Foundation Scholarship

Foundation Scholarship

10 IMPACT Scholarships totaling over $10,000 in funds are being awarded to standout student-athletes!

Application Deadline: May 12, 2023


What is The Durkin IMPACT Foundation Scholarship?

The Durkin IMPACT Foundation [501-c-3] is pleased to announce our 2023 IMPACT Scholarship applications. There will be 10 scholarships offered in total, ranging from $500 to $2,000 each.

  • Scholarship 1: $2,000 scholarship for a student-athlete from Scripps Ranch High School (San Diego, CA) – where the Durkin family currently lives.

  • Scholarship 2: $2,000 scholarship for a student-athlete from Brick Township High School (Brick Township, NJ) – where Todd Durkin was born and raised!

  • Scholarship 3: $2,000 scholarship for a student-athlete from anywhere in the U.S. that meets all requirements.

  • Scholarships 4-5: Two $1,000 scholarships for two more student-athletes from Scripps Ranch High School.

  • Scholarships 6-10: Five $500 scholarships for five additional student-athletes from anywhere in the U.S.


To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be current high school seniors on track to graduate in spring 2023.
  • Have been high school student-athletes for all four years of their high school education and plan on continuing their academic and athletic career at a two or four-year college or university and plan to participate in intercollegiate or intramural sports.
  • Complete your application and submit it before May 12, 2023.


The 501(c)3 Durkin IMPACT Foundation was established to motivate, inspire, and empower people to be their best, to foster a spirit of giving back and paying forward, and to create a positive IMPACT in the world.

This specific student-athlete scholarship goes to a deserving young man or woman who:

  • Has demonstrated superior leadership in school and sports throughout their high school career.
  • Has been a positive role model in his/her community through active involvement in community service projects and events.
  • Has solid academic achievement.
  • Is committed to being a positive force in the world and an “IMPACT Player” in every stage of life.

The recipients of the IMPACT Scholarship will be the ones who positively IMPACTED the people around them in school, on the field, and in the community. These young athletes have a burning desire to continue to create a positive IMPACT in the world and this scholarship will allow them to do so.

IMPACT Foundation founders Todd and Melanie Durkin, along with the Board of Trustees, will award the scholarship based on these aforementioned factors. There are five voting members who will work together to choose the deserving students to receive a Durkin IMPACT Scholarship.


For your application to be considered, you MUST:

  • Be a graduating senior looking to participate in intercollegiate athletics or intramural sports.
  • Attain a minimum of a 3.3 GPA in high school.
  • Complete all four sections of the application.
  • Submit a completed application before May 12, 2023.

Download the application questionnaire below and fill out the document completely. Once you have completed the application, submit it through the form below. 

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    Upload your completed application here. Be sure to save it as a .pdf file before attaching.