Option One: IMPACT Coaching

It's been a long time coming. Although I coach a lot of fitness trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs right now in my Mastermind Group, people have been asking me for years when I’m going to create a program to coach “non” trainers and “non” fitness pros.

The answer is NOW!!!

If you are an entrepreneur, executive, high-performer or personal-growth junkie and you want to explode your own health, leadership, mindset, and life results…


Or maybe you’re a busy Mom or Dad who wants to regain balance in your life again. 

Or you’re stuck, stalled, and frustrated in your career and want me to coach you to get your MOJO back so you can get some serious MOMENTUM going again!

Or perhaps you are already tasting success but know there is another level to attain. 

NOW is the time to step up and PLAY BIG!!!

I HAVE CREATED THE IMPACT COACHING PROGRAM FOR YOU and I’m doing it for any/all HIGH-PERFORMERS with a growth mindset.

It’s called the Todd Durkin IMPACT Coaching Program. It’s only 60-Days LONG and I want to coach you and accelerate your results starting January 27th, 2020 in all areas of your life…


Leaders who seek PEAK PERFORMANCE and the best in life. You might be a CEO, an entrepreneur, or an inspiring business leader. Regardless of what you do, this program is designed to elevate your mindset, health-set, heart-set and soul-set.

This program will amp up PASSION, PURPOSE & IMPACT in your business…and in your life!

If you are one of the lucky ones to be accepted into the 60-Day Program, you are guaranteed to…

  • Get over “stinking thinking”/limited beliefs that could be holding you back.
  • Have your dreams ignited.
  • Receive focus & clarity on your vision, goals, and action steps.
  • Set specific strategy on your health, fitness, career, and vision.
  • Receive much-needed accountability to help you achieve in 60-Days what NEEDS to get done.
  • Improve your health and fitness. Guaranteed.
  • Get motivated like never before.
  • Become a stronger leader in all areas of your life.
  • Ignite Your Energy.
  • Have FUN!!! You will laugh, smile, and find more joy in the next 90 days than you have for the entire year.

This program is 100% virtual, you can be anywhere in the world to participate. For all the information click below!

Option Two: One on One Day with TD

You talk about IMPACT. This one is all about you. It’s just YOU and ME all day discussing, strategizing, and creating ACTION-steps for YOU on how to create maximum IMPACT in your life.

We start at 6 am with a workout together and finish at night with a dinner. Everything in between is designed to help you. This is 1-1 with me, ALL-DAY.

It’s about…

  • Getting clarity on your vision & dream.
  • Creating a strategy and plan for the next 1-3 years to execute what needs to be done to achieve the life-style you want.
  • Getting unstuck and creating new habits to help you catapult ahead.
  • Being challenged to having the courage and audacity to maximally share your gifts to the world. I will CHALLENGE you on all levels.

Who is this for?

  • Someone who is stuck in business/life, needs to go into overdrive, and wants even more success (does not have to be a fit-pro).
  • Someone who has reached a certain level of success but wants to Level-Up to 2-10x their current level.
  • You need a “higher-level” plan & want me to personally coach you 1-1 for the day. You will leave with a specific plan at the end of the day!
  • You need to be challenged deeply, held accountable, and want me in your corner helping you out.
  • You’re already successful but want to expand your network, collaborate closer with me, and get deep, specific feedback on your plan.

What do you receive?

  • The complete day with me 1-1 working on your business. 6 am until after dinner.
  • A coaching call PRIOR to our 1-1 day.
  • Homework before our first session.
  • One-month coaching/accountability AFTER our session (includes follow-up 1-1 call).

"Todd is one of the elite resources in the country when it relates to helping high performing CEOs and leaders create even greater impact in their field or life. He is transformative in the manner in which he delivers his narrative in order to connect, to engage and to achieve impact at the highest levels. He is one of the great change agents anywhere – helping leaders go from great to excellence. I am proud of his work with my clients, many leaders of publicly traded companies and high functioning management teams, and with me personally. He is life coach and leadership master to who’s who in sports and business."

-Brad Deutser

CEO + President
Deutser, LLC
Creators + Consultants


If you would like Mentorship “virtually” & “immediately,” here are 2 other options for you.

Todd Durkin

Mastermind Group

This is for fire-breathing dragon fitness pros/trainers who want on-going coaching with me on business, leadership, marketing, training, and personal development. And they want to join my team NOW!

This program has changed hundreds of lives. And it will change yours also!

Here is all the information to sign-up today… 

Fitness Business

Success System

My Fitness Business Success System is the most POWERFUL toolkit you’ll ever use in your fitness business. It’s simply everything you need in order to develop your business SYSTEMS so that you’ll be able to attract more clients, operate smoothly, systemize your business quicker and easier, and create an income and lifestyle that allows for time, money, and energy FREEDOM.

This system will save you HOURS of time, DAYS of “false starts,” and YEARS of trial & error when it comes to building a successful brand.

Here is all the information on my Fitness Business Success System. 

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