it takes to stick to my healthy lifestyle. And I give them 2 words, TODD DURKIN!! I've been training with Todd for 6 years because the first time I encountered him he impacted my life that much... If you want to change your life for the better...READ THIS BOOK!!"

Gerald McCoy DL, 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-Time Pro Bowl Player

"The WOW Book is a must read if you're looking to increase motivation and take action in your professional and personal life. Todd's energy and insight is beyond impactful. It's life-changing."

Howard Birch 

President, Quest Ventures Southwest, INC. 

"Todd ignited the crowd at my conference last year and really WOW'd them. His talk kindled their spirit and no doubt got their mind right. The WOW Book will do the same for you!"

Carolyn Crowley 

President, Myriad Software


THANK YOU for all your support. I have said for many years, "Everyone has a life worth telling a story about...what's your story?" I believe that ALL of us have a special story inside of us. And my hope and intention is that this WOW Book will help you futher accomplish that.

You have been my loyal readers, fans, followers, clients, and members supporting me through my journey. You all motivate and inspire me way more than you can imagine. Thank you for that and I look forward to hearing from you, connecting with you, and most importantly, CREATING WOW with you! 

I hope to see you a conference, at an event, at Fitness Quest 10, or even the airport (see WOW #38). 

Much love....and much WOW!! 

Todd Signature

"There is NOBODY that can fire up a crowd better than TD! His real genius is his boundless optimism and total sincerity. He's the real deal and a master motivator. His WOW Book will light a spark under your backside!"

Randy Hetrick 

Founder & CEO, TRX

"For the past 9 years, I have chosen to train with Todd Durkin. He has helped me in all aspects of football and life and I love his positivity, mindset, and energy he brings to all he does. His training and coaching has helped me reached many milestones my career and he has made me a better human being. Read his new WOW Book and I know it will help you also!" 

Darren Sproles 

RB, Philadelphia Eagles, 2-Time Pro Bowl Player

"I've worked with Todd for 11 years now and I'm always amazed at how he brings WOW at all he does. His newest book is no different. If you need motivation, inspiration, or strength in any area of your life, Todd's 52 powerful doses will ignite you to be your absolute best. Read this book and I guarantee it will impact you positively!"

Julie Wilcox 

General Manager, Fitness Quest 10

"The WOW Book epitomizes the man Todd is. He's full of genuine compassion, unbridled energy, and he's the real deal. What you see on TV, on stage, and behind stage is ALL the same - a man driven by passion and purpose. If you are ready for WOW in your own life, let "Coach" guide you, motivate you, and inspire you to be your BEST. He does that to me, and he will do it for you!"

Wayne Cotton 

CEO, Cotton Systems LTD.

"I have the future of moticational and inspirational writing - and his name is Todd Durkin. The WOW Book will warm your heart, lift your spirit, and inspire you to live your best life. Read it today, read it tomorrow, read it always."

Larry Indiviglia 

Director, Todd Durkin Mastermind Program

"When you talk about being great, you have to be immersed in an environment that allows you to excel. Excellence is in the details and I train with Todd because he gets into ALL aspects of your training and life. And his new WOW Book is no different." 

Zach Ertz 

TE, Philadelphia Eagles

"I've been around Todd my entire 9-year professional football career and I can promise you there's no better coach, friend or mentor out there. His words will change your life!"

Chase Daniel 

QB, Philadelphia Eagles