The Todd Durkin IMPACT Show is a podcast designed to motivate and inspire you to live a life full of passion, purpose, and IMPACT. It’s guaranteed to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. The IMPACT Show is for anyone who seeks high-performance in business, sport, leadership, or life.

My podcast serves the athletes, entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and fire-breathing dragons who are committed to tapping into their full potential and reaching peak performance. I will deliver high-value tips, tools, tactics, conversations, interviews, and a MINDSET that will help you ignite your energy, allow you to dominate the day and ultimately help you manifest your dreams & visions. 

Bottom line is this, if you need a jolt of energy, motivation, and inspiration, the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show will positively impact your body, mind, and soul… and help you create even more massive IMPACT in the universe!

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Past Episodes & Shownotes

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