I’m blessed and honored to call Todd Durkin one of my best friends as well as a mentor and coach. He’s someone who has impacted me in the greatest areas of my life and I can promise you this: Todd Durkin will get your mind right however you work with him.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees, NFL Super Bowl XLIV Champion & MVP, 20 NFL Seasons, 13 Pro Bowl Selections

Being strong means many things. You can be physically strong, mentally strong, or spiritually strong. I chose all three. I first started working with Todd Durkin eight years ago to get my body stronger. What I didn’t realize was that he trains your mind as much as he does your body. And in many ways, he touches your spirit as well.

Dr. David Jeremiah

Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Church & Turning Point Ministries

I have known Todd since 2012 and hired him to speak many times. He’s been a big part of the success of my business and has had a huge IMPACT on me as a father, husband, and man. Todd Durkin is the real deal. When I say “Iron Sharpens Iron,” TD is one of those people who sharpen me. Let him sharpen you also!

Gus Cheliotis

General Counsel & COO, Nassau Financial Group

The Todd Durkin Mastermind is my extended fitness family. Each time we gather, we seem to grow even closer as time continues to change us and our businesses. It just feels right. It is not always about crunching numbers, the number of new sign-ups, or how many programs we have running. It runs much deeper. As we grow older relationships and time become more valuable. You have only so many more clicks of the clock and encounters and experiences. They should be spent with those who elevate you. The TD Mastermind does just that!

Matthew Stocker

TD Mastermind Member

Joining the Todd Durkin Mastermind has been one of the best decisions, both professionally and personally I’ve ever made. To be part of a community with heart-centered leaders, who truly want the best for each other, has positively spilled into all areas of my life. The coaching from each leader and member of the TD Mastermind is world-class, genuine, and personal and has helped me grow and lead my team. I’ve had a safe community to come with any struggle, hardship, or big decision that felt overwhelming to navigate alone. We give so much of our hearts and souls in this industry, it’s important to have a place to fill back up with. Coming together at retreats gives you all the octane and more to keep chasing dreams and changing lives. Investing in the mastermind and being part of this community has proved beyond my expectations in every way. If you want to be part of a team who sees your strength, pushes you to greatness, and is there to catch you when you fall – the TD Mastermind is where it’s at!

Rachele Jaegers

TD Mastermind Member

I attended the Todd Durkin Mastermind retreat in Whitefish, MT, and have been an Institute level member since 2019. As a younger fitness professional with 8 years in the industry, joining the Mastermind has been a Godsend for my personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The Todd Durkin Mastermind consists of some of the best and consummate fitness professionals/business owners around the world, but most importantly, a goldmine of good, genuine people. Our visions, careers, service to others, and legacies require us to go deep into who we are and what we do as professionals. However, it’s the high-level coaching, support of fellow members, and commitment to sharpening each other that take us to different levels. Iron sharpens Iron.

Tim Carter

TD Mastermind Member

I attended the Todd Durkin Mastermind retreat in White Fish, Montana, because I know that to be a successful fitness professional and entrepreneur, I need to stay lit up and energized. Members of the TD Mastermind are passionate and elite at what they do because they put in the work and help others along the way. The TD Mastermind is a place to feel supported, cared about, seen, and inspired to do more for others. We are all on a mission, and we can’t do it alone. The members, coaches, and of course, Todd inspire me to be better and to do more. With the help of the TD Mastermind, I will go back to my community inspired and equipped with tools that needed sharpening. Montana was glorious, but this trip was all about the people.

Kelly Spraragen Young

TD Mastermind Member

We invited Todd to have an impact on our sales and account management teams – to inspire them to think about personal health and well-being and to do so on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level. His presentation translated to lasting behavior change amongst our associates. From the moment Todd began his presentation, the teams were transfixed by his genuine energy and powerful, impactful messages about personal growth and accountability to the organization. Although Todd has trained many famous athletes, I highly encourage company leaders to understand that his messages are applicable to everyone in all industries. When you invite Todd to be a part of your life, your organization, you better be careful – he will make you better.

Alexi Vontsolos, MBA

Vice President, Sales & Account Management, Health Net of California

We brought Todd in for a virtual keynote for our Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Development Group for Women. It was amazing to see how he not only connected with everyone through the screen, but you could literally feel his energy and passion as if he was living on stage with us. He not only inspired us and reminded us of the grit needed to “Get your mind right,” but also gave us actionable habits and homework to be the best version of ourselves. Todd gave us an outstanding presentation and truly inspires greatness every day!

Susan Couch

SVP Business Banking Client Manager, Bank of America

Todd is one of the elite resources in the country when it relates to helping high-performing CEOs and leaders create even greater impact in their field or life. He is transformative in the manner in which he delivers his narrative in order to connect, engage, and achieve impact at the highest levels. He is one of the great change agents anywhere – helping leaders go from great to excellence. I am proud of his work with my clients, many leaders of publicly traded companies and high-functioning management teams, and with me personally. He is a life coach and leadership master to those who are in sports and business.

Brad Deutser

CEO + President, Deutser, LLC

If you’re looking for a high impact experience for the men of your church that will challenge them at their core and inspire them to be more, then bring in Todd Durkin. His insatiable passion and real-life coaching will connect with the men and move them to live a life of high impact. I would highly recommend you get a ‘Dose of Durkin’!

Jason Cullum

Lead Pastor, Christ’s Church

The time that Todd spent with our Leadership Team was focused, intentional, and direct. He inspired us to refine how we lead ourselves and our team of 160 people to ensure we are making the most IMPACT possible in their lives, our clients’ lives, and our community. His energy is unmatched and his ability to connect with individuals is remarkable.

Brian Schultz

Assoc. DBIA, LEED AP, Director of Operations

“Get your mind right!” boomed over the speakers and the session took off like a rocket. After three long years, the Hand & Stone franchise community was gathering for our International Conference in San Antonio, TX. Our community had endured nearly three years of constant change, and we gathered to celebrate- both the rich history of the organization and the bold, new paths we were planning to walk in the future. In that space, Todd Durkin was the perfect choice to keynote our general session. The 800+ attendees were challenged, motivated, and most importantly inspired by TD’s incredibly dynamic session. Equal parts vision and actionable framework, Todd’s talk was one of the highlights of the conference, and our community left with a renewed purpose to become the very best of themselves.

John Teza

President & CEO, Hand and Stone Franchise Corp.

Working with Todd has been the best decision I have made in my pro career. The energy, focus, mentorship and elite training has brought me to new heights year after year.

Brett Rypien

NFL Quarterback