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1% BETTER for ONE MONTH Worksheet

The concept of “1% Better” is a mindset that every day you will make progress in life and that it’s a series of “small” victories over time that add up to one “big” win. But you must commit to daily devotion of continual improvement to become “1% Better Every day.”

It could be 1% Better Every day with your:

  • Fitness & conditioning; nutrition; or recovery
  • Mindset & positivity
  • Business or career
  • Relationships
  • Project you are working on (a blog, book, social media, etc.)
  • Spiritual Walk (quiet time, journaling, praying, church/synagogue, etc.)
  • Learning (reading every day; listening to a podcast, watching DVD’s; attending live workshops, etc.)

Now I want you to think about something in your life that you really want to get better at and that you are willing to make a 30-Day commitment to…

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